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Social media, what is this? Is it so important to use nowadays? Is it replacement of something usual from the past, or transformed mix of TV and live conversation? It is THE good topic to discuss.

I think, that IT is THE developing and changing topic, it is the nowadays process, and it CARRIES on. This is why IT IS important to understand what is happenING now, and it is more important than just BEING a user. Now we live in the times of changing, and if we want to understand the context, we need to understand THE processes. Social media is one of THE most important recourses and indicators, and this is why:

Firstly, old TV model of transferING behavior models and bricks of the value system is almost DEAD. Government, global corporations and commercial structures need something more effective and direct.
Secondly, social media allowS to FIND you, because you need a login and this login must be confirmed by the phone number and e-mail, it is very useful for any kind of military and security structures.
Thirdly, all your steps ARE RECORDED and after it IS USED in the “big data” systems. The “Big data” is the part of future.

Some people think differentLY, and do not use social media. They say that it is not important, because we can live without it. And I know, we can, more of this, I do not use it as a user, I do not have a login in the “facebook”, “instagram”, “linkedin”, “vk”, and else. But it is just personal position, because I have to use this recourses when I need to find a new information. And this is important.

To sum it up, social media is a very important, because it is new system of converse, knowledge, propaganda, control and seeking. And if you DO not understand it and how it works, you will be blind and disable as a civil person in the future.

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