It’s too late and this is for the better

It’s too late and this is for the better
(or when it’s better late than never is not the case)
- So what?
- What?
- What’s going on in Belarus?
- I guess, one can say now that there is a peaceful democracy revolution underway
- Sorry. This is a contradiction in terms. I mean that revolution is always or mainly a violent occasion, isn’t it?
- Well, yes. But here it’s a bit different
- How? Why?
- I think it took the country itself as well as the world by surprise - nobody was expecting it, you know, it wasn’t prepared beforehand - it started raw and was getting the momentum on the way, id est during its own self-development.
- Listen, every single revolution is a surprise. Otherwise, it’s evolution
- Duh? You are talking about the political definition. But this one has its roots in something else. At present, yes - there are different political and geo- actors who are trying to interfere and that’s understandable, at least from their point of view. But they seem to be catching the tail of the train which has long since departed. People here, the majority, do not care about the politics proper. They just want to live free.
- I don’t get it
- Well, imagine the country where everything is under perfect control. Nothing boils. The apathy of the society is kept within the “eternal frost” temperatures. No political parties, no opposition, one opinion for all, one trade union for all, one “father of the nation” for all... No politics, no civil society. One expression on all the faces. Not a happy one, though
- So what’s the trigger? I saw this movie too
- Not too fast. I am trying to be concise here, if you know what I mean. And precisely precise.
- C’mon
- All right, then. If there is no politics inside - there’s no that much attention to the country from the outside political environment. Don’t you think so? Politicians understand what they know best, right?
- You mean politics
- I don’t mean anything
- Stop it
- Sorry. So while the world and the government (dictatorship, in our case) were feeling safe in their approach to ignorance... Yee, I know, it’s a bit oversimplified as we are talking about rather complex societal processes but nevertheless.
- What?
- For example, take Greta.
- Garbo?
- Thunberg. Little schoolgirl talking about the climate change. For decades people were trying to draw attention to this but to no visible avail. Greta did it. One little girl. Surprisingly so
- Indeed. And?
- To start melting, the eternal frost (Belarus civil society in our case) needs one small drop at the right momentum provided the composition is ready. And it doesn’t have to be the “political acid drop”. It can be any of those you can hardly expect to work. It can be even a smile). But suddenly people are awaken. The frost, in other words, starts melting. It’s a natural phenomenon. And you can’t fight it because you are part of it. Stay natural or fight yourself. Ha-ha.
- Something we don’t know, yet
- Even this can work, who knows?
- Are you sure?
- I don’t know. It can be a dream, don’t you think?
- Me? Never!
- Yep, you are right there. One never knows.
- You are not the one
- You too

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