Pair dice18+

­­­­Pared Eyes -
Perhaps a pair-dice conclusion-wise

(Да будет град, когда не буду я услышан)
А он пошел когда, тогда спешите мыши

The music is quiet
The light is serеne
We are like in
Slow motion film

Or maybe standing still
Like rocks, yet
Rock and rolls begin
The moment you are in

    A shithole?

Or, Sire, is it not what
You have dreamed about?


Overall, and
Speaking out loud
The dreams we all
Are left without
While being led
By lies of yours?

Where I suppose,
You need a course

    In intertwining?

Cadetto, no, - intercourse
Instead of whining

Then how about
Sense of smell
Of that shithole
For you to dwell
Then interface
The feelings
And the taste?

Topiya′s interface
For you to conquer
First needs to be
Created, Uncle
And I, Andrusha Smyk concur
Whatever lies in there
Can be yours
Take it!

    Like beach of Troy?

Yes, Sire!
With fifty men
If you desire

Cadetto, more!
The more, the merrier
Just take them all

Success indeed
Is waiting,
like a bliss ++
As well as smell
You have created
As well as the abyss
We face

While facing it
We are without Moses
Who could have lead us 
In this World
Or is it not proclaimed
Like Bill Of Rights, at all?

This case is more about ...

    The way in, or is it - in and out?

Omnibus of your life begins
And will be like ...

    The Bill of Rights?!

No, Sire,
Not enough, and
Not so soon,
We shall consider that one ...


Cadetto, no,
To да moon!

Why don′t you try
To use Imagination?
Imagine that
Inevitable happens, yet
It′s better intertwine ...

    With our nation?
    Or is it
    With the whole divine?

When you are dead,
What else
Does come to mind?


Think of Death and ...


Cadetto, no,
Да shithole will suffice!

Are you surprised,
Or am I puzzled?
By Merry, or is it
Webster’s Merriam
The definition of a ...


Cadetto, no,
It can′t vary

Yet Fathers Of This Land
Who once proclaimed
The Bill Of Rights
I hope dreamed
With you at nights

Your daily skill
Reminding others
Of that bill
Produced at most
Other kind of bills,
Which I suppose ...

    I serve them still?

Cadetto, wow!
What да ...
Smart person
With да ...
Strong will!

Although postponed,
Like Moses, and
Other promises of yours
Mr. Biden, you are the worst
Among the latest two
Who represented USA,
You are, indeed,
IO of Uncle Sam!

Is going to be CANCELED
VOID at any day
As well as it - for them
Unless, you try
To be that Moses
Who leads us
As it has been claimed!

Can I remind you that
When you face Death
Your "bill" is due IMMEDIATELY
Upon the meeting, hence,
as your "lawyah fuck" friends
Would put it in:
"Who is the fucker who is talking?"
I have invited you before
As well as Mr. Putin

My name is Andrei Smyk
This poem too, if you desire,
Can be your invitation, Sire

Remember, please,
Your courage will
Be noticed
And behold!

     By  fuckupees of US congress?

Not only!
Be admired
By whole nation
And the World!
And I live not
That far away
Not leaving yet
And I would say
It does not qualify
To say AWAY
(At Clear Lake, CA in USA)

Please, come to see me
Remember, TIME is running out
While I will try to help about
Your concerns
Yet, my question is
Are you ready to die, Sir?

Too soon? Am I trying to scare you?
Oh, Dear!
If you think that way, then
Please, don′t interfere,
Just send someone to see Andrei

Who is your trusted pioneer
Like we are all in heart as one
For each of us and all for ...


Yes, you, too, perhaps
If time allows, yet it will be then!
Not now, Sire, or is it Sir?
I wonder, what it is that you prefer,

Andrei Smyk
A Russian American With A Ukrainian Last Name
Inviter of Church RAZOOM

(This title, hopefully, can fit the bill, where
I am supposedly, an invitee to be,
not an inventor, yet, not the inverter
of the common sense, who needs to be
invited for a dance,
and not invaded
like his Motherland,


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