On dreaming big...

On dreaming big...
I am a dreamer. It is most certainly so. There is no way of getting around it. I am a dreamer all the way down to my very bones, and it has always been the case. I guess I shall always remain that way no matter what the ocean breeze brings, OR the Mother of all things – LIFE – throws at me.
At least I hope so! I hope to forever and always remain a restless and unquenchable dreamhead; a reverie-chasing zealot; a dreamer, whose imagination and fantasies are rampant, wild, boundless and almost infintely powerful. For dreaming is more than a perfect getaway. It is a source of unrealized potential we all – sometimes unknowingly – carry within our minds and hearts. It is a depthless source of vitality, a bottomless well of utmost eager and keen energy.
And the more I dreamt the more I understood that daydreams and reveries are powered by our own sexual energy – the energy that accumulates within us more and more with each day, unless discharged in an appropriate manner.
This particular kind of energy is one of the most – if not, in fact, THE MOST! – powerful that we, human beings, possess. For it is this kind of energy that ensures our continuous procreation, i.e. makes sure that LIFE continues its stubborn and obstinate expansion. It is this energy that Mother-Nature has given the "All-Round-Pass", and if it′s not used as intended, the only option for it is to be accumulated and used in yet another fruitful manner, i.e. yet another method of being used in the most productive and the most efficient way possible. So what does it do? It fuels our basic needs. Sure! But people are a subject of constant evolution, and by the time we learnt how to perceive things for what they were, we developed skills of being hopeful, dreamy and ambitious. So why not fuel the latter, when the former have been satisfied to an extent and in its respectful manner? Why not let its everlasting, ever so motivating streams flow, washing over the hearts of those who wish to run faster, climb higher, achieve more and win greater?
Those existential, ecstatic, and aesthetic "highs" one experiences while in a state of deep, focused daydreaming comes from the very source our sexual energy dwells in. And sexual desires are some of the most powerful instruments, drivers Mother Nature provided us with. And I am not talking about the teenage wet dreams. I am talking about the proper, adult-like, fully conscious and solid daydreaming experience at the moments of emotional excitement.
Dreaming is not just a great leisure time, a hobby, and source of endless pleasure but also a wonderfully miraculous tool of achieving what one′s heart desires. For me – and I am only speaking for myself here – it has not only been a pleasurable hobby but also a useful instrument in getting what I want from my seemingly boring and fruitless daily routines.
I love LIFE. I very much do so! I love LIFE even when it gets tough. I love it now – as I type these seemingly senseless lines in a state of vivid, almost enrapturing mind-travel. I always did love LIFE, and I shall forever remain amongst its most avid fans. Therefore, in most cases I tend to be very much satisfied with what I have, i.e. the way I live and the things I possess. (Even though many people around me tend to think of me otherwise.) So all the dreams I usually have tend to be not the essential desires of a better life, but rather thoughts and replays of scenarios that fit my personal, very particular understanding of reality. All the reveries I run into and embrace on daily basis are of an almost fable-like nature. They are merely scenarios of what perhaps I′d like my life to resemble according to the mood I find myself in on that particular day.
People – and in particular women – that flood my restless mind are those, whom I have for a long time found attractive; situations – adapted to my subjective perception of LIFE, and hence correlate with my views and opinions.
Now. What I′ve just told you here is, in fact, a secret. It is a secret that has been revealed to me a long time ago. It occured out of nowehere and had stuck with me ever since. It is a secret that I treasure greatly and hope to use as often as I possibly can. So why not spread it? Why not make it available to all who are ready to listen? Those who have an open heart and open mind shall always understand and relate: dreaming makes you ultimately better and most definitely happier. And just like a wildfire, conquering vast open spaces and the great big forests alike, our daydreams are a power that overwhelms. It is a power capable of decorating one′s thoughts and propelling his/her ideas.




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