Space Wars VI. The Epic Final Battle Continues and Becomes More Epic

Inspired by "Universe on Fire" from the album "Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards" by Gloryhammer.


Using the solar fusion in ancient laser ray
Is a tremendous method to kill the foe′s array.
It is not dangerous if you are not my foe.
Inside of all my veins there is a solar flow.
I feel the astral fire.
Its blazes are my strong desire.

I have an enemy. His name is Tom the Great.
He has the crown of space which he won′t abdicate.
He is a sorcerer with cybernetic guts.
And with the help of them he always kicks some butts.
He has some crystal sand.
And soon the universe will end.

He wants to burn the world with crystal fire, see it burn in sight,
Kill all people, elves and half-elves, dwarves for his delight.
Tom the Great is powerful and strong wizard fighting with no fear at all.
And I will do everything I can do to make the spacelord fall.

Alice Smith is my old friend and she is very strong.
She is ten thousand years old, she does live quite long.
Questing through galaxies she found emerging force.
And she screams battle cries without becoming hoarse.
We both fight side by side
′Cause long ago we both allied.

Alice Smith swung her sword and I shoot laser ray.
Tom the Great, filthy foe, did not think to obey.
Solar Fused Laser′s force, it courses through my veins.
Its epic and tremendous power still remains.
Its power has no end.
It always helps me to defend.

We tried again to kill that evil moron. Somehow he evaded.
Then we stroke him with all power. Tom the Great blockaded.
Shooting magic lightnings charged with evil he caused damage dreadfully.
But I did notice Tom the Great was exhausted awfully.

Using infinite force while fighting with my foe
I tried to do my best to kill him with one blow.
When he loosed energy he used his crystal sand
And then the crystal fire began to do expand.
The universe did burn.
That was a real dirty turn.

The universe is in flames. We cannot save it now.
But still there should be a chance to save it anyhow.
Maybe if Tom the Great becomes forever dead
The crystal fire immediately will stop to spread.
It is time to check it out.
I have to kill the foe! No doubt!

But suddenly a portal to another world was opened by my foe
And he escaped to parallel dimension as the blazes glowed.
I went after him and Alice joined. We are questing to unknown.
And we both are really happy that we′re not alone.

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