No Problems Poses Problems (Publicistics And Philosophical Judgments) — First Year



(Publicistics And Philosophical Judgments)


Chris MYRSKI, 2020 +

     [ Abstract: This is my, probably last (for I am 70 now), book with publicistics, or rather philosophical judgments, about practically everything. I will surely repeat myself partially, but there are always new moments (I have to think and compare, so it is how I was made). Then can be also some etymologies here and there, some funny verses, the observations are chiefly cynical (what for me means wholly realistic), yet put in an interesting manner, quite untraditional and unique. I hope to continue it for 5 years, where 2020 is the zeroth. ]

     [ Idea for illustration: Ah, I have one idea, which is better to be put in a frame (about 450 x 450 pixels) under the title and the author, and it is reduced to a new … traffic sign for attention, which is equilateral triangle, where above is written "No" and below "Problems". hinting that one has to be pretty careful when no problems are expected. Yet this is too simple, so that, probably, it has to be shown sight from the internal part of a car, where through the front window is seen a sign for entering a highway, then this sigh "Attention, no problems", and even better if it will be painted also on the tarmac quite big. That′s it. ]


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          Contents of This Year

     1.00. About the Paradoxes
     1.01. About the Intellect and the Sciences
     1.02. About the Omnipresence of … Stupidity
     1.03. About the Probability and the Existence of God
     1.04. About the Necessity of Evil
     1.05. About the Core and the Border
     1.06. About the Several Ways to a Goal
     1.07. About the Compromises
     1.08. About the Global Warming and Some Bad Habits
     1.09. Where to After the Emancipation?
     1.10. Myself as Example

          1.00. About the Paradoxes

     Hello guys and girls, I am here again as I have promised you. And I will begin also with introductory zeroth chapter, although it is not really necessary now; still, let me stick to the tradition. It is a bit difficult to chose introductory topic, that will support all other chapters, but hawing slept a night over the choice (how the Germans say, and what is the right way for taking of decisions) I have come to the conclusion that the paradoxes are good enough for the purpose (and in the next years I may have worse themes). OK, and let me tell you from the beginning that there is no consequence in the years, this is not one solid book but rather a series of booklets filled with philosophical judgements about … everything. The joining idea, or the bottom line, has to be that the things are not exactly like they look at first sight, they are more complicated (if you are not clever enough); and also, as I have mentioned this, I am filling my time with something useful, so that you just show little … commiseration with me, will you?
     Further, I will not look back at what I have written earlier (yet you are invited to do this, if you want), I may only cast a furtive glance at the titles of chapters, in order to avoid tough repetitions, but I may as well express the same or similar ideas, because everything is mutually related. More than this, if I will not repeat myself from time to time this will mean that, either I have not succeeded to grasp the quintessence of Creation, or that our dear God has not pondered enough about this super-important act! See how clever I am, to excuse my faults with the dear God (Who may as well not exist, as I suppose)? But for my long enough life I have got that if one has some good idea he must find new proofs about its correctness each time he begins to look at the things anew, from some new angle. This is so, really, believe me, at least in the exact sciences, like mathematics (and I am mathematician) this is so, there are many approaches to one and the same matter.
     Yet there is something on which I have to turn your attention again, this is my way of writing chiefly foreign words in single quotes how they are pronounced, like. e.g. the following two poetical lines in English: ′love iz priti big aduh, /it iz simply dzhyast tu skruh′, with what, I suppose, the guys will agree. And also let me add that I will freely use shortenings of names of languages (like Eng, Ger, Rus, Lat, Skr, etc., and even will add -s if it goes about nations, like Frs, Its, Ams, etc.); when I will cite many foreign words and give etymologies, this will come quite handy. Also I will use the sign "º" for adding of a syllable (in some poetical texts). As if this is the most important. And now to the paradoxes.
     You see, this is something para-around the doxa (in o. Gr) or the thesis, assertion, and from this para come the parallel lines, but they are often not really parallel (or then not straight lines), so that they often look like magnetic lines of force, which circle around and make easy transition from one level of something to another level, i.e. they relate different levels or different things, i.e. they connect us with the unknown (for the moment)! And the not yet known seems to us paradoxical exactly because our knowledge does not include the paradox, it is usually orthodoxical. Did you get it? Ah, this means that the paradox is not unnecessary, it completes the picture with some details, which happen rarely, but they, still, happen, they are part of the whole.
     And what means rarely? Say, the blossoming of a tree lasts usually 2 weeks, and there are 52 such portions of time in an year, i.e. this happens 1 out of 26 times, or in only 4 % of the cases, but it is exceedingly important for the tree, and very nice, too. Or also the "blossoming" of a girl lasts roughly from 15 to 25 years or 1/7-th of her life, but is utterly necessary. Or I have calculated also that by an averagely taken masculine exemplar, and averaged for his whole life (or, then, from 15 to 65), his additional member is hard about 15 minutes daily (it might be so for 2 and more hours daily at 20, but once in a week at 60; or you take the middle 40-some years and it will come to about an hour twice in a week, and not each week), what, taking into account that the day and night have on the whole 1440 minutes (60 * 24), gives just 1 % of the time, yet on such moments is based the life. Or take also the wealthy persons, they are about 1 to 100 or 1000 or more, it depends on the degree of wealthiness, but this is, too, very important characteristics. So that the rareness is not of big importance.
     The erroneousness or falseness of the paradox is also not so important, because the things may change places and then the right thing will turn to be wrong! Such things happen quite often in life, and I can allow myself to give here one peculiar moment as example, yet its wrong understanding has led us to enormously big mass of human victims, surely. What I mean here is to fight or not to fight, like it was especially in the previous world wars, and if to show oneself as coward is not a good behaviour, there are many cases when exactly this is the right attitude. What reminds me the old Eastern pray, namely: Or, God, give me strength to change this what I can, calmness to endure this what I cannot change, and wisdom to distinguish the one from the other! And if one is young and brave he jumps to fight, but if he is old and suffered he is prone to endure, yet the really wise people are met very rarely, and they have to fight with public opinion, which usually builds the main current, not the paradoxical one.
     But the opposite and paradoxical thing may turn to be the right in some cases, which may not be really big in their number but be of big importance. And now allow me to jump for a while to the homosexuals, who are, obviously, an exception from the rule, they are against God′s Commandments, but it turns out — I am practically convinced in this, quite every statistics, if properly done, proves this — that they are simply more endowed in sense of creativity, more apt for activities in the arts and sciences! Some of you may put to doubt this statement, but I, having taken it for granted, have found an explanation of it, which is that they are simply more fine feeling, for them the sex is in no case (even in the most remotest one) related with continuation of the gender, no, it is just a way for expressing of feelings, nothing more; and the secrets, well, they must simply be wasted in one way or another, they are unnecessary, they hinder the real feelings! (Where with me it is not so, even in my 70+ years I would have preferred to exchange secrets with some suitable woman — what for me means to be somewhere between 40 and 45, and with not very big breasts, in order not to debase and distract me from the task — but not to come to big feelings.)
     So that the paradoxes are useful and necessary to provide for the whole picture of the event, we must always try to include them somehow in the theory of the situation, in order to make right decomposition! Because everything is strongly interwoven but nothing can be well analyzed or modelled if not in some way taken aside of the reality. What reminds me one old fable about the 3 wise but blind men and the elephant, what animal they have not seen before, and how everyone explains what this beast is, having caught only some part of it. The one, having examined the leg, says that this is something like a big cask with a kind of spring or compressed air in it, which moves jumping from the ground; the other one, who has get hold of the trunk, says that this is one very thick snake, empty inside, that moves blowing out the air from his back orifice; and the third, having fingered the ear, declares that this is some kind of bird with skinny wings, which can fly making waves. So funny is our knowledge about the world if we miss the paradoxes or exceptions from it (how, e.g., the communists have abolished entirely private property on the production means, even if one sells sunflower seeds or flowers on the street, but small-scale business is quite necessary in a society).
     And also, allowing for the paradox to change places with the main current, we build simply another alternative, make binary division (or with more alternatives) of the cases. This is also very important moment because it allows us to branch, to build if-then-else operators, and this is the fundamental operator in every programming language (or method of investigation)! For example the old Greeks were fond of this binary division, and used it in healing of ailments and in other cases; from that time comes the homeopathy (what is healing with substances which cause similar symptoms in healthy persons like in the sick ones), or then with contrary substances (hoping that this movement in the opposite direction can also help — because everything is related). I am explaining the things pretty simplified (because I am not a specialist, but also because I want not to restrict the sphere of application of such methods), yet you know that there exist some strange on the first sight sayings or methods, like, e.g.: our Slav (Rus, Bul, etc.) proverb that a wedge is loosed with another wedge (what is translated in Eng like: fight the fire with fire), or the tempering of steel (or animal bodies) with rush sinking in very cold water, or Christ′s message, when you are hit on one side of the face to turn also the other one (what is surely paradoxical, but quite useful behavior, in many cases), and others.
     This aiming at the wholeness of the things using right or even wrong methods is based on the view that there are many lactics (′lastiks′, or elastic fibers) that tie the things in dialectical links, because everything in the Universe is in incessant pulsation, or ′panta rei panta kinetai′ in o. Gr, or also — what I prefer to cite because it is not so widely known — that, according to old Skr and Hindu sources, our world is something three times "not", namely, that it is: not perfect, not constant, and not isolated! Try to remember this sentence, because it is very important, it comes from millenniums back and is not precise in quantitative sense, but is very deep in qualitative one! But nowadays, equipped with all these computers and Internet and iphones etc., the thing that we need most of all is not the quantity, but the quality, the way of looking at the world.
     Well, I will try to find interesting topics, about which to expand my philosophical judgements, but in order to make you remember the importance of paradoxes I have composed one little verse for you, which follows.

     When it happens that you see a paradox,
     don′t you always try to get aside, to box.
        ′Cause it may turn it is useful as a change,
        to provide transition from the current main,
     or can help to pull you oºut from some bogs!

     Nov. 2021, Sofia, Bulgaria (diminishing, but still existing), EU

          1.01. About the Intellect and the Sciences

     Now, I have discussed this topic long ago, in one of my Cynical Essays, but for more than 20 years something (and let me shorten it to smt.) new may jump out, and here I have decided to say by a pair of sentences also about the etymology (and let me shorten this to etym-smt., here -gy) of some sciences, this is pretty interesting sometimes. So let me begin.
     The very word intellect comes to us from o. Gr enteleheia, only this is what I am saying, because officially is given only Lat intellectus what is more than obvious (judging by its world-wide spreading). And the Gr word was coined by the very Aristotle, who used it as term for a kind of ... hidden (in the matter of the things) energy, as working principle of the matter, which makes it to be what it is and forces it to function properly! But this word has not fallen from the blue in the times of Aristotle, it was built around their energeia-energy as something acting, and even nearer to it stayed enteleoo as full, whole, untouched, or enteleia as fullness. or enteleteoo as to be inspired or irritated. Not that we all like to be inspired by the intellect, no, we are usually inspired by something as silly as possible, but this guy Aristotle was clever one (even cleverer than myself, I admit this), so that for him this might have been so. Yet the point was not in this, the point was in the hidden relations in each thing, in the invisible dialectical fibers which tie everything, even the atoms, what adds to the full picture or the thing, and such a view is now quite justified!
     In addition to this there is also the known Lat ratio, what has given not only Fr raison (′rezon~′), but Slav ′razum′, too, (from where we can come even to the shorter ′um′ as the same), as reasoning ability, and the point here is in the … razor blade, to be sure, that smt. clicks there in the head, allows sharp decisions. And, still, this isn′t everything, because there comes the division, the rational fractions, what requires big thinking abilities, especially if one divides using … Roman digits, how it was in old times (where I may guess that only one out of hundred persons was able to divide, say, a 4-digit number to 3-digit one)! So that the reason is as if synonym of the intellect, but the latter has philosophical ideas behind, while the reason requires just fast performing of known thinking procedures. Though Lat ratio meant also an account, relation, thought, speculation, etc., and the division is marked usually with the sign "/", which line is, in fact, horizontal, and there is smt. or somebody (also smb. for short) above and smt. or smb. below, and this above and below is the … copulation (as a kind of relation), what is as if the other side of the medal.
     Now, there are many many things to be said if I will begin to explain every word, but I have done this already, I have explained more or less every interesting word or at least root of all European langs (this will be for language-s) in my enormous Urrh (cum commentis), so that here I will mention only smt. very interesting and in very succinct way. But before to come to some professions I want to give you rough idea about the things directly related with the intellect, such as: knowledge, sciences, wisdom, studying, professionalism, teachers, students, and similar things. Like, f.ex. (obvious shortening) why we are speaking about arithmetic, and what is so … arrhythmic in it? Because it has to be so, this is a long word (everything longer than 2 syllables is long), but what? Ah, this is easy, the rhythmetic operation is the counting, and the other more complicated operations (like multiplication, especially the division) are not rhythmic, there the increase or decrease of the result goes not rhythmically. (It just has to be so, yet nobody except me says this.)
     Now what is the science (Lat scienza)? Ah, smt. shining, to be sure, where as some old word I like to cite Skr chiamas (or the like) as the colour cyan, which is not really ′sin′-blue (Slav) but is shining; or take also It scintilla as a spark. If we come to only syllables then from ′shin- /szin-′ we can come easily to Slav ′zin- /zn-′, where is our ′znanie′-knowledge or ′znaja′ in Bul as to know, and this is some clicking sound like in the reason. Yeah, but then from ′zn-′ we can jump easily to ′kn-′ like in your "knowledge", or to ′gn-′ like in Lat cognoscere /cognosco as to know, what is o. Gr word (and there, and later in the Lat, "gn" is pronounced as ′nj′, soft ′n′ — hoping that nobody will try to say ′gn′, but, see, the Engs have taken this literally). And do not leave out of your attention the word "sign", which can also be put on this heap, because it may be related with the … sin /sine function (acc. to me), as some curved line, but it means in addition that smb. is marked with special mark, symbol, and it shines like halo or aura or ′oreol′ (in Slav) over his head, what is so because the known It /Lat signore is a person distinguished with something. I may continue even a bit more and co-opt here the folding, because it is on ′kn-′, like in your knee, but in Slav ′kniga′ is a book (because it is folded), and there was some Ar ′kunig′ as this, and there is our Bul ′kjunec′ (which is Tur /Ar) as bent chimney pipe; the curving is not major characteristics of the knowledge, but in a way this is so, even literally, taking into account the curved surface of our brain); and this word for a book, being Ar, must have given its influence over the Western "book", which is derived from some o. Lat sambuctus (- "bambooctus", ah?) as some mild wood, out of which usually were made the scholar books, rather folders, to write there with chalk.
     Yet there is another root, where is your wisdom, and what ideas are hidden behind it (for this is why I give you so many etym-gies here, because they show the hidden meaning, the way of thinking of ancient people, and this is what matters, if you ask me)? Ah, here we can distinguish between ′vis-′ and ′vit-′ roots, but they are practically the same (take f.ex. Ger besser and Eng "better" meaning the same), although the hidden pictures behind them are different. The root ′vis-′ is smt … white, weis (′vajs′) in Ger, and here we have deep ideas because in Rus ′vyisj′ is high in the sky (where smt. shines), or also in Bul ′vis`ok′ is high, but there is Eng vicinity which comes from the Lat. where vicina (′vichina′) is neighbouring woman; and in order not to think that this is occasional let me tell you, too, that in Rus ′v`isok′ (mark the stressing) is that part of the temple which is behind the ears (we call it blind-eye)! Ah, but you surely have not got why smt. high, so high that reaches even the sky, has to be also near us, or then to hang down, because ′visja /visetj′ (in Bul /Rus) means this (like the ears of a dog, f.ex.), or have you? Hmm, people have long ago marked that when they throw some stone high it "uses" to fall down near them, and, generally, if smt. is very high it begins to bend down, so that Lat vicina just has to be related with Slav ′vis`ok′-high, and the very ′svet′-light (in Rus) surely ′svisaet′-bends down to us, so that I am not inventing fables, I am pulling out of the heads of long dead people interesting observations, which they have found necessary to incorporate in the langs (because, as just explained about the intellect, it consists chiefly in finding of links between the things).
     ( I beg your pardon for this deviation from the main topic, but the Rus, as well all other Slav langs, are placed pretty near to the old Lat, I have mentioned this, yet people hardly believe this because these langs sound quite different, but they are similar In-Eur, for Indo-European, langs. Now our langs differ quite a lot, but before about a millennium they have sounded more or less in the same way, and because of this the brothers Cyril and Methodius have already in the 9-th century invented Slav alphabet and have even gone to Rome to have a dispute with the very Roman pope and — pay attention, please — to state that the Slavs have equal rights to be able the pray to God in their own langs and with their own alphabet. So let me not explain anymore why I jump so easy from Slav to Lat and other Western langs, this is because they are closely related. )
     And then the ′wit-′ root is not smt. that rises high and falls down, but rather smt that climes incessantly and smoothly above, by a spiral! Why? Ah, because it is so, it rises in a helix, it winds above by a screw line, little by little, how the very … life does, because it is vita in Lat (to remind you the proverb: Ars longa, vita brevis est)! And here, naturally come the vine plant, Rus ′vint′-screw, the vitality, the vitamins, the wind (surely), the … green colour vert in Fr (because the greenery ′vyrti se′-rotates), the spring as season, which is ′vesna′ in Rus, vernal in Lat, and ′vasantas′ in o. Skr, and so on, mixing ′s′ and ′t′, including Jap wasan as … mathematics! Because das Wissen-knowledge is concentrated in the queen or sciences, in the mathematics, which is smt., ha-ha, twice "mated" (twisted, like in the f#cking copulation), but I will not indulge in deeper investigations as to why the mating means copulation, it suffices to relate it with the mother! Yet don′t forget also the white colour, like of my hairs (because I am extraordinary clever, right?). (On the other hand, the Slav view to the wisdom relates it with the — sorry girls, or then I am maybe to be praised — masculine so called … eggs, because the first in Rus is ′mudrostj′ and the second is ′mudyi′, yet deeper explanation of this peculiarity requires pretty big deviation; or you better look then in my later Fantasy in Ety Mol).
     Now to the studying and the students. Or better firstly to the school, which word can vary much, like ′skola /s-hola′ or ′shulle′ or ′shkola′ or ′skuhl′ (what often happens with widely spread words). Well, the idea here is of smt. … glued together, like Lat scala (also ′sk`ala′ or ′shkala′), what is a staircase, yet also a rock (exactly ′skal`a′ in Rus & Bul). In other words this is some agglomeration, or flock of smt., and for this reason in Eng the word school means also a "flock" of fishes, and in Ger Baumschulle is breeding house for plants (where the young trees are "brought up"). And when the picture is such with the schools, so I have come to the idea that the studying must be related with Eng … stud as breeding house for horses, where is also our Slav ′stado′ exactly as flock! When one comes to think about this, it turns out that this is the chief purpose of the studying, to learn how to move with some "flock" of scientists in a given discipline. I suppose that here you will not object to my explanations but I want to add to the whole picture also the idea about … running together (what is entirely my guess).
     So that here I come to the teacher, where I state that this guy teaches the students how to run together, what is ′ticham′ in Bul but not in Rus! Well, this is questionable, but it is probable, because there is the couch (which is Fr word, but in Rus is ′kucher′) and he really teaches how to run (if as trainer, or else runs the horses in a cart). So that this may be just an additional idea, but it exists in the heads of people. And now to the Bul ′ticham′, which is twin with ′teka′ (resp. it ′teche′) as to flow (where I suppose existence of o. Ar roots — especially taking into account that our ′voda′-water is Ar vadi), what is so because the river flows or runs; more than this, there is our Slav, but let me stick to Bul. words, ′vodja′ as to lead, and this is what the river factually does! Officially about the teacher is given relation with the token-sign, as person who tells or explains the signs, what may, and may also not be so (if you ask me), because this is the idea of Lat & It insegnante, but this is quite another root, so that here the scientists may as well be wrong.
     Ah, smt. obvious (but instructive): the professor and professionalism have to mean to be able to do right … professes, because this is what a good professional must be able to do, to predict the development of a given situation! And smt. tiny but interesting: the student′s stipend means some small portion of money taken with a pinch, with two fingers, which in Bul is ′shtipka′; and the same has to be the idea of the pension, only that in that case some pinch or pensnett-tweezers are meant.
     Well, I have gone out of my usual portion of space (4 A5 sheets, or 2 A4, or about 10 KB of chars), but let me add some sentences about the most exact sciences (except the "mated" mathematics), namely the: physics, and chemistry. The physics is smt. that says ′fuk /fik/ fiz /fyz′ and so on, because here are the 2 main physical processes, the fusion or joining, and the fission or disuniting; here is the fugue, Lat futuo as to fertilize, etc., for which is said to have given the well known Eng f#ck, yet also the … future (because it is such according to what we have sown in the present times). So that the physics says puf-paf, and is somehow related with the … phallus, which erupts smt. from time to time, but I will not dig deeper here. Then the chemistry (chemie, etc.) is smt. about which again nobody gives the idea, but for me here is hidden some … hem /hmm, see here, how interesting, and so on, and I have come to this simple idea taking into account the old alchemy (i.e. everything is hm-sound of wondering), together with Bul jargon ′himicha′ as to evade direct answer; you can doubt in this, but then — provide smt. better!
     There are, surely, many other professions, but I will finish with this the chapter about the intellect, wisdom, and knowledge.

          1.02. About the Omnipresence of … Stupidity

     Well, this is not a new thought and I suppose that everybody has heard the proverbial exclamation "Sancta simplicitas" (said to be uttered by Jan Hus at the stake where he was burned, seeing an old woman hurrying to throw her bundle of sticks to the stake), so that I will not try to convince you that the simplicity is not necessary. Not after coming of our mournful democracy, due to which we continue to skate down and aside of the right way for whole 30 years now, chiefly because we simply do not know what we want to have, decent life for the entire population, or fast climbing to the top of scoundrels and mafiosos; we have chosen the last, probably hoping that the good will defeat the evil, yet this can not happen on a barbarous soil like ours in Bulgaria, one has to build first proper conditions for the good, because the evil is more vital! So that I will only try to convince you that the simplicity, maybe even stupidity, is preferable, because otherwise one will be put before the dilemma, either to … kill some big part of population aiming at the right decision, or to leave the people to go on the wrong way in the name of humanity! I am not sure that you can grasp the importance and subtlety of the situation, but this is my conviction for more than 25 years; said with other words, I am defender of the education and enlightenment of the common masses.
     OK, one of the reasons to allow the people to behave as silly as they can is that this is so widely spread around the world, also between the animals, so that fighting with this means to doubt in the … wisdom of God, what I have never done! I mean, that, ha-ha, I am convinced atheist, unbeliever, I don′t imagine God to be such as He is pictured by whatever religion, but I believe in the ties between the things, in the whole Nature, in the spirit of Universe, where God is just a suitable name for all things around us! And when the stupidity, or at least simplicity, exists, then it is necessary for smt., it must be so, this has to be preserved on the whole, and what one has to do (if means himself for clever enough person) is to somehow grasp this meaning and explain it to the masses, what explanation can, again, be done in two ways, by saying the truth, or by telling of some lies (in the name of truth!), what I will explain below. Yet, on the other hand, the clever person must also act in the opposite direction to this, in what the masses are inclined to react; this is necessary because the people usually overdo everything, and someone has to pull them to the middle point! In this way the clever person will never make himself popular between the masses, surely, but I personally am put in favourable conditions in this aspect, because I am not popular, I am demo-dissident, so that I will in any case lose nothing, but the people may win, after all! Do you see how twisted it is?
     So, but there is an obvious reason why people should not cry if they are not enough intelligent, they can continue to be such for the simple reason that the life is based not on the intellect, but on the … trials and errors, and they are many many, one should not diminish the number of possible errors advising people to behave reasonable, no, only in exceptional cases — like mass disorders and wars — the clever one must try to interfere in order to diminish the possible victims as a result of some mass stupidity! (Yes, but the stupidity is omnipotent, so that this clever guy will hardly succeed to do a good job, but such is the reality.) In this way it turns that the reason will only diminish the variety in the nature, this is additional organization, it hinders the entropy (or disorder, randomness of the things), which has as if bigger priority than the human lives (yet I am not a physicist to explain this better, I am just a human and try to do what I can to prevent unnecessary deaths, if it comes to such).
     Or then let us put the question in this way: what is the primary goal of life, of everything living, of Creation after all? And the answer is obvious — this is the procreation, the continuation of life, the multiplication (when this does not hinder the very multiplication, of course, creating over-population, like in the current days). But if it is so then hardly someone will deny that in the sex (what is the quintessence of multiplication from the standpoint of each individual) there is no reason, no intellect, no logic, this is just some nasty and badly devised (from aesthetical point of view, if you ask me) procedure, which the dear God has succeeded to make desired by all animals, even by the plants! (How this dear God, in which I do not believe, has done this — say, to make me feel big pleasure when some girl agrees to do the proverbial … blow-job to me, but to feel nothing of the kind when I blow my nose —, is a mystery for me, but here you look better again in my Letter to God.) In brief, the intellect is not really necessary in the life of humans (in most cases it does not hinder the life, yet even this is not always true), and because of this the Creation has come to making of mammals, and especially of human beings, quite a long time after creating the first insects (these were probably billions of years, not just a pair of millions).
     And there is also the slowness of intellectual decisions, compared with the fast reaction by reflex, and what is slow may hinder the life, after all, and because of this the humans usually avoid the thinking, even if they are able to do this, they simply prefer the actions and thrillers, this is given from the Nature-God, and has to be taken for granted! And I′ll tell why the thinking is slow: because the acting is in a way prepared even in the phase of accepting the information, there are some patterns fixed in the most rudimental brains or nerve knots that require immediate action, no analyzing or thinking (you take at least the … cockroaches, they are very intelligent for their thinking equipment). Also under thinking we are prone to understand generally this, what the computers today do, and they are digital machines, but the nerves, like also other body organs, function analogous, what we simply do not take for real thinking, for us the thinking is at least verbalization, and I will tell you that some pretty original brains of many artists can not reason logically, in many cases, they can′t explain their reactions convincingly, they are just doing, what are doing, well.
     There are also other moments, like that our perceptions are pretty … distorted, not accurate, we are making difference in times, i.e. use logarithmic scale not linear one, and even the chess players, as taken for highly intellectual, do generally not use verbal thinking, they compare positions on the board with ready decisions (and begin to think only when the partner thinks and they have time for this). So that there are cases when we think not counting this for real thinking (like, say, when driving a car); and there are quite often used well learned reactions when someone has analyzed the situation in beforehand, so that real thinking in the moment of action is applied pretty rarely. Add also the fact that we are fond of actions, while the thinking is simply boring for the majority of us, and you are bound to agree with my formulation (which I might have as well heard or read somewhere), that the humans are beings only able to act reasonably, yet are doing this very rare, just when they have … exhausted all unreasonable ways for reaching of the goal! What I, after all, take for granted (and am even thankful to the dear God about this, because in this way He gives me the possibility to stand out with my enormous — isn′t it? — intellect). Or, if you recall my explanations in the introductory chapter about the paradoxes, it will turn out that if you include in your scheme of perception the fact that the majority of people act usually silly, then you will stay with one head higher than the others.
     Yes, but we are sillier than the … animals. to be sure! And do you know why? Ah, because we are more endowed, we can understand human (and nowadays even computer) speech, so that we can be bamboozled, cheated, deceived, indoctrinated, educated, etc., where the animals cannot be cheated easily, they have instincts! (If you occasionally do not believe me, then you simply try to explain to a dog, f.ex., why it is preferable to eat soya meat instead of usual animal flesh. I personally have tried once to make a tom-cat drink pulverized milk dissolved in water and nothing helped, neither convincing calm explanations, nor hard angry cursing.) Yet nothing bad without good (or blessing in disguise, if you prefer this idiom), and because the majority of people are easily gullible, they are cheated on a wide scale, from the left and from the right, from above and from below, and everything goes well (I mean that people behave)! Because of this I said here in the beginning, that one can tell the people the truth, or deceive them in the name of truth, and the latter works in the majority or cases better (yet I have not mastered this ability, for what I beg my readers to be excused).
     The truth can convince some tiny minority of people with scientific mind, about 5 percent, yet probably in some cases even up to 10 %, if you do not try to convince them in obvious things but which they do not like (as, e.g., and if you′ll excuse me, that their own … sh#t smells after all). The vast majority of us are just gullible and believe in everything, and the more unbelievable smt. is, the more they believe in it — how the known Lat proverb: credo quia absurdum (or "I believe because it is absurd"), says to us. This phenomenon was used from times immemorial, and for this reason, chiefly, the religions have arisen (and for this reason I personally am not fond of whatever religion, because I am from the thinking exceptions). Nowadays, when the religions (for about one or a bit more centuries) have begun to retreat back from the stage, the media have taken their place, because the Nature (being a dame) can′t endure empty zones (it hurries to put smt. in them). So that this is the reason why the advertisements have emerged, because the people felt necessity of them! More than this, nowadays, in the computer age, for the same reason, because the people felt unconscious desire to be deceived, have arisen also the so called cookies!
     OK, I intend to finish soon, but I see no reasons why not to add smt. short and easily understandable, namely that there exists a very simple remedy against the ads, which will bring them down to zero or change them radically (from means for deceit to such for information), and it is the following: you just counteract the ads! Did you get it? It is easy, as I said, because they are designed to make you remember the name of company producer and /or seller, and /or to make you buy this and not some other product, then you do the beginning, remember (as good boys and girls) what they want from you to remember, but make one negative list, such which products or shops you must with all care avoid! If other companies also advertise similar products you add their names to this list, too, and if the majority of potential buyers will begin to do this, then for about one only month these ads will disappear (because the shops have the necessary feedback, the turnover and the amount of sells)! But even if you will be in minority and the other people will continue to buy the product in question, even in this case you personally will win, because the advertised product becomes necessarily more expensive, in order to cover also the expenses for the ads! In my young years (before a quarter of a century) I have explained this with some etym-cal analysis of the word "advertisement" splitting it in: add + Wert (Ger for price) + ment (as suffix), saying that this is smt. just added to the value of the product, as simple as that!
     Hmm, one more addition, namely that the most widely used (because this costs nothing) method for deceiving, used as kind of mimicry, is the … smile! Really, if smb. smiles to you unnecessary and openly, or is exceedingly polite, be sure that he or she wants to deceive you with smt., to sell you smt. what you almost sure do not need! I can think of practically no exceptions, and this is why nowadays all people from everywhere smile at you, but the animals, which (as said) is difficult to deceive, do not smile, they are really open and not false, unlike the people. Or then, as a variation of this rule, I can cite also the following one: Do not take and not believe in free presents, they are … poisonous! Id est, if smb. gives you smt. for free this means that in about 95 % of the cases he /she intends to get smt. from you, after all, to deceive you, this is some bait! And this comes at least from the time of … Trojan war, the lure with the proverbial horse, and here I have also found etym-cal proof, namely Ger Gift as poison, and the same Eng gift as present! (The official etym-gies give "gift" as from "give", as smt. given, but this changes nothing in my conclusions because I speak about hidden ideas and associations.)
     And now comes the final with another poetical Limerick, where I have, probably, to explain that when doing bad things with persistence this can sometimes bring good results, for the reason that in this way we are making a path in this direction, and are doing things in unison, so that this way might not be the right one but it is already paved and this matters. Here comes the poetry:

     ′Cause the humans have imagination
        they are doing often … silly things!
     Yes, but doing them with exaltation
        good result to us this sometimes brings!
     Was not act of madness God′s Creation?

          1.03. About the Probability and the Existence of God

     Ah, I as if have predicted this chapter with the last verse, stating that bad actions can lead to good results, in a long run, or vice versa, good intentions often lead to bad results, like this states the worldwide known proverb, that: The way to hell is strewn with good intentions. These are, really, paradoxes, but they have their explanations, that either we have not rightly calculated the results — errare humanum est! —, or some necessary delusion was used, so that we have as if wanted to do one thing but it happened smt. else, or then the … probability has messed the things. And this last thing often pokes stick in the wheels of development of events, destroys our plans. I would even say, that if a God exists He must be very irritated by the probability, and then there are two possibilities: either He has created it alone, or at least can predict exactly all future events (say, using some kind of time-machine, i.e. travelling in the future and seeing what has happened before it has really happened), or is alone subjected to the probability, what means that He is not really omnipotent, when He must obey some laws. Or then there is no God at all.
     But if there was no probability, everything would have been calculated in advance, probably not quite easy, but possible, calculable, and then at least with the use of contemporary computers, everything would have been already calculated, and the life would have become the biggest boredom, and the humanity would have disappeared, or will do this but by itself (sex or no sex). (Because we have now really super-computers — and those in the future will be hyper- or gigabel- or some other word —, I know this, for I have been born more or less in the time of first computers, and have been for a long time computer programmer, and remember that somewhere have read that if a computer could have had as many memory cells as there are neurons in the human head — what was 14 milliards or billions, what means giga in the current terminology —, then it must have had the size of … Empire State Building! Yes, but in the today′s iphones are already more gigas, or will pretty soon be, so that you see how really enormous some spheres of production can become developed for less than a century.)
     Surely, the probability or chance is the biggest mystery for everything alive (and dead, ha-ha, only that it can not think neither feel) and the point here is not in the difficulty of calculations, but that on subatomic level, in the realm or elementary particles exist lows that forbid us to know more than allowed, and, f.ex., exists one principle of Heisenberg, which states that the position and velocity (the latter as vector, with its directions in the space) of an elementary particle cannot be measured exactly, or simultaneously known, i.e. if we know where a particle stays, we can′t say where to it moves, and v.v.! So that if we toss a coin nobody can say exactly on which side it will land, even taking into account the positions and velocity of each of the surrounding it particles of air, no, this is just impossible, only God can tell this, if He exists and rules over the probability! Naturally you can not believe this guy, you may think that he is unbeliever and impostor, or has just made some error in his calculations, but I don′t advise you to do so (unless you prefer the attitude of the ostrich — to hide his head in the sand only not to see the coming danger). Where the danger is that God, in all appearances does not exist!
     I hope you see to what I am coming, that God as demiurg(e) (what I think is the same as Ger Urheber), or creator of everything existing, is very nice and suitable invention — after all, now everybody knows who he can … curse if necessary, He is perfect scapegoat (one cannot curse, say, a neutrino) — but from logical standpoint such mysterious figure is pretty doubtful, He is contradictory in many aspects. And even if He is demiurg and has created not only the Universe with everything in it (say, with the Corona virus, ah?) but the … time, too, and can move freely where He wants and in what time He desires, even in this situation this is not what every region wants and how it calls Him, because such interpretation is religious free, it does not require believing in some concrete God (Christ or Allah, or Brahma or Moloh, or Quetzalcoatl etc.)! This is the idea of spirit of Universe, which I accept, but I (as said) am atheist, or also is in the core of the intersection of all religions, what means smt. common for all religions.
     But the religions want to differ (this is like various companies producing some common product), and if this intersection can be made it must, a priori, turn to be the same like the atheistic idea. And from here (although from some other point, too) I come to the brilliant — you′ll see this just now — idea, that the atheists are also religious, even more than this, that they are the proper or true, or utmost, sincere, etc. believers, in no cases unbelievers! Did you get it? Ah, this is not mathematical proof, this is a question of providing plausible arguments, and if people credo if smt. is absurd, then the atheists believe in smt. what can never be proved! Because if God exists His existence can somehow be proved, He may show Himself to smb., and even if personal impressions are not counted for true proofs, at least some people will be convinced (i.e. deluded) that He exists. (Let me remind you, that, after all, in Vatican exists some commission about miracles, and they have their criteria about natural or not phenomena.) The existence of smt. can be proved showing it at least once, but the non-existence just cannot be proved, especially if He is unlimitedly divisible and can exist everywhere and in every time (so that we must go through all possible places and times, and their number is immensely big, most probably unlimited, and we must perform this operation even simultaneously, because He may decide to play hide and seek with us)!
     What reminds me one peculiar thought, and funny formulated, namely that: If the existence of God can be proved, then there is no God! Brilliant, right, no matter that logically contradictory, because if some sound proof exists than it can not not exist, we have just made somewhere some error, but it is very impressive! (I have met this once in a book about the life of Samuel Ende, author of Momo and other books, as found left in his literary heritage written only this on a piece of paper.) So that God is smt. like … Santa Claus, He is for pre-school children, especially in form of Christianity, which is one highly perfumed religion, because in the ancient ones there is thinking, they are theosophies, while in the Christianity there is only incessant repeating of proved with nothing inventions! (Let me remind you that the Islam is based on thoughts and deliberations of their prophet Muhammad, these are not direct lies, this religion is reasonable. More than this, one again etym-cal proof, the very name Muslim, what is ′m(j)us(j)uljman′ in Bul, I — and nobody else, I suppose — split in 2 obvious parts: ′musl′ + ′man", i.e. "thoughtful people"! The official etym-gy derives this from the Islam, but this sounds different to me, where ′myislj′ in Rus, and all Slav langs, is thought, and ′man′ comes from the o. Skr — f.ex. in the Lat exists the word mango as a Gypsy — figuratively said, it is given as "dishonest trader" —, which word is the same in Bul and the Gypsies like it, it is smt. like your "buddy".)
     Of course there remains also the morality of all religions, I don′t deny this, I even state that the morality is the only excuse for the existence of religions, they are necessary, when the people just want to be deceived or deluded, what was remarked from old times and in Lat exists the proverb "Mundus vult decipi", what means exactly what I have just said (with the addition, ergo decipiatur — hence, deceive it, the world)! The religions don′t explain to the people things like I am explaining this to you, they instead are telling beautiful (or white) lies, when this is the preferred by the masses way of telling useful things (but these are, nonetheless lies, or proved with nothing assertions). Yet do not hurry to say that this or that particular religion is right in telling what it is telling (and what I call lies), because here is again applicable the method of making of intersection of all religions, which intersection will turn to be the same what the atheists say (only without the lies), and being one and the same for all religions this will mean that they do not differ, that each of them brings nothing new to the people! Yeah, I admit the usefulness of religions (after all, for pre-school children or not, but we all are born as silly children, so that they are good on some age), yet their time is a bit passed, they are not suitable in the era of Internet and iphones, at least not the Christianity, probably smt. like Hinduism or Islam, or Zen-Buddhism, smt. what will make people to think.
     As you see, I am not denying some widely spread and well accepted wrong habits, when we, the humans, are simply badly fabricated, sinful according to the church terminology, but I want these things to be properly modified (like about the proliferation of human beings). And, after all, the dear God may still exist, ah? Because His existence cannot be proved (at least by the humans, staying only in the material world, some other world may exist), but it can as well not be denied (it is just hardly probable, and explains many things, like the randomness of our world, the bottom-up method of creation, and other moments, but nothing more). And I will even give you one argument for the existence of God, no matter that I am atheist, surely! This is the so called Christian science, I agree generally with it, with two remarks, which, I am afraid, will not be to the taste of the believers in it. The one is that this religion has nothing to do with the Christianity, no, there is said nothing about the old Testament, or the new one, the crossing of our Christ, etc., it is rather Muslim science, because is reasonable! And the other remark is that this is, still, religion, there some proved with nothing statements are repeated many many times, like this is done in all religions, as insinuation, because even a lie, repeated many times, becomes truth for the (silly) people (like it is with the adds). This, in what I may believe (there can be no proofs, I repeat), is that the evolution is very nice idea, but it is pretty slow, it is hardly believable!
     In other words, some Being or Substance (acc. to Spinoza), could have as well helped the natural evolution, more or less in the way how nowadays we make GMF (Genetically Modified Foods) plants and /or animals (or will do this)! Yet the randomness is pretty powerful thing, allow me to know this, because as mathematician I have heard about Cellular Automata, especially about one computer game called "Life" (having become a sensation in the scientific circles before about half a century), where were used some quite simple rules for controlling of next generation, like dying of isolation, if a cell has less or equal to 1 immediate neighbour (there are maximum 8 possible, counting also the diagonals), and also dying of overpopulation, if there are more than 3 direct neighbours (or the like, I am citing from memory), and then the next generations are just watched on a screen, better if it is toroidally closed in order not to lose some flying away agglomerations. And what do you think happened? Ah, there emerged pulsing objects, gliding ones, and even one pretty big formation called "gun" which shot some gliders and in this way it … multiplicated itself! Did you grasped it? Even the most difficult part of the alive objects, the reproductive one, was imitated by one surely silly artificial system, just some cells and some rules, and they play the very God!
     So that the evolution is possible, but some help also is possible. The trial and error method is very powerful, providing we have unlimited amount of resources and of time, but if smt. or smb. helped in this process this will work much more faster. And what kind of help is necessary? Ah, not with materials and not with time, when we have them in our disposition, but with … brains, with information, with ways for sieving of wrong or dead branches of the tree of operations. What leads me to the next (and last for this chapter) moment, namely that this smt. else than material, what God in His core represents, is the … information! Because for storing of information is necessary material environment, some memory cells, yet the information is not these cells, but what is stored in them. And the information is non perishable, it can be copied, it does not age, it is non material, hence this has to be the quintessence of God, the information!
     More than this, the information exists, obviously, hence if we take God to be it, from this follows that such God exists! People, I have done the utmost impossible, I have proved that God (in my interpretation but what of this?) exists, I have to be declared saint, surely! Oh, I am so happy, that intent to go get drunk. Bye-bye for now.

          1.04. About the Necessity of Evil

     Ah, I am probably a bit drunken from my the yesterday′s revelry in honour of my future declaring as saint, so that am a bit angry to whole material world (with or without God), and will speak now about the good & evil, and especially about the necessity of evil, because it exists from times immemorial, and will, in all appearances, exist until finimondo or end of the world (acc. to the Its). Only in a philosophical spirit, because, drunken or not, I am a philosopher (I have had even my … Xantipa, a Russian girl, who has played very well the role of scalding wife).
     So I have practically never believed in separate existence of good and evil, on what are based all religions and half of literary works, because am brought up in dialectical spirit and there is insisted that everything is tied with elastic and invisible links like with some fibers (or natural laws) to opposite forces, and for this reason always exists dynamical equilibrium, everything is in a state of constant alert. But, on the other hand, such distinction is very useful, so that I will stick to it for methodical purposes. (And, by the way, in Esperanto lang. exist normally words only for the one quality, which looks better, and for the other one is said not-this thing, what economizes the words a little, but is not very correct, because not-good thing must not always be taken for bad one, it can be neither this nor that.) And I′ll tell you why this is so: because if there is not difference in some opposite qualities then this pair of qualities simply does not exist in this case, and there will most probably appear differences in some other quality, this is what usually happens when big quantitative accumulations occur and the things become discernible in some other aspect, as simple as that.
     In addition to this it is obvious that in a competitive environment (what our world is) if smt. is bad for someone, it can as well be very good for some other object (or subject — in many cases there is no difference between these 2 words), and for this reason the Skr or theosophic view is that there is no good or evil, everything is justified (from the standpoint of the whole set of objects, what means of the Nature, what means of God)! Yes, but if we join the good with God then the evil becomes respectively joined with the devil or Lucifer, i.e. the bad turns to be also a deity! Even the very word "devil" is explained by the etym-gists as Deo Evil, and Lucifer means exactly "that who has brought (fero or the like, where from comes the transfer) the luce-light". (I can′t tell you why exactly the devil has brought the light to us, i.e. played the role of Prometheus, probably because in the hell everywhere are burning fires, but in It lucertola is a lizard, a being like Lucifer.) So that the bad or evil must not be disregarded.
     Yet I have explained you these dialectical moments because I am bold enough to state that the evil was created on purpose by the very God! Yes, because who else could have specially separated it from the good if not our dear God, with the obvious intention to show Himself in this way as good, entirely in white attire, so to say, while the devil is clothed in black from his head to his (cloven) feet. And even if this is quite logical conclusion you just think how the true believers will take this my statement, that their dear God has created alone and on purpose the evil, which might have otherwise remained indiscernible from the good forever, while now it exists, thanks to God! But let me remind you that in the Eastern literature, and even in old Greece, where appeared comedies and tragedies as different genres, the things were often mixed, while now, after the Christianity these poles are separated; we try to show that the good defeats the evil but in life this rarely happens (because if so we would have lived long ago in the paradise), for the simple reason that the bad (especially the evil) is more vital! But, people, this is the only excuse for the evil, from a moral point of view, that it is endurable, and even if the good in some moment disappears, the bad will remain and later create the good out of itself, in the same manner how our God has created the evil! Do you see how clever I am, because I debase God (for having created the evil) in order to raise Him high (finding in this way possibility to be on the safe side, that in all cases the good will exist or rebirth itself), or v.v., I praise Him (for having found a way to declare pure instances from intermingled muddle), an then debase Him for being no God when has just followed some natural requirements of the matter!
     But I am right, generally, because: look at the plants (or animals), those that are taken for weeds (or wild beasts) really survive where the cultivated arts perish, this is how it is, and the cultivated ones are made such from their wild ancestors, I am not lying to you. Also in social sphere the evil is necessary not only to make the good ones to stand out with their deeds, but to have the other pole in front of our eyes, to be able to compare, to know what to avoid, and so on. And that the good is helpless in many cases is a well known thing, and I want to cite here one paradoxically sounding, said to be o. Heb, proverb, namely that: Not a single good deal has remained … unpunished! Yet in spite of this people (and also animals, plants, probably even stones) continue to do good deeds, they know that will nearly always suffer, but they persist in doing of good. And as result of these and similar thoughts I have come to the conclusion that all beings are born good, they want to be good, because they feel that here the matters are … reciprocal, as you behave to the others, so they will behave to you in their turn! Did you get it? Not that we must be good because God has prescribed us such behaviour, but because such behaviour is reasonable and favourable to us in a long run, for we want to be praised by the others, to be liked by them, not to live isolated!
     And now allow me to explain what means to be good, a priori, and which are the ways for this, what we must be able to do in this case. You may think that these are obvious things, and they are such, but people continue to sin, and do evil in most cases for the simple reason that they do not know how to do good, so that not to come to regrets having acted as gullible chicks or fishes (there are used both comparison in different langs, say, there is Tur balik, read ′balyk′, exactly for gullible). Well, the simplest definition is that one is counted for good when he (or she) is good to the others, because everybody just must care for himself. And here comes the deliberation about which I have though before roughly a quarter of a century, and which involves the notion about levels of reflection (because in our actions we usually build some reflective image of outside world, we reflect everything in our heads), what is a thing to which I have come alone, so that this may not be widely known.
     The levels are about how many times we reflect the meaning of the other person (or object, generally), so that the zeroth level is that I only think smt., the first level is that I think that he /she /it thinks, and so on, but usually the second level is already pretty high for an ordinary person, yet some level is always necessary. In this sense the rule: don′t do to the others things which you don′t want to be done to you, is not pretty correct — because, ha-ha, some people want to take it … up the #ss, if you′ll excuse my Fr —, and the right rule is: don′t do to the others things which they don′t want to be done to them! So, as I said, the living things are born good, they want to do to the others good deeds, when they have satiated their unavoidable needs for food or sex or showing of their superiority (in some moderate extent), but the world. or rather the society, makes them bad! What means that the humans must take measures to make the society better, not leading to bad deeds, as well also that if we think that some God has made the world, then from this follows His guilt for the made matter, hence, again, only God is guilty for the bad world (if He has created it).
     OK, but, as I mentioned it, the good and bad are mutually intermingled, and there often are possible both sights at some event, good and bad, like it is with the … faeces, if you′ll excuse, this time, my Lat (what are not exactly sh#ts, this is different root)! Let me start with o. Gr word kalo, what means good, and there are many derivatives from it, like: caleidoscope, Gr calimera as "good day" or rather "nice to meet you", callanetics, the calorie, etc. Yes, but on the other hand there is Bul word ′kal′ as mud, and Rus the same ′kal′ but meaning now the mentioned faeces, where the latter are ′fashkie′ in Tur, or ′fecalii′ in Bul & Rum (for Romanian, in order to distinguish it from Rom for Roman), and I personally have come to the idea to split some ′fekali′ (or ′fekalo′ in sing.) in ′fi /fju /tjfu′ or the like exclamation of disgust + ′kalo", saying that this is not good thing! Well, this is not very sound etym-cally, because sing. in Lat for faeces is faex, but then it must be fa + ex (for taking out), what is similar splitting, and the opposite meanings here are possible because there was Skr deity … Kali, who was goddess of the underworld, i.e. she is good as goddess, yet also terrible as of the death!
     But what is the sh#t, if I may ask you, my dear readers? Ah, it is smt. bad smelling but necessary, good for the earth, it meliorates it, makes it better, this is fertilizing (what, by the way, is of the root of the f#cking, futuo in Lat). And here I usually begin to judge about the dirty purity (if natural) and cleanly dirtiness (if artificial), what I will not do here, because I must think already to finish this chapter, but will only remark that I stick to the ancient Gr view that what is natural is good, as a rule, and will go to the … fakirs! Why? Well, at least because this is again of ′fak- /fyk-′ root, but also because they were not only masters of magics and unexpected miracles, they also liked to cover themselves with dirt in form of … cow dung, taking it to be healing! And, to tell you the truth, I don′t know, probably it is healing, or at least is not bad for the skin (a skin-care, so to say, ah?). But you must not forget that in India the cows (together with the other home animals) were counted for sacred, they were not to be killed, and that the fakirs themselves wanted publicity, and that the paradoxes always attract attention. For example, I can jump aside for a while and tell you that in o. Greece was popular a medicine called Album Graecum (or the "white Gr thing"), given against throat sores & infections, which consisted of — but you first sit down stable and catch the chair firmly — ground ... dog′s droppings, mixed with honey (!) & water! Little peculiar, right, but the honey is always good, and the dog′s faeces contain ground bones, this is calcium, people, this must be good for smt.!
     And now I want to make you acquainted with my brilliant new idea about a Church called CDC, what means here … Cow Dung Church! Well, why not, after all? Entering in such building one will see on the left and on the right in the entrance, placed in marble basins, not holy water but holly — and if you′ve continued with "cow dung or sh#t" you have guessed rightly! And people will sink a finger or two and draw on their foreheads a circle (what is much better than a cross or crescent and symbolizes the round cow "tart"), will proclaim not God or Allah etc. but "Cow, Cow!", on the roof will be sculptured by a cow over each altar (they must be usually three — for the morning, midday, and evening services), outside the walls will be covered with cow dung (probably artificial imitation, in order to endure for decades and centuries), inside will be pictured happy cows drinking through straws from cups with milky shakes served to them by human cherubims, and will sound nice cow bells instead of usual church bells. I just like this picture, how also the children will like it much to paint the faces of their friends with this holly dung, there will be no ceasing of believes to these churches, where those of the other religions will stay empty until turn to ruins with the time. Ah, this is the religion of the future, CDC cult.

          1.05. About the Core and the Border

     Hmm, I have come to this idea occasionally, when trying once to generalize the fact that the women are usually silly and have as if empty heads, and have thought that they have also a hole on one place where the men have smt., and then have come to the level of … cells, and concluded that this is so also there! But, of course, you have to take into account that I am usually always right, I do not like to make erroneous conclusions, and I recalled to myself that the women weighed less, they can easier lie on the surface of water and not sink (I have seen that my mother did this pretty easily, but for me, as small child, this was practically impossible), so that their cells must be simply constantly swollen, filled with air, smt. of the kind. And after this, in fact wrong induction, i.e. not well proved, I jumped to the conclusion that this is why they often go crazy (what in Bul is ′izkufjavam′ as jargon, meaning exactly to become empty, like a pumpkin when it ripens), and you can well imagine that I was very happy with this deduction.
     Surely I was happy, but proved or not well this is generally right, you just think how drastically a woman is changed during pregnancy, she increases her weight almost twice, her skin is expanded in many places, not only the belly, but also her thighs, breasts, and probably even the face (I am not sure), because it begins soon to give wrinkles, if she will not use some creams the face of a woman begins to wrinkle somewhere about 30, rarely later (while I, f.ex., at my 70+, have practically no wrinkles, nowhere, my wrinkles on the forehead are as many as they were at about 20). And what means to make wrinkles, if not that this part of the body was expanded and can′t shrink to its former dimensions? So that is, people, the women are empty even on a cell level, while the men are always firm, they have not so big ability for adaptation to practically everything, and for these reasons the women also live longer, endure more sufferings, etc., this must be in broad strokes so, but you can ask some physician, for better explanation. Yet this is tiny grain of knowledge, not enough for a whole chapter of my inimitable book about the problems that emerge exactly there, where we think that there are no problems worth mentioning. What I mean here, and will dig deeper further, is another, more common generalization, namely about the middle substance and the bordering one, where I will try to show you that the center is just so, tender object, while the border is what matters, because there can be no core part without a border (but there can be only a border, with practically nothing inside)!
     Now, let me begin from far away. There is an interesting moment with the word garden, because it exists in practically all langs (′gradina′ in Bul, ′ogorod′ in Rus, Garten in Ger, etc.), but here are also many other words, where is hidden the same idea of smt. surrounded, like: Slav ′grad /gorod′ as town (bordered by town walls), Bul etc. ′greda′-plank and ′gradja′-to-build, Slav ′graniza′-border, Eng girdle as belt, Fr garter as elastic band for fastening of stockings, Bul ′gerdan′ as necklace, Slav ′grudj /gyrdi′ as breast, and many others. And I have dug here (before about quarter of a century) because I asked myself: why a garden must be bordered, and then the answer was obvious — because otherwise this will be open to all, people and animals, while when is surrounded this means private property. So that you see that more important is the border, not what is inside (where can be at most some courtesans); and let me remind you also about one well known composer, ′Dvorzhak′ (not Dvorak), what means that some of his ancestors were, either important figures in some ′dvor′-court, or just porters who stayed at the porte-gate. And I will come at once to this Slav court, but before this let me say only a pair of words about your Western court. This court may be taken for some core, or corn (Ger Kern as nucleus), but I think that it is rather ′kora′ in Bul as tree bark, where is also the coral & corral, as some border; and that opposite notions can and must sound similar I have already informed you.
     Now to the Slav ′dvor′ as court, where is also Rus ′dverj′-door, and even the … number 2, which is ′dve′! Ah, you can′t guess this, even I (the great Myrski, ah?) have not guessed alone but have seen what the etym-sts said, namely that the idea here is — pretty mathematical, I would add — in the dividing of the space in 2 parts, inner part and outer part, quite philosophical approach and coming from the Skr, from where come the names of all numbers! Smt. similar we have by Arctic and Antarctic as up and down arcs, where the very arc as bow is an important notion, it symbolizes the border, and the up-arc is the sky, where are the Gods, according to all religions. And don′t think, please, that I am inventing, because you surely will not deny that in the churches there are alcoves, which have at the upper part an arc, and this hints about gods because there are put the icons; and that the very alcove somehow preserves us can be seen in our Slav god called ′bog′, where were some even o. Per (Avestan) ′baga′ exactly as god! But this is not the end of this linguistic chain because there are 2 important Ger words, their Boden & Bogen, where the 1-st is earth or ground, a down-arc, and the 2-nd is an arc, bow (and Regenbogen is a rainbow; also biegen /bog is to bend); in other words this implies that God always watches us from above!
     Although I can lead you to another interesting Ger pair, their Nabel as navel, i.e. center, hub, core, and Nebel as fog, mist, what is Lat nebula, and as well Slav ′nebe /nebo′ as sky! So that you see that the middle and the environment are really closely related, and this is usually some building structure, but can be also some core. And now let us look at various forms of matter: the unanimated mater is as if only some border and nothing inside, but if we come to atomic level there are atoms and elementary particles and space between them, so that important are again some nodes serving as borders. Then by the organic matter already appear cells, which hold the liquid inner substance, and without borders this inner part will be simply spilled, and there will be no life, so that the importance of borders here is obvious; more than this, the living bodies not only isolate themselves from the environment (via stems or barks of the trees, or hides of the animals), but do this also in transferred meaning, building some closed systems (ecosystems), where rules higher organization, and this organization also plays role of a border! Going higher we come to the society (human one, but also of some animals), which is again some system with its isolating abilities from the environment, and here, too, the isolating border plays the more important role.
     So that my conclusion is that the border is usually more important because it preserves and defends the inner part, while the very center is more tender; the latter has its importance in many aspects for the future of living organism, i.e. it is strategically more important, but in sense of direct preservation more important is the border part. And here naturally arises the question: where is better to live, in the center of some system (place, town, country, or high level of smt., say, ruling, sciences, arts, services, etc.), or in the borders or province or routine work and so on? And the answer is that in the center you will be highly praised (if you succeed to come to some important position, not otherwise), but together with this you will be bound to endure more constrains, you will feel more subjugated to compulsions, and will have generally duller life; while on the borders you will feel in bigger danger, but together with this will have more interesting life — because the bigger the risks or dangers, the higher is the satisfaction of wining and coming over them! In this sense I have heard one brilliant Chinese, in fact … curse, yet we are inclined to take it for good wishing, and it is: May you have interesting life! That′s it, the choice is yours.
     Plus this there is one more moment, namely: where begins the decaying, if smt. becomes obsolete and has to be changed, in the core or head of smt, or in the tail or border of it? The right answer is that this can happen on both places! As if generally is taken that smt. begins to corrupt or decay from the head, and in Bulgaria we have the saying that the fish begins to smell bad from the head, but this is rather easily remarked, this catches the eye, otherwise the decaying of the "fish" can as well begin from its tail or belly. I have had enough possibilities to see the moral degradation (or the losing of values) with the coming of our democracy, which begun on the top, around the state table, because the corrupting exists where is the big money, to be sure, yet I am convinced that the same happened everywhere between the common people, only on a smaller scale, and for this reason is not remarked. Ah, we are so barbarous like no other nation at least in Europe, we have practically no social policy at all, but this is how the common folks react, I have seen and felt this pretty good having remained without constant work with the very coming of democracy, and because of my higher education, not for other reasons! So that I exonerate our politicians and big bosses, they are not worse than the ordinary people, and if smb. else takes the power he begins (and will begin) to act in the same manner like the others.
     More important is to make difference between the effectiveness of changes when done from above or from below, and here I think that they are initialized, as a rule, from below, then the changes happen after intervention of the center only when the discontent of the masses exceeds some (indefinable) level, so that the border areas are again more important. So has happened, f.ex., with the abolition of slavery or serfdom, but I want to give you one unexpected example from the sphere of … langs! What I mean is how the langs are reformed when some important changes are necessary, like rejecting of grammar cases, or the genders, what has happened before probably two millenniums with the Rom (for Roman) langs, and what happens in the last time with the Scandinavian (shortened to Scan if necessary) langs, too. And let me remind you that in old times this was called … vulgarization of the nice (but very difficult) Lat lang., where the contemporary Fr, It, Sp, etc. langs were called initially lingua vulgata! So that there are times when one (at least I) can admire the vulgarization of some things (and hope that even our Bul barbarity is useful with smt.).
     OK, this is all, I have finished my as if sucked from my fingers topic of this chapter and now, after finishing it, am happy about this decision, so happy that have composed small Limerick in honour of the theme. There is necessary only one remark about one word that begins on "f" and it is that, according to Skr mythology the Universe was created initially by "emanation of the … bowels of god Tathagata" (whose name, by the way, I explain as ′tata′-father, in Bul as children jargon, of the gods), what means that this thing is not really nothing, it contains smt., this is material substance, after all, and when used from Skr times, then why me also not to use this word? So here is the verse.

     Every thing has core and border surface;
     shining is the core, the border — dirty.
        Yet the border is preserving, hard,
        while the middºle′s pulpy, even … fart.
     Thus I to the border make my curtsy!

          1.06. About the Several Ways to a Goal

     Ah, this topic is also my invention and I have not evolved it till this moment, so that I hope to do this right now and see what will come out of it. On one hand there is nothing unexpected here, this is practically obvious, yet on the other hand the humanity suffers quite a lot because of this, especially in the last one and a half centuries, or roughly after the Manifest of Marx. You see, the point here is not that some river makes branches, but that some of its branches dry totally, and the river flows now in a new bed (but we have counted that it will flow through here, and have, say, built a water mill there). And I mention the turbulent time that has begun after Marx, because this was time of fast changes of the means of production, how the communists used to say, and we can′t succeed to adapt to these changes, the industrial relations change slower, we stumble, mess our lives. That′s it in brief, and I will give many many examples.
     Say, there were in the old times pathephones and they were outmoded before I come to this world, but there were a bit later gramophones and people have massively bought plates for them, me including, and they are now good really for nothing! Even cassette players are now practically not used more, to say nothing about usual tape recorders, even CD-s as if are not actual today, and these are thrown away money, wasted resources. The same with the usual radios, also TV sets with cathode ray tubes are not produced in this century, and many other electrical appliances. Also hot plates, electric ovens, everything changes much faster than for one average human life.
     And what to say about the cars with combustion engines? Ah, I remember that have once read that when the first cars on petrol have appeared somewhere existed requirements to have a person walking before such machines with red flag in order to warn the passengers about the coming dangerous vehicle! And after about the middle of last century the destroying of these cars has become very important problem, because they are too big just to be buried in the earth, and probably it is not wise to sink them in the rivers and oceans because I have not heard about such solution. And the time spent for producing of them is measured, I guess, with billions of human years.
     But they can′t not to be buried somewhere, they will not decay out of themselves, how do all natural products. Such moments embitter our lives, because similar is the case with all kitchen appliances, cookers, pans, electric ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and you-name-it. And you all know that there was found that to throw in the garbage used electric batteries is harmful to the environment (but if you recall for a moment the last topic you must come to the conclusion that the environment is a kind of border, while we are some middle substance in this case, hence not we, the humans, are so important, but the environment!). And these non-decaying "faeces" amount now for about 9/10-th of the whole garbage, while before only half of a century, they were about the opposite 1/10-th of the whole, but because the real garbage must have remained the same (as percentage, people can′t eat more than they can, right?), this means that the bad, unnecessary, harmful, etc. garbage has grown 10 times (if not more)! (I can vouch for this not only because I remember what we have thrown earlier, but because I often circle around the … garbage bins, to find there smt. tasty, ha-ha — yet one can do nothing about, an intelligent, even in barbarous country, has to live somehow.)
     Nowadays we have begun to throw out pretty much furniture (armchairs, sofas, spring mattresses) and … toilet bowls (I don′t know why so many), and clothes, naturally (especially feminine). And I see sometimes practically new things, so that people just buy smt., "marinate" it at home a pair of years, and carry it to the garbage. Well, I have spoken about this in several places, but I have stressed on the wasted human labour, unreasonable buying of unnecessary things, even immorality of such behaviour, while here I am stressing on the abandoning of some good old way and substituting it with a new one (in order to abandon it, too, even sooner), so that we are forced to change very fast our habits, and this at least vexes us. Say, there were times when the well-off people have to carry starched collars, and it has become subsistence for many working people to wash, starch, iron, and so on these elements of attire, but now this is not necessary and people have left without work. Or take the embroidery or knittery, which also was important for a big number chiefly of women; or the driving of horse carts and later of cars on petrol, but nowadays everybody drives alone his own car; and similar examples.
     Ah, these dry "river beds" play nasty tricks to us, surely. Because, let me continue. In my youth the bed linen were always white, they became fast dirty, had to be washed at over 60 degrees Celsius, better at 90, then ironed, this was tedious work to be done at home, there were companies doing this, then there were invented washing machines, first semi-automatic then automatic, they costed initially big money (f.ex., I personally bought my 1-st such machine for about 3 of my monthly salaries), and a bit later appeared also public laundromats (only not in my barbarous Bulgaria), and this continued for about half of a century and then it turned out that now all linen (at least what I see in my country) are synthetic and they should not be washed even at 60, normally at 30 degrees, and also nearly all our clothes are nowadays synthetic and have to be washed at 30, but for this you do not need a washing machine! That′s it. The same is true also for the irons, so that no matter that we have nowadays perfect steam irons they are hardly really used, because nobody irons nylon stockings, synthetic blazers, and similar things (I personally think that for the last, say, 10 years I have ironed my trousers and nothing more probably only twice); even dishwashers must not be much popular today for the simple reason that there are practically no families and people have ceased to cook, they buy ready meals in plastic packages, and if such gadget is used by only two persons they must wait for a week and more until gather enough dirty dishes to wash (and for that time the … cockroaches, most probably, would have cleaned everything, ha-ha), so that it is just unrentabel (or unprofitable in Eng).
     Now, the people still buy some similar things, they think that must be well equipped with everything, but this is by inertia, and soon they carry them to the garbage. Also the cars, dear God, what means to have, e.g., 50 horses just waiting for your command to start running? Isn′t this not craziness, and can this continue forever? And when some "river beds" dry many people become unemployed, how it happens, and will continue to happen, f.ex., with the building workers in Bulgaria, because, according to my rough calculations, taking into account that for 30 years we have dropped in the amount of population with 30 %, and at the same time have increased the living area, especially in the capital, with another 30 % or about, we have increased with about the half our living space, and there are many new flats built but are not people to buy them, because we are poor nation, and only those who have worked somewhere abroad, or exercise some private business (say, have some little pub or shop, or sell fruits & vegetables, etc.) have enough money for new living quarters, but citizens of another nationality do not rush to come to live in the most barbarous European country!
     And similar problems with finding of new work or changing of their qualification appear in various production areas, so that now many persons study smt. but do not at all begin to work according with their education (say, I have heard about one girl philologist working as small-scale boss in a guarding company). Even I, as former computer programmer, have studied about 5 different operating systems, and have used probably 10 programming languages for my only 15 years work in this field. So that in many areas happen really drastic changes, and people are very annoyed by this. Let me now give example with the … interest rates in the banks, for long terms of saving like an year. Under the "bad" socialism there were given 1 and 2 percents (I don′t remember 3), but with the coming of our awful (in order not to say f#cking) democracy we have come to 300 % (as if also 700 but only for a month or two), then to the normal 3 to 5 %, then (chiefly after Bin Laden) to about 8, then to practically 0 (zero), and now they must have been somewhere about minus 3-4, but the banks have decided to introduce drastic taxes for everything (like paying money by a clerk, maintaining of card account, even putting money in an account — I vouch for this, I have experienced it), and the best proposition is 0.1 % for yearly deposit, or then 0.05 %). And now, after this more than 1000 (thousand) times change in about a 1/4 of a century, you continue to tell me that the (worldwide) capitalism is better or more secure than the efforts to build communism! If you will tell me this I would have most probably answered: "Ah, sh#t!".
     So that, as you alone can see, the situation in the social sphere is very bad, in spite of our affluence in having whatnot, because we are not able to plan whatever in the future, neither profession or education, nor family, nor meaning of life, nor morality, nor believing, etc., no nothing (even if this is grammatically not correct in Eng)! Because we can′t guess through where will flow the main life current in the next even 10 years, to say nothing about one human life length. We hope as if (this is my feeling) on smt. radical, unnatural, catastrophic, disastrous, and so on (like this Corona virus) to delay the flowing of time and to return us to some of the former moral values. Because we have denied the communism, but the capitalism was self-denies already in the time of Marx; we have mended here and there smt., but have not yet found main working principle in the society, which has to substitute the obsolete exploitation! Because of this we are trembling so fast, for if smt. is good we do not want to change it, we only whisper: "Oh, beautiful moment, please linger!". I have made some propositions in the previous year (judging by the titles), but my voice sounds in a desert.
     Anyway, I am glad about writing this chapter, and have even composed a small parting verse:

     Th′ river of development, it branches making beds,
     what is often natural, not always is this bad.
        Then some branches dry, the life around must perish,
        and this is frustrating, we get angry, very,
     ′cause it turns that we were in a wrong direction led!

          1.07. About the Compromises

     Let me again, in my old habit, dig a little around this very word. For the West this may mean some com (-mon) promise, but I think that the real root here is ′miz-′ for smt. basic what can′t be missed, and the promise means that it is smt. done in order to (pro) ensure the mise-base, and I am so bold to state this because there is a Rus word ′promyisel′ as main sustenance, this on what one lives (say: fishing, as artisan, as farmer, trader, stdioso, etc.). In all cases this is smt. common necessary pro-for the success of our work, and it means that we have to take a bit from this and a bit from that and mix them in suitable proportion and give it to the ailing person or substance, what we usually do not like to do! And if this is smt. necessary, what we, in spite of this, don′t want to do, then it is interesting to look more closely at the problem (because the human beings are not exactly stupid, not really imbeciles, no, they are just … silly morons, ha-ha!).
     Now, from philosophical point of view, everything is mutually related, constantly vibrating in dynamical equilibrium, and if we take only one of the poles we will lose this dynamics, will make smt. that will function not properly, that′s it! I think that am explaining the matters pretty simple, yet so that the quintessence of the things can easily be grasped. If we do not make good compromise we will judge as silly as those 3 wise blind men from the mentioned before fable about the elephant, we will do bad decomposition, in result of what the problem will continue to exist and to require again and again to be solved. And why we do not like to do compromises? Ah, for one thing because we like utmost solutions, we do not like mediocre such — because this is how we look at the moderation, as mediocrity —, we want actions and thrillers (I have mentioned this), so that this is the emotional reason. But there is also one functional reason, namely that the compromising solutions are quite difficult to be implemented, the middle point is pretty fuzzy notion, it is subjective, and so on, and as corollary of this difficulty we often are also not able to implement them. So that everything is clear, right?
     Yeah, but we must try to do exactly this what is difficult, because what is easy even a moron (or little child) can do. And mark, please, that because of this my sight at the things I do not insist on such decisions that will solve the problem once and for all! Did you get it? Ah, I am against solutions that do not solve the problem at all, but on the other hand I do not want the problems to be solved at once and to disappear, because if the latter happens we will be bound to invent another problems for solving! Very complicated, uh? Still, there exist some difference, between going in the right direction or in a wrong one, and if going in the right one we have basically only two choices, either in a cycle (by a sinusoid), or by exponent, what means always to near some position but incessantly slowly and smoothly (what is practically impossible)! I mean that in the nature does not exist neither pure sinusoid, nor pure exponent, especially the latter, yet we are bound to ensure some nearing and trembling around the desired point, because otherwise this trembling will appear on some other point, which may be worse than the previous. I suppose that have spoken somewhere about these things (or then you begin to study dialectics, this is my advice), but a bit repeatance (what in my view is the correct word, because repetition may be understood as rehearsal) does not hurt. Also take in heed that if we can not do the right compromise we … again do this, but in the time! I must have spoken about this, too, but the point is that we, instead of taking a bit from this end, and a bit from the other one, take first a lot of one pole, and then a lot of the other, but never some reasonable amount of both, what often leads to controversies and even bloodshed.
     OK, enough general words, now smt. more concrete. For now more than a century the entire world can not come to right decision about the necessary level of exploitation (I have spoken about this in the previous year), and because of this neither the capitalism is as good as it can be, nor the socialism is effective, and as if only myself, chiefly under another pen-name, have come to the obvious solution, that everybody (really) have to receive smt. from the state for nothing (just because is counted for citizen of the state, what is perfectly possible nowadays, under the conditions of common affluence), and to have ensured some decent ways to be exploited (i.e. to work for some company) if he (or she) wants this. And look what happens in Bulgaria for at least the last 2 years (yet also for the last 30 years) — nothing good, in fact. We are obviously disappointed by the democracy but have simply no other choice; and that we are such is seen by the electoral activity, which for more than 20 years is below the half of the people, and now has come even to 40 percents. (And I personally, do not vote somewhere from 1991 or 2, have tried it a pair of times in the first years and have lifted my hands from this business, seeing that it is for teenagers, not for grown up people, everything is cheating, no ideas at all, not on the left and not on the right!) But a good compromising solution could have saved the image of democracy.
     Or take the unnecessary rights and freedoms, like this to carry fire arms, or to pay for your education or healthcare, or to pay for a single bus ticket more than what one spends for food in a whole day, or even the right to be allowed to be ruled by imposters and simpletons, and other things. And I don′t exaggerate because when I personally went to pension I received an amount, recalculated on a daily basis, of a bit less than 3 bus tickets, really (134 lv monthly, divided by 1.6 lv per a ticket, what gives about 83 tickets monthly, or 2.8 such daily). And because I must pay for every visit to a physician even several times by 1 % of MMS (minimal monthly salary), and my pension (when I have begun to receive such) was roughly 1/3 MMS, this means daily pension of about 1 % MMS, so that I must have paid a sum equal to what I receive for a pair of days (but before to begin to receive even this miserable pension I have received absolutely nothing), so because of this I have simply not at all visited a physician (at least for the last 15 or so years). Did you get it? Ah, some people are simply excluded from our society when they are not able to pay, and for this reason some of us (roughly about 15 %, or else about 1 mil) receive some integration money (probably from EU, I don′t know exactly), in order to be integrated in it, what has happened chiefly because we can′t make good compromises (between the exploitation and the unquestionable right to live)!
     Yeah, but this is not only because we are the poorest EU country (what we are, I don′t deny this), but chiefly because our rulers — and all of them, from all parties, mark this — simply did not give a damn (if you′ll pardon my usage of colloquial expressions), about the common people, what is proved with the results of our several yearly incessant protests on the streets, in consequence of which I receive now 375 lv, what is 2.8 times more than I have receiver before 6 years. So that we can find money, if this is necessary, but we simply do not want to do this, why should they make compromises with the communism, no, this was already rejected by us. And because of this we have hold this year whole 3 Parliamentary elections, and I expect this to continue for some more years, because we want to make complete change of all old parties, but they still receive about the half of the votes! And we have shown one new peculiarity in these adjacent elections, namely that new parties have emerged from the darkness, so to say, and have come even to the leading place, but in the next elections (be it even after 3 months, mark this) they were kicked out of the leading positions and far back. Ah, this is just very fast evolvement, because we do not know what we want and only tremble about the necessary decision. And so on, but well, we are the unquestionable (at least acc. to me) barbarians in the whole Europe, so that let me change the subject.
     Let me come exactly to the definition of freedom, which according the great (because it is so) Lenin was conscious (or recognized) necessity! This is so not only because freedom for one of us is restrain for smb. else, but because this is not absolute notion, like also good or bad, but relative, one can never be free enough (say, from his desires or feelings), and what I can add to this is that we recognize the freedom only when we have lost it (f.ex., we, in the former communist countries, or at least myself, have recognized the free life that we have had — chiefly in economic sense, as independence of the hardships of life — when we have lost it, with the coming of right-wing democracy)! Id est, the freedom is also question of compromise. Like also the happiness is compromise between desires and abilities, and one can be happy either when he has humble desires, or when has big abilities, or, naturally, when some compromise between these things happens (what was known at least since old Greece).
     Yet there is another moment, on which I have hinted, but let me stress once more time on it, and this is that the wish and /or ability to make compromises comes only with the age, because this is question of intellect! When one is young one wants to act, to deal fast, not to think and make compromises, even myself (the great Myrski, ah?) have not been inclined at finding of some indecisive solutions, so that now I can be even more precise in defining the wisdom as not only taking of compromising decisions, but if possible in not taking of whatever decisions, just in watching the life pass by the person, at least because it is safer in this way, one will make less errors, but also because there are situations when every decision is bad! Now, do you see how wise I have become in my old years, to want to do nothing but just watch the new generation do the errors of the old one and give at most some unuseful advices? But it is really so, the life is such complicated matter that it is always wiser to do nothing and play the role of an impartial observer (instead of to mess in the conflicts). And, funny or not, but this is the role which our dear God plays, He never intervenes!
     Ah, it is again time to finish, but let me add also that because of this difficulty of taking of wise and compromising solution the people, like also the animals, need some leaders, which to follow and to obey. These leaders are called pastors (or ′pastir′-s in Bul) not only in transferred meaning, but also in the direct one, when they lead the flock to graze (what in Bul is ′pasa′). (There are other interesting moments here, related also with the Eastern holiday Pasha, but let me not distract myself with them here, you look better in my Urrh, if you like.) It is used widely also the word shepherd, Schäffer in Ger, where Schaf is sheep, and Schaft is the shepherds stock, but this has to be well known. This, on what I want to stress here, is that there are three kinds of individuals in each flock (with or without quotes), not only grey mass and leaders, but also priests or wise man, where the latter usually do not take direct role in the leadership, they are chiefly advisers, but they are utterly necessary and have been introduced from deep antiquity. So that I am inventing nothing principally new, but nonetheless when I speak about 3 powers in the current Government: the People, the Rulers, and the Wise men, I am not taken seriously. Yet exactly these wise men have to be chosen by the useful democratic way, only that they must not be allowed to rule directly, just to be speakers for the people, be it as really clever, be it simply because the masses need their idols and will listen to them. Yes, but such 3-power model of riling is applied nowhere (up to my knowledge), although this would be one good compromise.
     OK, and now again one parting verse, namely:

     If you can′t do little compromise
     this means you are acting not much wise.
        To extremities can everybody come:
        child, moron, some senile dad, or silly mom.
     Try be moderate, my girls and guys.

          1.08. About the Global Warming and Some Bad Habits

     I have spoken about this somewhere in my big book with publicistics ("Now, look here!") and explained that, roughly, according to me (yet not only), there is not so much warming as is stirring of the atmosphere in the entire world, and appearing of strong winds, but let me dig here, too, stressing chiefly on the consequences and on some other things, related with some bad habits of ours, stating that, in fact, only we alone are guilty for this process and for some others, but are doing nothing in the right direction, although, obviously, we can do smt. So why I think that there is not real warming, bigger than the normal for thousands of years slight warming as a result of our distancing from the glacial period? Well, because the ice caps over the poles are not melting, the Netherlands (who are living basically on dams) are not begging for help, the level of oceans have not risen with at least 1 meter, the Arabs have not begun to live in dugouts deep under the sand, and other things (say, I have not heard that have begun to sell deep frozen … mammoth flesh from around Northern sea). And about the winds you alone can judge, I think, they increase as if each year, this stirs the entire atmosphere.
     And now let us imagine that there blow unlimitedly strong winds, that can carry the heat from one point of the globe practically instantly to each other (yet not in the reversed way, not to carry the cold to the hot places — although here this does not matter), and find the answer what will then happen. Well, it will happen this, that everywhere will be equal temperature in a given moment (say, at Spitsbergen island, or in Equador, or in Mongolia, etc.), and the hottest time will be on 22-nd of June, while the coldest will be on 22-nd Dec (and we will be walking trailing behind us weights of about a … centner or two, to prevent being blown in the air by the wind). Yes, and … this is what practically begins to happen! The hottest days were from times immemorial in August, and because of this this month is so called, it is the best, the "imperial" month (and the Its have till these days their Ferragosto holiday on the 15-th of Aug), and the coldest times (in the Northern hemisphere, of course) are in Feb (in which name is hidden not only some ′brr′ for the cold, like also in all winter months, but also some ′fju′ for the blowing winds — I have discussed this, too, at least in my Urrh). This happens as consequence of heat exchange, which is very slow, as if the slowest physical process (I have heard this from a physicist once) and because of this when after 22-nd June the days begin to become shorter the already accumulated heat in the ground continues to worm the atmosphere for some time after this; similarly in reversed order after 22-nd Dec.
     And the winds are already very nasty, at least in Europe, and there often happen inversions in the temperature with about 15 degrees (Celsius), and in the recent years it has happened that, f.ex., Feb is a bit warmer than Mar, or Jul is hotter than Aug, and so on. More than this, I have even made my guess about why, chiefly, this happens, but have not found confirmation that other people, scientists, think like me. Yet it is obvious (for me), these must be first of all the airplanes (or also bombing if somewhere were led wars, like in Serbia back in 1992, or later in the Persian Gulf)! You try to think a bit, because the air travels, calculated as flown passenger-kilometers (or also as tons cargo), have increased for exactly one century (say from 1921 till 2020) a priori … 100 (hundred) times! There surely must exist some statistics about this, but what is obvious is obvious. And you surely know what noise make the airplanes, how the petrol there (and high-octane, too) flows with tons, and nevertheless, even after this Corona virus, I have not heard about some big (2-3 times) lessening of air-flights. This is pure madness, in my understanding, and I have even proposed pretty simple and embraceable by all authorities remedy, but who is to listen to me?
     I will (again) spit this simple remedy, but let me first share with you one also very simple thumb-rule, namely: if it happens that for some short time (commensurable with the human life, but especially if it is measured with a pair of years) smt. has changed (grown or fallen) a pair of times (what more precisely means 2-3 times) then you simply must take some measures against it, or at least give it a profound consideration! You can call this rule of small numbers, or otherwise, but it works ironly sure in most of the cases. Yet, as I said, nobody gives a damn. In this situation I considered even the opposite case, that we like this global stirring (called warming) of the weather, and have come to the conclusion that it isn′t really disastrous, it can be endured for some time, because this is more … economical, when the winters are on the average hotter and the summers are milder, yes, until I will live I will be able to cope with this, but after a pair of decades the winds will become quite strong to be easily endured. Yet on the plants this shows no bad effect, the trees might become a bit stronger and the grasses will lie on earth, but what of it? So that keep calm for ten years or so.
     And my proposition for counteracting of this process is really simple, more or less on the level of preschool children, and it sounds: excise duties on flights! (Have I heard applaudissements or just imagine them?) The only thing that has to be banned are flights shorter than 500 km (as nice round number), with tendency to increase this slowly, say, by 100 km after 10 years (smt. like this, I am not a despot) till probably 1000 km, and the excise duties have to begin with 10 % (after, say, 3 years) and be increased with only 1 % a year, purely symbolic (yet after a pair of decades they will not be really symbolic), and stop for the moment at about 50 %; but if smb. will want, still, to use airplanes for distances shorter than the allowed limit (500 in the beginning) then he will be forced to pay drastic excises of 50 %. Very civilized, isn′t it, though must be effective. This will make people to think twice before, not only buying an airplane ticket, but before travelling at all at big distances, or then use another ways for travelling, which were used from old times, like water transport or dirigeables (or smt. new); or also to think about building of artificial resorts around artificial lakes (or mountings — how can I know?), i.e. to make us to change our (unreasonable) way of life!
     Because we are doing as if specially on purpose, like foolish children, exactly the opposite of what we should have done, methinks! And what are the right things, will smb. ask? Obviously (my dear Watsons) will I answer: the right way of life is this, what people have had for millenniums, to live amidst the nature, not in megapolises, not to hurry to live but to try to like what you are doing (like it is in the sex, after all, the nice thing is in prolonging of the pleasure), to be happy with being able to lead the life of richest from the antic times and not to invent new unreasonable pleasures, and similar things. Yet we are dying to invent new pleasures, like: driving personally fast cars so that to be unnecessary tired by this (driving — not when you are driven by smb. else but to drive yourself alone), to live in skyscrapers (where you can not even open the window, because of the hurricanic winds in the sky, and have to breathe only conditioned air), to make career at any price and to win about 3 times more money than you really need, so that to be forced later to buy things which you will soon carry to the garbage unused, to substitute everything possible (and impossible) with artificial things (like substituting even personally exercised sex with watching the others do it; the same with the sports), buying everything ready from the shops not moving even a single finger (say: cut in pieces bread and cheese, even ear-picks), liking to live in an unnerving environment only in the name of modernity, and so on! In short: more or less retour a la nature and the idyllic pastoral times!
     And because smb. may object that I am preaching to return to the stone age let me add that I am preaching, in fact, to build modern stone age or to become modern cavemen, yes, this is smt. different, this is returning on a new level of development! Because, I hope, I will not discover America stating that the development is evolved by a spiral or helix, or rather solenoid, and there is every time and again some return to an old situation, yet at the same time on a next loop. Otherwise put this is not like automated production, this is in some sense like the multiplication of animals, I mean that the same "injector" and "moulding form" can give (and give) different posterity. and a "cavemen" in air-conditioned cave (or a kind of bathyscaphe on the oceanic shelf) will in no case lead life of a real caveman. What is important is not to waste energy for nothing (say, to allow your cart to be pulled by 100 substitutes of horses), to eliminate unnecessary transport on big distances (even from one end of the city to the other one is a big distance), to live between plants and trees (where even the streets or roofs must be used also as beds for plants), and not to hurry (to come to the questionable "other world"). I will sketch now some useful ideas.
     The obvious one is to work via Internet, what must be possible a priori in about 30 % of the cases right now. More difficult but not much, and in the same time more interesting, is to travel to the working place only once in a week! How is this possible? Well, surely if you can sleep on the place of work, either in your own caravan and /or on some sleeping premises at work. Having in mind that a 30-hours week is quite enough to provide sufficient but not superfluous income, there can be used the following scheme: you arrive at work on the day 1-st at 7:00 (or alternatively on the day -1 somewhere in the evening, after 21:00), wash and clothe yourself in working attire and have substantial breakfast there till 8:00, then work till 12:00, have 1 hour lunch break with ready lunch there, work for 3 more hours, from 13:00 till 16:00. have 1 hour second break with coffee and pastries, then work once more time for 3 hours from 17:00 till 20:00, then have 1.5 hours for decent dinner on the place with some light alcoholic drinks like beer, have 1.5 more free hours till 11:00 either for watching TV, or playing table games, or making better "acquaintances" with your colleagues of the other (or, then, of the same) sex, and have whole 8 hours for sound and healthy sleep till 7:00 on the next day, and then the same is repeated the next 2 days (including or not the final dinner), and you go home (or, alternatively, sleep there, if it happens to be a bit drunk). As idea this sounds perfect to me, and you have the other 4 days of the week free to use how you alone want. There can be modification that you live in a walking distance from your work, where you still can sleep on the working premises. And mark that this not only eliminates the unnecessary travelling another 4 times, by on the average 2 hours daily in both directions, but keeps the atmosphere cleaner, and economizes money for transport, as well also concentrates you on the working part of the week.
     Another variant, that can be pretty well combined with all other variants, is that in the big cities there must not be allowed personal transport means, unless you are working in some services, where means of transport are necessary; by necessity to travel somewhere in the town you use chiefly city transport (this, obviously, is a better solution), or use taxis, or some rented cars on decent prices (or cars from your work, this can, surely, also be managed). Personal cars outside of towns, in rural areas may be necessary, but not in the towns, and not driven by everybody alone, let us allow to have professionalism in this field.
     Yeah, but I have imagined also, and pictured somewhere in my works, a possibility to live around the … highways, between towns! Say, in the following way: on the right side of the highway exists a lane for stopping, and then between, say, every 40 meters are built small ordinary 2 story (and a ceiling) homes, placed on a distance of 10 m from the way, where is first some green hedge of 1.5 m, then some fruitful shrubs (like raspberry, brambles, gooseberry, blackcurrant, etc.), then 1 or 2 lines of fruit trees, then follows the home with dimensions of 20 x 15 m (or if bigger and for 10-20 persons then even of 40 x 30 m and in 3 stories), than is about 10 m own garden, with winding vine arbours, place for chickens and or rabbits, probably a shed for a horse or two, such things, then narrow path and then follows some field with whatever, for 2, 3 of 5 km, then is some country road, and if necessary everything is mirrored to some other highway distanced at 10 to 20 km. Do you see how nice this looks? Rural idyll, isn′t it? And on the road can be placed some not big towns between, say, 40 km, so that one will be forced to travel up to 20 km on the average in whatever direction, where can be some factories, healthcare centers, teaching institutes, or the like; yet half of the people living on the roadsides should find suitable occupation at the very home, in the garden, on the fields; there can be small bakeries, coffees, nurseries, repairing offices, and you name it. And between every 3 or 4 km must be underpasses or overpasses on small bridges; and in tunnels under the highway can be grown mushrooms, or probably even greenery if illuminated artificially.
     Or then about the holidays. People, we have entirely forgotten about … cruising ships, on which exactly one spends his vacation, not to fly to some Canary or Penguin or Elephant or Feline or be it even … Cockroach islands, but just to travel with some nice sailing ship! Because I have read somewhere that in the current days there are no problems to build sailing ships, yet also equipped with petrol engines, with electronic navigation, echolots, and everything necessary for extra class vacation, which will stop on some big islands and allow sleeping on hard soil, but chiefly just cruise through the Ocean. And the Pacific one was really pacific, just a pleasure to travel there. Or then to live on board of big ships with all possible comfort, if you want for several months, or travel to here and there mainly with some cargo. Or to travel in smt. like submarine, which will not sink very deep (probably about 10 to 20 m, at most to 100), and only if the weather is bad, but by good sunny days will flow on the surface.
     And many other variants for working or resting, which will not be related with: big energy spending, poisoning of the atmosphere, nervous working conditions, additional activity for driving, hurrying to live, and so on and so on, yet I will stop now (because, I am sorry, but there are two girls waiting for me — honest to God! — on the sofa, in a state, like the Turks say, ′divan chapraz′, what means "ready, with opened legs on the divan-sofa", or at least this is how this expression is understood in Bulgaria).

          1.09. Where to After the Emancipation?

     I have spoken about the emancipation in the previous year, but this was mainly about what it is, that this was very silly on the part of women, to what this leads, etc., while now I will stress on the point that this simply solved … nothing, this only puts new problems for solving! In a way this was like the … socialist revolution (the Great October one in Russia), which led to drastic changes in the society, for which we were not, and are still not prepared, we were forced to take some decisions, they were probably (although this may be questioned) the best ones in the current situation in those times, but these measures turned soon not to be exactly the desired. (Because of this Mr. Lenin has decided to introduce the so called New Economic Policy, NEP, the same also in Rus, already after about 10 years after the revolution, but he lived not long enough to be able to make them to set deep roots in the earth, so to say.) So also here with this -cipation, on which I am angry, and have in my anger come to one pretty funny (at least) definition of the women — with the necessary apologies —, namely that they are a kind of walking … toilet bowl for the men!
     Ha-ha, right? But that is how it is, because the men are, you know: one, two, three, jerk — either in the toilet, or in a napkin. So OK, I beg your pardon, my dear women, you are just a walking napkin, nothing really insulting. But the associations with the toilet (and the bowl, if more precisely) are strong, because you do not jerk, you … rinse, ′wooshhh′, for much longer time, causing some "cistern" to flood some kind of bowl, isn′t it? And when this "bowl" overfills there begin to leak some juices above the rim, and you are forced to wipe these liquids with a towel, am I right? And, after all, I have always stated that sexual activity is performed not in the best way (say, not like by the flowers and trees), it is pretty abhorring, this is porno or piggy thing, not appropriate for intelligent human beings, really, but we have to stick to what we have.
     So, anyway, this -cipation only put the questions, but I can also explain to you why exactly it happens, what was its main cause. And here I will express one obvious, but I think not officially recognized, reason, and it is that the women have begun simply to have much … free time, and they wanted to find occupation for themselves! More than this, this free time has appeared for two reasons: because they have begun to have less to do in the household, and because they have begun to give birth to less than 3 children, where these moments are related with slight positive feedback, which is called also circulo vicioso in Lat, what means that when the one thing increases then increases also the other one, and v.v., and there is not jumping out of this loop, this can lead to some explosion! Yes, it is so: the less a wife has to do, the less she feels need to give birth to more children who must help her in the household, or at least this is to what leads our incessant development of productive means, so that in modern Western families since about one century people have begun to set the accent on the quality of their children, not on the quantity!
     Ah, very rapid changes must make us to think, but we prefer to react instead of to think, and because of this we have come to the unnecessary emancipation, which solved nothing. I will dig a bit more here. This my observation about the 3-rd child is very important, and it is related also with the ancient religions (like Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and others) but it is obvious that in China, India, Arab lands, and there around, the birth rate is much higher, than on the West, so that it is not so question of East and West, as of South and North! And you look alone around yourself and try to compare where the mothers give birth to more children, what may not be conscious, but it depends somehow on the intelligent level of the parents and on their religion. Yet I do not find this tendency good because in this way appears some watershed between nations which are not much proliferous (and they become even less in their percentage in relation to the others), and those who are really proliferous (and continue to take bigger percentage of all nations). So that the emancipation poured oil in the flame of this division between nations, like we use to say, and this is not solving of the problems but on the contrary. And as to the exactly 3-rd child: I don′t know why this is so (probably here hides some magic of the number 3 — there is a game, or at least a proverb that 2 persons are not enough, but 3 are already too many), yet it is so, and where the women give birth to 3 children, there can often happen 5, and 6, and more, and when the children grow they begin to help their mothers with looking after the babies and in the household.
     And now, pondering about these things I, like a real philosopher (you will just see that it is so) have come to the conclusion that we must begin to make difference between the functions of the mother in the family, when the latter begin to disappear, and to save what in necessary to be saved — because (as I have already mentioned) this is the development, to begin to see new qualities there, where have been accumulated big quantities. And I can now boldly propose to distinguish the following 3 rights, yet also duties (in a bit jesuitic manner of the communists) chiefly for the women, but for the men, too, which I will name in a Fr manner as: ebalite (which can be substituted with copulite), expressite, and continuite (a but modified from continuity), all stressed on the last syllable! And what they mean? Ah, it is easy: copulite is from the right (and, in a way, also the duty) to copulate, and the same is the ebalite, what comes from Bul and Slav ′eba /ebane′ as to f#ck or as noun, expressite stays for the right & duty to be able to express yourself, to make career, and the last is to ensure the continuation of the gender; they were united when the families still existed, but now me must take special measures for their preservation. In other words: this is a question of appearing of a new morality!
     Ah, some of you may show objection that I have forgotten to include the love, but it is hardly definable notion, it is a kind of delusion, unmotivated inclination or infatuation, which, after all, passes away, and because it surely is not the same as the sex, neither as the career-making, I think that it can be added to the continuation of gender, where some predilection is always preferable. And this morality is new, because it is not yet officially accepted, no Church will accept the right of every woman or man to make sex when and with everybody with whom she /he wants, yet I an accepting this for granted, because I am a man of the world, right? And, naturally, nowhere is said that these 3 rights have to be exercised with one and the same person, on the contrary, I state that this is the quintessence of emancipation, to be freed of unnecessary ties, when this is against ones own nature. But however necessary the first 2 things are the really sacred thing is the right and duty for continuation of gender, what can have nothing to do with the sex, one can love a sport or pop etc. star, and if they can come to some compromise about this they may reproduce themselves in this way; no matter that I have calculated the optimal world population to be about 200 times less than the contemporary, or about 50 to 100 mln (I have discussed this also in the previous year), the people must renovate themselves, this is the life, this is what is sacred. The point is, the wisdom is, in the ability to make compromises, which will harm nobody, but will be useful for all people.
     And one more moment, about the real giving birth by the women, because children in vitro are already produced and this may become usual habit in the future. So this will be both: good and bad, and I can′t decide what prevails, the good or the bad, I can only suppose that the good thing is how God has made us (no matter that I am not a believer in the proper sense). The good thing will be that in this way the women will preserve themselves younger much longer, they will remain slim, desired by the men, this is very tempting argument. Because during maternity they change their body drastically, increase in weight sometimes even twice, develop big pelvis (in order not to say ass, right?), their breasts swell like balloons, and this is the major reason (acc. to me) why they later give way to various wrinkles (on the thighs, belly, face, everywhere), so that to avoid this aging might look desirable, but … .
     Ah, I personally have come to this thought relatively recently (probably before 5 years), and my experience is related with me. I mean that I have heard from my father that my mother have had not enough milk to breastfeed me, and they have used artificial milk, what for before 70 years was a rare occasion, but I have paid no attention to this. Yet later, comparing some death cases I have developed my theory (to which I must come sometime in the next years), that her breasts wanted, on their own initiative, to reform, to begin to give milk, somewhere about 40-some years, and as a consequence of this (how I evaluate the events now) she has died of cancer just before her 60. So that these unnecessary additional effects of maternity on the body of the women may be, after all, desirable, in some measures; if we skip the maternity entirely this may lead to more frequent cases of breast cancer, and other (say, psychical) diseases. Here the medicians must have their say. Yet, a priori, I suppose that to give birth to 1 or 2 children is necessary for a healthy woman.
     And this time I will not exceed my limit and intend to finish with this. Let me repeat only that after the emancipation is necessary to develop new morality, which will teach us, and especially the women, to these 3 new freedoms: the ebalite /copulite, the expressite /career-making, and the continuite /reproducing of life.

          1.10. Myself as Example

     Ah, the Great Myrsky, what I may shorten in a Chinese manner to Gre (read ′gre′) Myr, gives himself as example. And pourquoi, for what reason this, will smb. ask. Where I will answer: simply because he is different, he is not like the others, not even like 1 percent of them, but is one on, say, pair of hundreds people, and such rara avis must be interesting for his readers (even if they are not many). Well, I have spoken about similar things, before about 10 years I have written my "Bulgarian Survival", and before a pair of years also my "The right way to get old", and surely also smt. here and there, but these are important things, they concern our living or early dying, boldly said, so that I feel myself obliged to repeat some moments. Then my chief motivation for this was to economize, to live cheaper under the silly conditions of Bul democracy, but this is also the right way from the point of view of the health, the things are intermingled (like everything in life), and in many cases I can′t say what is more important, I apply a complex of measures, so that you are entitled to question some of them, but not to deny at once because this is smt. not common and will make you look silly — even if there exists such danger, then you will look silly longer than some, than many others!
     OK, let me begin with my food, what means what additional ingredients I consume, what kind of diet I apply (so to say, but I forbid myself nothing if it is cheaper, I only moderate my consumption), and I will jump from one thing to another, this is just repetition of some moments systematized in the cited booklets. The most important ingredient (and I beg you to excuse me if I will use often superlatives, what is not in my habit, this is what usually the … moronic people do, but it will be better stressed in this way), which I use incessantly at least in the last 15 years, are the shells of the … eggs! People, if you do not believe me, you can ask some friendly disposed to you physician (but not your GP, because professional medics think that they must always find some illness by you and prescribe the most modern and expensive medicine, and the egg shells cost nothing, they are not taken seriously), but the truth is that they are built practically entirely of calcium, and it is major ingredient of all joints and bones, blood vessels, and nervous cells, so that they are necessary even against atherosclerosis, insults, internal diseases, and others, and are a must for children and elderly people! But I will not fall in details here (you search the mentioned papers).
     Also necessary are various green leaves and grasses as well the rinds of many fruits and of root vegetables, because they contain calcium, too, yet also many other elements and vitamins! See here, I support most of my conclusions with the so called homeopathic arguments, that the best remedy is smt. similar, what leads to similar results, or is met in similar parts in the animals and plants, what may not be very scientific, yet it helps in many cases, so that take this as some heuristic healing, as smt. that in most cases is good and justified, plus that natural food can′t be really dangerous (unless it is directly poisonous, but even in this case everything depends on the dose). So this calcium (Ca) is met in all plants because due to it they can stay erect, and from there it goes in the milk (it is said that it contains about 7 % salts, not only of Ca, but I suppose chiefly of it), and the same is applied to the rinds; on the other hand the Ca in the milk is not in the best form, it is slimy or mucus (and because of this I have not liked in my childhood to drink milk). As to my example, I usually gather, and put in many meals, the following: one wild onion (looks the same, but is much smaller, the diameter of the leaf is 2-3 mm), the monks rhubarb (or maybe not exactly, but in Gr it is lapathon and in Bul is ′lapad′), wild sorrel, leaves of lime tree (Linden in Ger), green fruits of plumbs but of this sort which is like cherries (it is ′dzhanka′ in Bul), and others, but chiefly leaves of … dandelion!
     I make also artificial honey of the blossoms of dandelion, and some old people are making tincture out of these leaves which is very good against aches in the joints, but added to a salad or cooked in the meals (because I have no teeth — again due to the democracy, of course, in the old totalitarian times I have them, but when passed just a pair of years under the democracy and they begun to fall one after the other, honestly) they are good for the stomach and all bowels (because are bitter, and all internal juices are also bitter — I told you, similar effects). In any case, this is known from the times of Hippocrates, and is the best natural medicine against illnesses of the liver, and here I will again give you some etym-cal examples. They are several but as if the best beginning here is through Bul lang. (as a kind of connection between the East and West, I must come to this topic sometime), where is known the Tur & Ar word ′dzhiger′ exactly as liver, but our life is called ′zhivot′ (′zhisnj" in Rus), and these are words on our beloved warm ′zh′, what for the East is ′dzh′, so that I have concluded that the ′dzhiger′ makes the ′dzhivot′! These are circumstantial evidences (but you know that they are widely used also in the Courts), and while I alone have doubted in this so general conclusion of mine I have once posed myself the question: and how is it in the Ger, and, voila, it turned that there the liver is Leber (to remind you about the Leberwurst), and the life is Leben, and you tell me now that I am not right! So that, people, just pick it and eat it, without objections!
     Also I make myself traditionally (learned from my father) wines out of many tiny fruits, but as if the best are from: sour cherries (eventually combined with mulberry), brambles (possibly combined with grains of elder), raspberries, blueberries, rosehips, and similar things (I have made by the same technology — which I will not explain here — also from usual grapes), where the point is not in the alcoholic degree, but in the preserved vitamins, as well also in the sour liquid, which is very healthy for the digestion of food! And, really, I never miss after lunch to drink even some drops of such wine in a cup of water (for disinfection and taste), and with the evening meal about 50 to 100 grams. Also I make various kinds of vodkas with bought spiritus vini from the pharmacies and tincture of various herbs, as: cilantro & dill, lemon or mandarin rind, basil, anise, some wild cherries (big as bahar, or pimenta for you), rowan tree fruits, raspberries, etc., adding a bit of citric acid or liquid vitamin C, and even … colour them, so that these drinks are very tasty. And I, naturally, never drink much, at least in the last 30 years, what is reduced recently to about 70 ml daily (and I weigh about 70 kg), so that this makes by 1 ml per kilogram weight, and this is a dose recommended by the medics, and surely never before 19 o clock.
     As to the food: well, I eat everything, what means not highly caloric food, just symbolic amount of meat, because this costs money, and also what I succeed to find. Where? Ah, around the garbage bins, ha-ha, or left by the greengrocers. I will come to the circling around the garbage a bit later but now let me proceed with the food. So because of my lacking of teeth (also false, of course — when I have checked this, before about a quarter of a century one teeth prosthesis cost a bit more than 1 MMS and I gave up forever this thought) I put everything in the pot when I cook and these are often only (or chiefly) rinds of, say: apples, lemons, mandarins, … cucumbers (or pieces but that are not good for eating), zucchini, lettuce, and what I have at hand (say, … pumpkin rinds, or of young potatoes), what may give sometimes strange taste but this is healthy. And I also pick mushrooms (I know probably about 30 kinds, I have learned them at my teen years, from my father), which are also healthy and useful and cost nothing. But because of the egg shells I have no need to buy milk (maybe about … 5 l in an year, not more), even sour one (yogurt) which has better taste, And I have still no aches in the joints or muscles, but a heap of old people have.
     Now, one of you may say that I am speaking about old people, but 3/4 of people are not such, so that this is not much interesting for the majority of readers, what is, partly true, but in its bigger part not true, because when people grow old they practically do not change much! Or rather they change themselves but chiefly quantitatively, not qualitatively, i.e. they continue to evolve according to their inclinations from the young years, so that if you do not take measures to lead healthy way of live you will become worse and worse with the years, until you die of some nasty decease! That′s what I profess to you when you do not try to copy my example, because I already have some similar examples with my friends or acquaintances, who have died unnecessary early. And when is "necessary" to die, may smb. ask. And I will answer: after 80, but at least after 75, in the normal cases (without some inborn deceases or accidents). So that the predisposition of your organism is shown from young years, and later you begin chiefly not to be able to accumulate much whatever resources, you begin to tire out faster, but you remain generally the same, and because of this I come now to some simple advices how to lead healthy life and not to be forced to go to physicians, because I do so, I do not visit whatever medical specialists for the last 20 years or so!
     But take into account that I was always weak as a herb, and in the school was last out of maybe 25 boys and girls. But when the f#cking democracy (if you′ll excuse my affected similes) came and it become evident that one must pay for everything, but if one has work, and I saw that not only my teeth have begun to fall (like tree lives in the autumn), but that I have begun to feel aches in the left knee (chiefly) when coming down the stairs, and have a pair of times aches in the area of heart, and a pair of times have had kidney crises (because or some tiny grain of sand), and probably that was all but I had no intention to pay for visits by medicians, so then I said to myself: "Take care of yourself, so that God can also take care of you!". And I have begun to do also the following: to jump or jog just in the corridor of my home, to make push-ups, not to smoke, to eat egg shells, to drink regularly of my fruit wine, to eat dandelion, to walk for at least 2 hours, and maybe smt. else. And as a result of these measures I have no internal deceases, visit no physicians, and take no pills at all! And now in bit more details.
     With the push-ups I have begun with probably 10 and at about 55 years, once in a week, before going to take a shower, and have come to even 40-some, but now have fallen to about 30 (where in the hot time of the year plus a pair of push-ups more, but in the winter minus a pair). And, to tell you the truth, when I look at myself in the mirror I see some muscles where there was nothing before; my ambition was to maintain about 100 pieces when my years are summed with the number of push-ups, and I am about there now. Yet let me stress that the point is not to exercise much sports when one is young, but after 50, when one begins to grow old, because if you are young then your chest, together with the heart and lungs, will become bigger and this will force you to continue to exercise higher sporting activity in your old years, while after 50 there is no danger to increase the heart, only what is outside, the muscles; i.e. I do everything on the contrary to the usual practice, as I told you in the beginning (that am different). Also the jumping, ah, I began probably with 80, it was difficult for me to reach even 100, but then increasing each month the number with 10 % I have long ago come to 2,000, and now make even 2,500 , also once in the week, yet because of my left knee (I have always had small knee-caps, by the way), I have begun to feel some aches in it and the muscle below, so that I have some problems to reach 500, and then 1,000, but after this I run well up to the said number of jumps. Did you get it? I have aches if I do not exercise my legs, but when I do I feel pretty well!
     Also I keep sufficiently low temperature in the room in winter (for economies, of course), what means that my radiator ventil is fixed at 2,25 , and when the outside temperature is still above the zero I have in the kitchen — because there is where I live during the winter, there is no heating in the other rooms (and I even hang a … blanket in the corridor in order to isolate the heated part of the home) — about 17 degrees Celsius, what is really nice, but when it becomes colder then the inside temperature falls to about 15 degrees (what now is not good, yet it is usually only for a pair if weeks so), Yes, but this is what is healthy, after all, because more than 21 degrees in the room in winter "melts" the person. Also, and I think that this, too, is not done by the other people, I use one so called home-sun (Heimsonne in Ger) with ultraviolet (combined with infrared) rays, and in winter take such sun baths for about 10 min, what surely is very important (I even heal myself of some flu taking such intensive baths when necessary twice a day); the alternative and also very good method is to stay at the end of shower bath under only cold water, as cold as it is, for 10 or so seconds (after have stood before this under very hot water for some time). All these things, naturally keep you in good health. And I really do not take whatever medicine, even aspirin I have taken in the last 10 years probably not more than 5 pills together (and broken in parts for about 3 times, a whole tablet is not necessary for me)!
     I am nearly coming now to the circling of garbage bins, but let me before this say a pair of words about the cares for the brain, because the old people usually go crazy, they develop some phobias, and /or become alcoholics. Some try to solve crosswords, but these things usually are made for morons, or the same words repeat quite often, where I have found the perfect solution, and it is: reading of books in foreign langs! In this way one always strains his (or her) brain to remember this or that word, appreciates all idioms, and fills his time with useful occupation. Let me stress that I do not mean for you to learn some lang. in order to speak it well, but just to understand, this is enough, and you can choose the preferred genres, and you keep calm and hurry for nowhere. While the TV or videos must be forbidden by the law, because they, definitely, lead to moronity, especially with all these ads! In this sense the democracy will never help you, because it needs silly people, which can be led by their noses.
     OK, to the bins. One must make whole circles around them, because each side can hide smt. tasty, and look at the handles, on the bottom, on the top of them, or even inside but somewhere on the surface; this can be done in every time of the day, but I am doing it usually in the evenings (after 19 - 20 o clock), or in the cold part of the year in the mornings. And why I do and think to continue doing this? Ah, for several reasons: for one thing because one can find smt. suitable for eating spending nothing, for another thing because this is movement, people, for the necessary 2 hours 2 to 3 times in the week, and for a third thing because this is … passion, really, you may find smt. what the other have not seen, this is like hunting for a treasury, and I, as picker of mushrooms, find this pretty interesting. But well, you (providing that you are old or at least unemployed) may think yourself for standing above the garbage, so to say, not so poor (like some Bul intellectuals, ha-ha), so that then you can circle around the … trees, f.ex.! Or around the benches, or some nice girls, it′s up to you, yet do not forget: for about 2 hours, and at least twice in the week, else you will just sooner die, as I have said! Or there may be thought about some other variant, namely that you unite yourself with one of your neighbours and alternate yourself where, say, in the first 3 days of the week you are putting smt. around the garbage and he /she is seeking there, and in the second 3 days of the week you change places (and the Sunday is a holiday), what will allow you to play an interesting hide and seek game, very useful for older people, I should say.
     Well, I have finished with this the last chapter of this utterly interesting (right?) second part (yet called first year) of this book of mine, and with this also the very part, which book I must continue for some more years, having no idea at all about what I will speak then, but when about an year passes smt. must be accumulated and I will be ready to continue writing. It remains only one farewell poetry dedicated to the right way of aging. Here is it:

     Healthy aging, healthy life,
     ′s-good for husband, good for wife.
        Sporting, eating, drinking, sex,
        and avoiding what may vex
     you, when in the death you dive!


          E N D OF THE BOOK

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