The sparklng beauty

The sparklng beauty of the rain...
Why is it charming? I′ll explain -
My district is completely clean
From any dust, from any spleen,
Sonorous drops are falling more...
When will they over? I don′ t know,
I don′t foretell...But nonetheless,
I just escape from mental stress
When I can catch a rainy sound...
This rain is total, round and round,
Deserted streets are mostly wet,
And what to say? It is not bad
To watch such city through the glass,
Today I have a perfect chance.

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© 06.11.2019 Джордан Данн
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Борис Очалов       07.11.2019   08:38:41
Отзыв:   положительный
Музыку подобрать - и вообще супер будет...
Продолжайте, маэстро!
Джордан Данн       07.11.2019   13:18:43

Thanks a lot/ Grazie mille!!!