To the chairman of International Court on Human Rights in Strasburg from Ivanov (Ivanov-Ostoslavskyi)

To the chairman of International
Court on Human Rights in Strasburg
from Ivanov (Ivanov-Ostoslavskyi),
Citizen of Ukraine,
Living in Kherson
Address: 73025, Preobrazhenskaya (Decabristov)
Street #73, apartment #2. Mobile
Phones: +380507467948, +380507468620,
+380667881321. Numbers of my
Case in City Court: 766-9932-17, in Regional
Appellate Court – 22-ts/819/866/20/
Supreme Court of Ukraine: 61-7520sk20.
Please close the case forever, as such! Please give the criminal court a werewolf judge in the judge′s mantle Epishin Y. N., who is a raider and a criminal of the highest level! I ask you to prevent by legal methods raider seizure of my apartment and land plot by a gang of Jews and criminals consisting of Kherson criminals and the murder of me and my mother – Madykina Lyudmila Aleksandrovna! The leader of the gang is Yudashkin Semyon Mikhailovich. The members of the gang are Jewish wiches-prostitutes: Svetlana Yudashkina, Margarita Tropina, Alla Yudashkina, Anastasia Yudashkina, Judge of the Kherson City Court Yuri Epishin, Judge of the Kherson City Court Dorashinskaya Valeria Eduardovna, policemen from Ship and Suvorov ROVD of Kherson, medical personnel of the madhouse and other liquidators!
The essence of the case is as follows. I have a Power of Attorney from my mother Madykina Lyudmila Aleksandrovna, who owns all our property that is under trial. In court against us have filed their lawsuits Tropin M.V. and Yudashkin S.V., to unlawfully sue our apartment and homestead land, and to kill us in a closed clinic, which is designed specifically for the murder of people by the devil, not for the treatment of non-existent diseases! I filed an Appeal to the Kherson Regional Court of Appeal with a demand to remove the judge from the process and to stop the case for lack of legal grounds for its initiation and conduct and for lack of common sense in all its participants, except me and my mother! I was refused there. After that, I filed a cassation to the Supreme Court of Ukraine, where I was also denied. Then I filed the cassation to the President of Ukraine V. A. Zelenskyi, but he also took the side of thieves and prostitutes, not the side of noble Russian noblemen!
In 1917, the mafia captured power in the country, Satanists, demons of the Jews, who persecuted the whole nation by Satan, seized power in our country! The Jews read and inspire thoughts, send in obsessions and dreams. Since then, in the USSR, there is no holding back the beastly gang, which does what it wants! Now in independent Ukraine, this gang of followers of Satan is spreading out in the wilderness of the old one! More than three years ago, two of our neighbors: S. V. Yudashkina and M. V. Tropina filed a lawsuit against my mother in court in order to sue us for our apartment and land, and kill us ourselves in a mental hospital, attributing false psychiatric diagnoses! In fact, the psychiatric hospital is only for black witches, witches and Jews, and their descendants, when rabbis through the astral many generations send them Satan horror, because of which the degenerates have an inherited disorder of the psyche and ugliness of soul and body! There′s never been a Jedi witch or a Jedi witch in my family! We are not degenerates, but aristocrats! Therefore, it is not possible to treat us in a mental hospital, because to treat non-existent diseases is to kill us, and all our property can be taken away! This is murder with robbery! That′s why the plaintiffs filed their lawsuits against us! I have the documents of ownership of my apartment and land, which I inherited from my great-great-grandfather, hereditary nobleman Korniliy Alexandrovich Frolov and his wife, my great-grandmother Lukeria Semyonovna. Frolov K. A. founded our entire estate: he bought a plot of land in the provincial town of Kherson, built a bar house on the land and two outbuildings in the yard for the servants. It was about 1870. Even the residents didn′t take away all our property, but left us our maid′s house, which consisted of three apartments, and the stone house of Bar, of course, was expropriated. Then the Soviet authorities gradually took away two apartments, but the third, where my mother and I live now, stayed with us! I have the documents for the ownership of my property, which were issued to my family by three political regimes: the power of the Lords of the Emperors of All Russia, the Soviet power and the sovereign republic of Ukraine! But this did not prevent the Jews from bringing civil proceedings against me and my mother! The plaintiffs S. V. Yudashkin and M. V. Tropin themselves never came to the court to sit on the merits of the issue under consideration and did not present a single proof of their correctness! Not a single one! Instead, Yudashkina and Tropina set Satan against me almost every day! This is still being done by the witch-prostitute Illyasevich Olesya, who lives in Kiev. This is an outrageous, supernatural pressure on the defendants in this process! S. M. Yudashkin many times opened a direct channel of the devil′s energy on me! They are unclean power, which is subject to physical destruction by the most cherished and supreme methods! These Jews, seeing in all the people who are near me as their competitors, haunted me with Satan and forced me many times to look for a job for decades, but I could not find it because of the conspiracy of all Satan employers against me! Inferno did everything to ensure that I would never have a wife and children from her, because if I had a family, all my possessions would be mine, but not the possessions of Satan followers S. V. Yudashkin and M. V. Tropin.
Demons torture me endlessly, broke my left hand, which had not formed properly, and remained crooked forever. It was done by Margarita Tropina, and her mother old Margarita Taranenko, and her niece Olga Tropina (Golneva, Veryovkina)! They′re all witches-prostitutes! This is a conspiracy against me, thieves and prostitutes of the Jews! I have 20 broken bones all over my body! And every fracture is an incredible pain and agony, physical and mental one! The Jews have made it by their own witchcraft.
The Jews have dethroned in the 17-th century Tsarist dynasty of Rurikovich, and in three hundred years the All-Russia Imperial House of Romanovs! Both these events became the greatest grief for all Russian people! Twice Jews opened against us their Satanic box of Pandora! The Jewish-Revolutionary extermination started actively destroying my family from the time when the Jews were murdered and tortured by the devil of the Master of the Russian Land, the Sovereign Emperor of All-Russia Alexander II! Seven false attempts were made on him in order to torture him by the devil, and the eighth attempt on his life became the most tragic – he was killed ... When the supreme autocratic power was weakened, the Jewish wickedness began to destroy my ancestors: the Ostoslavskyis and Frolovs! My great-great-grandfather, The Mayor of Kherson Ivan Semenovich Ostoslavsky, merchant of the second guild, was stolen by two merchant ships that sailed in the Bay of Biscay. The Jews took away from him all the profitable houses in Kherson and all his business, thanks to which he died in poverty, hounded by Satan, and his wife, Irina Nikanorovna Ostoslavskaya (Akulinina), paid after the death of her husband not small debts ... Also there were robbed and destituted the children of Ostoslavsky Ivan Semionovich: daughters almost all remained childless and unmarried, and sons, though married, but had almost no offspring – his son Ivan had no children from his wife Eugenia Leopoldovna von Rode, and Basil had only two children from his wife Valentina Epifanovna Ivashchenko. Frolovs, Akulininas and Ivanovas were also killed in the same way: underdevelopment of families and total impoverishment. The only thing the Jews could not do to my ancestors was to prevent them from serving themselves as hereditary nobility of the Russian Empire! All my ancestors without exception were Old Believers, Traditionalists, White Guards, Black Hundreds, Conservatives, Guardians, Monarchists, Great Powers Russian nationalists, who always kept in their souls the historical memory and kept the feudal-aristocratic principles and views on life! Holy Kiev-Novgorod Russia has always lived in their hearts! The Russian Empire of the Romanov dynasty caused in their heart sacred delight, awe and the greatest admiration! The august wisdom of centuries and millennia, which lived Christian Monarchies of Europe, has always been for us a spiritual substrate! The main thing is to please God and Satan to be died!
Just as now the plaintiffs of Yudashkina, Tropina and their relatives carry out terror against me by the devil, terrorist acts against my soul, so during the revolutions and civil war the Jews tortured and killed all my ancestors! Almost all men in my family were officers and generals of the Russian Imperial Army and the White Guard. Many died on the battlefield. Very few managed to survive. Those who survived were destroyed later: in the GULag, in the walls of the Soviet Intelligent Offices, GPU, NKVD, KGB! Some of my ancestors were killed during the Great Patriotic War. And how many simply were not born... The Jews have dug up all my life and prevented me from having a family, a wife and children! All this was done in order to take away all my property from me and my mother, Lyudmila Madykina, who legally owns the apartment and the land where I live; they want to kill in a mental hospital!
S. V. Yudashkina pointed out in her lawsuit against us that she demands the redistribution of our house and land on the grounds that all our property is with her, either in common or in collective or joint ownership! This is the worst lie in the rank of the battle lie! If we, Russian nobles, even though something were once in joint ownership with the Jews, then this would not have happened long ago! The Jews would have taken all this collective property away at lightning speed (collective property... right on Freud... )! No apartment in Ukraine, as well as in any other country in the world, is a joint property of one owner with anyone! Moreover, with the Jews! The Jews were killed without trial by people at all times! They were killed only because they were Jews, and did not wait for the Jewish devil to shit on people! As soon as any property turns out to be the result of sale, donation, testament of joint, scandals, quarrels, and clarification of relations, inspired by the Jews from outside by the methods of extrasensory, and such property immediately finds itself in the hands of liquidators! We don′t have that! We′ve owned this property for six generations! The title deed issued to my mother, Madykina L. A., states unambiguously that our apartment belongs only to her! Moreover, the mentioned apartment is the part of nobiliary farmstead of my ancestors and I would never permit that my last property would be separated between neighbors-Jewish, criminals and us! We are noblemen, and it means that we are wise, but not idiots! Under the power of All-Russian great Princes, Tsars, King and emperors we lived more than two thousand years, and everything was good with us, and we were happy!
Yudashkin S. M., Yudashkina S. V., Yudashkina Alla and Yudashkina Anastasiya, Tropina
M. V., Doroshinskaya V. E. (a judge who opened mean and idiotic case!) and Epishin Y. N. – they are all mentally ill degenerates, and they have their own clinic of psychiatrical diagnoses, appropriated to the Jewish people! They are slaves of Satan and that’s why they have no any right to be a side in the court, possess all juridical rights of citizens of Ukraine and simply human rights! In any times slaves were simply living things, not more! They are all invalids and they have no rights as all Jewish people!
Please close the case forever, as such! Please pay attention to a werewolf judge in the judge′s mantle Epishin Y. N., who is a raider and a criminal of the highest level! I ask you to prevent by legal methods raider seizure of my apartment and land plot by a gang of Jews and criminals consisting of Kherson criminals and possible future murder of me and my mother – Madykina Lyudmila Aleksandrovna!
The 10-th of June, 2020.
Kherson. Ukraine.
Pavel Igorevich Ivanov-Ostoslavskyi, poet, son of vice-chairman of Nobiliary Assembly of Kherson Goubernia (Province) Igor Mikhailovich Ivanov, husband of the Highness Princess Maria Sergeevna Volkonskaya (Ivanova-Ostoslavskaya).

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