Claim for Jeff Bezos

­­­­[На]-склоне дней
[Из]-жизни бег
[На]-час лишь
[Н ]-ам
[Да] в заметь рой
[? ]

Безумен каждый человек
Сливаясь медленно с толпой

Пусть ноту соль возьмет трампет
Когда за гробом чередой
Ведет оркестр духовой
Аккорд мажорный нужен в след

Аккорд минорный между тем
Приводит к нам минорных муз
У них на шее между тел
Есть наспех закрепленный груз

I Andrei Smyk was fired from my job at Amazon
Five years (almost) I committed
Yet farewell over the phone?

Not sure how legal was it
It does not matter
I did not, do not, and will not sue
Be that your company, or you.

You better rid of you clichе,
Not enemy I am - your attach;
Through that experience of mine
We are connected, intertwined.

It is not I, who has a chance
And no, you don′t have to dance
Although back then you were my boss,
The chance is arguably yours.

If you don′t call by end of summer
I will NOT take your money d&d
(And yes, of course, it is your bet,
and money also yours, cadet :))

Please, keep in mind important point
I did not quit that job for reason
Not what you think, at any moment
I never was in money prison.

There was event that changed my life
You see, I also had a chance
Yet, I was blessed
While you "obsessed"
My pledge that followed did the rest.

While no one to know that
I kept my word, that′s it, forget!
The facts, that I shall point out
Can certainly be verified, no doubt.

Shall we recall to some degree what happened?
Here is the case
That should be in your database:
There was a rain,
It rained again,
Next day again and morning after
PG&E maintaining grid
did not rely on help from NAFTA.

Shut down, power bye-bye!
The generator license, why?
Yet, this is not my cup of tee
I was developer, this is - IT.

Solutions were crafted quickly
Of course, the usual then followed
The messenger was getting ready
With message? Oh, yes - shit load!

Important project was assigned
To all of us, including fathers
If disagree, who gives a shit
Committed anyway, like others.

Backups important, even now
And what the f** this is about?
Big message, and what else?
Well, else - the message grew by hour.

The messenger was running late
And rushing with his disks or tape
Not worth the messenger, for record
And God forbid what if a recon?

Imagine message "getting out"
Through window or some other way
And spreading quickly on freeway?

A helping student driving by
May have collected broken pieces
Encrypted hardly, maybe not
Who gives a sh*t? Perhaps, so, what?
Jerk off, and - write some theses!

Yes, for the rest of us and you
That data "hardly" was important
Well, not so fast - extrapolate
And we shall get us to the bottom.

Imagine helping student′s major
Cyber Security by chance
And then research on subject matter
The student will be making hence.

When do we know that we don′t?
Rhetoric question, I suppose
The rest is usually - in prose.

The question is:
What were the differences between the passwords in M5 database, and the passwords for the same users in Amazon′s domain active directory?

This is just one of the cases, Jeff. As I said, you owe me. By the way, since you are a chairman, perhaps you should know that if you still use Kindleware as part of your screening (even for only printing the labels), I believe, you may be in violation of the patent of Data Connector, for which we applied thanks to Cornell and Donald while I was still a contractor.


Andrei Smyk.

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