Confession of a Ghost. 38.3.1. White clothes

a novel by Alexandra Kryuchkova



Somewhere in the Universe

“So, Rukh, let’s continue our conversation,” the Moon said, taking my hand. “The Sun and I…”

“Yes, I remember,” I said sadly, recalling what I had read in the Library, “the harmony of female and male energy, Subconscious and Consciousness, soul and Spirit.”

“Don’t be sad,” the Guardian encouraged me. “Everyone on Earth has their own cross, and yours is quite bearable!”

“The Moon in sextile with the Sun,” continued the Moon, “implies also health of soul and body, quick recovery of strength, respect and love of others, success in personal and social life, friendly relations with the opposite sex and good parents. Of course, the position of the Moon and the presence of Mars in Cancer in House No. 12 are extremely unfavorable, the child is isolated from parents, but you are lucky with your parents, they will support you all your life.”

“They will leave me alone in my childhood,” I was embarrassed.

“You won’t have negative emotions towards them,” the Guardian smiled, “only good and bright memories and Universal Love. The Sun and the Moon are stronger and kinder than other planets, so no matter how hard it is, there is a chance to complete the entire Path!”

Suddenly, the Moon waved her hand and a star appeared in front of us.

“Hi, Rukh, I’m Rigel,” she smiled. “I’m in conjunction with your Moon and the brightest star in the constellation of Orion, the central deity of ancient myths, the patroness of those who develop for the benefit of others, the symbol of Teachers and Enlighteners who bring knowledge to the world, expanding the horizons. The knowledge area is indicated by the planet I’m in conjunction with. In your case, it means Secret Knowledge about our World, for example, about stars and ghosts, everything mysterious and not clothed in earthly matter.”

“Rigel combines the energy of Saturn, Mars and Jupiter – concentration, willpower, activity and spirituality,” the Guardian specified. “This is the star of success and elevation due to a spiritual gift, but the development of the Spirit usually occurs through the loss of the earthly, something very important for a person. Rigel in conjunction with the Moon often means the early death of the mother, but provides patronage in the form of spiritual mentors, invisible representatives of the Forces of Light and ancestral spirits.”

“You’ll never be abandoned by us to the mercy of fate,” the Moon confirmed, waved her hand again, and in front of us appeared…

“Hello, Rukh, I’m Ceres,” the woman introduced herself, “one of the four asteroids. Pallas symbolizes daughter, Vesta is sister-friend, Juno is wife, and I’m mother. In myths, I was called the goddess of fertility, motherhood and marriage. I also mean the wisdom of sacrifice. My conjunction with the Moon speaks of the strong influence of your mother on your destiny formation. Our conjunction in House No. 12 means the loss of the mother and own children, but the possibility of adopted children.”

“And connection with our World thanks to the selfless Universal Love, which the heart of a true mother is capable of,” added the Guardian.

“Like the Moon in Gemini, I dispose to intellectual communication, give the ability to teach others, passing on knowledge. I’m in the degree of Pluto and Jupiter, astrologers, linguists and intermediaries. I require periodic isolation from the world and communication with someone alike in order to accumulate knowledge for subsequent transmission to people.”

“This is the degree of duality inherent in Gemini,” the Moon added. “The soul is torn apart. Destiny is subject to frequent changes and duality, constant forks in life, but that gives you a chance to survive in critical situations.”

“Duality is more often a fiction,” the Guardian clarified. “On insignificant sections of the way, you can follow any path, but in the end each will lead you to the same place to fulfill your destiny.”

“What did the Silver Age stargazer say?”

“‘An eagle, wounded in flight, rushes to a mountain range, where its chicks instantly take off at the sight of drops of falling blood.’ This is the degree of invulnerability. You’ll be brave and invincible, but at the same time a target for enemies and envious people. They won’t be able to kill, but wound you in the heart, thus causing a powerful blow back to themselves from Heavens.”

“Although being kind, I’m in opposition to your Neptune,” the Moon added. “He is an illusionist, prone to escaping from reality, in the worst manifestation – drug addiction, the invocation of Evil under the auspices of communication with the spirits of the famous dead and, as a result, deviations in the psyche, including a split personality up to its complete collapse. Neptune traps Consciousness in illusions, but since I’m stronger, and Neptune is friends with your Sun, hypersensitivity and clairvoyance are ideally combined with a sense of reality. Write about us! Of course, the Moon-Neptune opposition gives the child either misunderstanding of the mother or her inaccessibility, and the 12th Sphere confirms a difficult childhood, inexplicable by earthly logic and therefore seemingly undeserved obstacles, losses and disappointments, which ultimately lead to inferiority complexes, depression, Self-doubt, causes pain due to hypersensitivity – you are too dependent on the environment. Step aside if you feel a negative environment provoking aggression, which in your case goes inside and leads to House No. 12.”

“Mars in Cancer in the 12th House?” I asked.

“Yes,” the Moon nodded. “Neptune loves to listen to the Music of the Spheres and patronizes the fine arts. We’ll give you the ability to penetrate into the depths of the Universe and creative inspiration, and Mercury – the opportunity to eloquently convey information to others. Even if the evil Pluto’s people don’t appreciate you, do as you feel and believe in your Path, on which the support of the Higher Forces is guaranteed to you.”

Library of the Universe

“So is my mom going to die?”

“Would you prefer to have a mom deprived of her parental rights? Or a mom who has left you on her own will? Or a mom put in jail?”

“When will this happen?”

“Saturn said that you’d go through the Death of loved ones and your own before your 13th birthday.”

The book opened at the “White Clothes”, another story about the irony of fate.

“Then I said categorically, ‘Listen! You’ve always been cheerful and funny, and I’ve fallen in love with you because you are like that! You wear white clothes! I don’t want to see a mournful lady contemplating death next to me!’ And she confessed, that, in fact, she thought about death almost always, because her parents had died in a plane crash six months before we met. Since that time she had worn only white dresses, as in the country, where they had been on a business trip, white color meant mourning.”

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