My Lovely Rose

My Lovely Rose
You are sweet lovely rose,
You are shining so brightly.
You are mine just because,
Your sweet eyes look so lovely.
All my heart is for you,
You are my cutie baby,
You are mine i love you.
All my heart loves you greatly!
Very soon we will meet,
And we will be together.
I will kiss you and greet,
And will love you forever.
You are my superstar
And the only my darling,
I will buy you a car
And you soon will be driving.
You created the love,
Which is shining so lovely
You are sweet as a dove
I will hug you so tightly
Your sweet lips so cute
I will kiss you my darling
All my love i will put
In my kiss you are charming
And my love very soon,
We will marry together
You are bride i am groom
We together forever!


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Мила Кайгородова       14.07.2021   00:23:32
Отзыв:   положительный
I hope, you will be together forever!!!
Best regards, Mila.

Григорий Тишкин       14.07.2021   00:43:46

My so sweet and so cute Mila!
Thank you so much for your so warm and so wonderful comment and
you made me feel so happy my sweetie! I really want to be your best friend forever and ever!
And if there will be a chance I really would love to drink with you a glass of French wine to love poetry and friendship!
Always your the most hot admirer of your talents and the best friend!
I am kissing your sweet hands honey!
Always yours Tishkin Grigory

Мила Кайгородова       14.07.2021   00:54:42

О! Просто восхитительно!!!
I′m happy to meet such
a wonderful poet!