There is a substance which name is ′Novichok′.
It′s always kept by villains, spies in stock.
The agent′s out of law, and is on the watch list.
By nature it′s fatal, brutal like a beast.

It′s nothing but a silent weapon of assassination.
A target might be an opposition leader of a nation.
It would be hard to find a contractor who to blame
In an intricate, sophisticated game.

The poison can be used against protesters
Who demand that changes and reforms go faster,
Whose voice against oppression′s loud and clear.
They openly express opinion with no fear.

When power, privileges and careers are at stake,
There is a choice of deadly potions you can make.
Firearms and knives? That′s pretty out of date
For execution, termination of a human′s fate...

So if you want to be away from all mishaps,
Just keep in mind an efficient remedy, perhaps -
Stay safe abroad to tell them naked truth
If you chose to go ahead along this route.

Are you certain you′ll be left alone for long?
Hardly. Their hearts are made of solid stone.
The knights of cloak and dagger will be close
With ′Novichok′s sufficient, potent dose.

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