“Legends of the damned. The Featureless.”


      The auld Lassar legend goes, when people will stop to differentiate the good and evil, the flaysome fierce shall come down on earth. The featureless bane. When the luna rises and the houndes in the yard are whining mournfully and wailing – so lock up the doors and windows. As the warrior under the iron mask appeares in a town, so witen – this is not a man, but Saanan itself in human nature. And he has no face and name, but all who had ever seen him without a mask – to the dom gonge (turned up one’s heels) long ago in the damp earth rest in peace, and the only picked bones remains after. He’s damned. Is ignorant of love, not in charge of mercy. And here he’s walking around the earth… not that he’ll turn into a man, nor a wolf. When a man – ug (fear) his laughter, thon the fatal shears has come for you. When a wolf – don’t look to the eyes, will tear to pieces. But the legend also tells, if someone will fall in love with the Featureless, in spite of the flaysome acts, not seeing the true face, then, mayhap the black curse will be broken. But only how to fall in love with the unchristian truculent fera (a wild beast), if a single one glance at him strikes fear ?
       “You never compose an anthem of him.
When he laughs, comes an opaque
Don’t call his name.
When he laughs, the water freezes
Don’t look in his eyes… don’t look
When he laughs, the flowers are dying
Cut y’r sticks (run away) from him… cut y’r sticks… cut…
As he will laugh, you’ll weep an’ mourn…


Beliar – Czar
Beliala – Czarina
Belialia – Princess
Belialij – Prince
Das – Master (also is used as the noblest prefix in a name)
Desa – Mistress
Lyon – Knyaz, baron, graf
Lyona – Knyaginya, baroness, countess
Lyonija – Knyazhna
Lassar – Contree (district, country)
Vallas - Contree (district, country)
Tyan – Burghes (pl. boroughs, a town)
Baladas - Burghes (pl. boroughs, a town)
Saanan – Satan
Illin – God
Skye – Theow (a servant or slave)
Skyeja – Bondmaid
Meyd – warrior, soldier, mercenary
Niada – mayden (virgin) widow
Meneyal – Minister
Sheana – Sorceress, a witch
Baords – Flemed wrecche (banished exiles). Self-eaters (cannibals). Inovercy (adherents of a different faith).
Astrel – Prelaat (ecclesiastical dignitary), ecclesiastic, minister of religion.
Merida – Narcotic
Maalan – Birdie of vermilion color singing only at dusk once a day.
Gaylar – Lycan (a werewolf, man-wolf or lycanthrope)
Atkhal – an alpha brood of werewolves
Madors – magi, sorcerers


“He might invent the New World, but onely cannot break
Someones putt’d together pattern
An’ visibly wolle he bifall to peer thro’ the seein-glass (a looking glass)
Un to feel a sin.”

That’s a perilous path, ma (my) Desa. – We sud better wait for spring.– Danat the Third, the Supreme Astrel of the First order, with arms folded upon his breast, sparkling by his finger-rings with precious stones, gazing upon belialia, that was looking out of the window the snow-covered lands of Lassar and over the ice-bound lake ‘Las.’ Her white melpomenish (tragic) attire was gleaming through small strasses, were scattered over a thin velvet, as the long ruddy tress, winded round into the tight locks, coming down below the thighs and with the bright spot were assigned against a snow-whitebackground attire. Hair. the colour of which had perplexed all the citizens of the realm. People said in belialia the blood were courses of the Saanan himself. Because made in the days of the Bloody Battle for Lassar, the archfiends at that time exterminated almost the whole settling. She was born at nyghtertale (night) of outer darkness. During a lunar eclipse. Mother had time to name her and passed beyond the veil bleeding to death. Even the best physicians had failed to save, everyone was whispering, that this is a bairn (baby) is the cause that killed with one’s own birth, was greedy with her soul, and taken away the maternal in one’s hands. The figure of Saanan is always forging out of the red steel – the costlewe (the very expensive) and dangerous metal of the United Kingdom. When father saw the hair colour of his daughter, had receded from the cradle a step back, but the midwives had crossed oneself with the fivepointed stars, were telling one’s beads. But, in spite of all rumours, Od the First had indentified Odeya and sent to Tyan a wee (little) farther beyond reach of human eyes and the tittle-tattles.
        Od actually haven’t seen of who she grew up around, only three times a year she was brought to Lassar on religious holidays, and the high Astrel, looking at how carefully they’re hiding the hair colour under the mob cap and under headgear, thought it would be nice to trap belialia as a lay sister of the temple. The Great Lord would be happy to have such a priestess. Danat even talked about it to Od, but he wasn’t in a hurry to with the decision. When she was twenty years old, and by all rights of Lassar she was considered already as an old maid, beliar finally gave away the bride to Lu Dasa Tuarn, her cousin from a line of belialijs of Talladas. Od the First has united with the Kingdom some minor north lands, belonging to Ron Dasa Tuarn, Od dead sister’s husband, and planned to replenish the size of the army to go to the islands, where, rumor has it, there are enormous deposits of red gold. But he was brutally wrong – Odeya’s husband was killed in battle with the rebels right after the nuptials, and Ron wouldn’t help Od. He had suffered a severe loss Suppressing the Rebellion, and were the one that needed help in soldiers, which beliar of Lassar not provided with. Since then, relations between Tuarns had a deep falling-out.
        The young belialia became niada - the person that is condemned to eternal loneliness never knowing excitement of matrimony, nor maternity. These are the cruel laws of the United Kingdoms. Niads – the mayden-widows, which belong not to people, but to Illin, they have no right to remarry or an affair with a man and, if they will disrupt the vow while taking part in holy matrimony they’ll be cruelly tortured. The sacred oath which speaks the bride before Astrel will seal this marriage with a ritual, the oath, saying that a maiden untouched by the husband and widowed, remains forever the bride of Illin, no man has no right to touch her. People are whispering, that this is the curse, which pursues Od the First after he took the Vallas, burying in the Valley of the Dead thousands of innocent, that did not recognized him as their own beliar. Perhaps, Od the First doesn’t get his Crown prince’s throne from his children, because the eldest son in ten years had never actually impregnated his wife and the innumerable inamoratos, the second son – sodomite, and the third, the youngest, died two nights ago in Vallas.
        The Supreme Astrel had looked at the girl, but haven’t felt mercy – was angry, and was struggling to control himself. Odeya is too willful and insolent. She didn’t come to the Astra’s temple after husband’s death as it should be for a devouted niada, but dared to stay at court of her father and to continue the wordly life. In eternal melpomenish attire and in constant gloves on skinny arms for ug that not to touch some man with naked skin. She bereaved the order of a generous beliar’s contribution to the temple’s treasury, on which Astrel was hoping for. Now let her live in a vicious, which is so filled with sins world and looking at what she’s never had, and, mayhap, nonetheless decide humbly to accept her fate – take her vows and the inauguration of the astrels of the temple.
         But throughout the year Odeya even did not visit the temple, and Danat’s hope day by day melted away. He expected now when she will slip up. Everyone makes mistakes, and she will commit sooner or later. One false move – and even the daughter of the Great Od the First will be executed, like your last chip, in the square with crowd booing, like a normal commoner. Sometimes Danat wanted to watch… on how this capricious nasty mind, this brilliant and beautiful bitch will slide naked in front of all subjects. And then will burn alive or will be pummeled with stones.
         I spent enough time in Tyan with expectations about the marriage, were hidden from view, and then – as a conclusion, here. That decision was endorsed by the Council. My brother Anis was killed within the walls of Belliar’s castle in Vallas, I got to attend the funeral, as my only surviving relative, and to take charge to identified the perpetrators and execute them, - the voice of a belialia was muffled and may have seemed like she cries. But Astrel knew her well to be sure Odeya won’t be weeping. He has never seen her cry. While when she was a child. – In six months of winter anything can happen. The rebellions are breaking out throughout the United Kingdom, and closed off governments can become easy prey for the rebels.
         Anis was killed by fera during a hunting trip in the black forest. To the rebels it has no bearing. And you should be the last person to take rides on roads of the United Kingdoms at this time of year. The girl had turned around dramatically, and Astrel exhaled slowly his breath, when he saw a wet gloss in her brilliantly-turquoise eyes. He waited until he felt pleasure is spilling out through his body with the gentle and gooey waves. Let her stay up crying. It’s a natural grace. Let her show us a message of weakness, a little wicked witch. At least once. May the Saanan take her once time.
Odeya was the only woman he hated. Not only for what she’dbeen the ruin of his plans, and not just for what in her presence his curled up and asleep for years flesh rose in revolt, was causing some difficulties, but also for several circular scars on his fingertips, which had lost its sensitivity since he touched that witch during the ritual. Danat cannot let go of the obsessional thoughts about niada. About her naked body on the altar, about her red hair of curls that bite with viper bite over glossy surface of metal. Danat personally put the sacred stigma on down the smooth girl’s belly with a picture of Dasiphora fruticose – a symbol of feminine purity. Niada was squirming wildly and was moaning with the pain, and Astrel for the first time ever had suffered some wildest sexual arousal, was looking at her ample bosom with pink nipples, which swung to the beat her sudden movements with every touch, of over-heated metal, and crossed long legs, among which, he knew, he faces the gates of Saanan’s abyss of sweet debauchery. He has spoken strange spells, feeling like against fingertips were streaking fireworks, and each vein locked in his own body is vibrating out of insane energy, that run through him. Till metal is suddenly ne coloured red and Danat, who was indiscreet enough and touched niada, couldn’t feel, how his’s got his fingers burned, like acid. This has been made impossible, because the spell does not apply to Illin’s astrels. Only the mere mortals, in evidence of violation of the prohibition. But the burns said otherwise – to this niada can’t touch even the astrels.
          There is something wrong with the red-haired bitch. There’s definitely something wrong with her.
          After finishing a sacred ritual there was a wet spot on the astrel’s pants under long habit. At night, he lashed himself by razor wire and trussed up his body with wide leather strap with spikes to stop the brutal fantasy and filthy wishes, which got into the head of High Astrel – powerful and strong man, who had given a vow of chastity and have felt an orgasm during the sacred rite itself. She was guilty of this, the damn witch, who has tempted Danat reminding of falling and sin.
         "A wild beast?" Odeya clenched her hands into fists and turned pale even more what made her eyes looked so brightly that Astrel wanted to pluck out them to not tempt. - ‘The best warrior of Kingdom, who has won 20 tournaments, an’ exactly before coronation? - ‘I ne believe in coincidence.’
         "It’s all in Illin’s hands !"
         Belialia jerked up chin keeping looked into the eyes of ecclesiastic with defiant.
         "By the right of heritage the Vallas mine now an’ I want to take possession immediately. I have already given an order – we move out at first light."
         "Your father would mind this riding."
         "My father would be glad to put me from his eyes and had approved it before leaving. Right now he is fighting for the islands in the south, protecting them from raid of Meer, who threatens our nation from Big Gulf for the last time. The islands, where you, the Great Astrel, think is a red metal, which is wanted to find by my father and dux of damn pagans. You’ll be there and I go to the Wallace. We can left unattended our Kingdoms."
         "I ama sendin’ my herald for astrel Phao das Angro. He’ll meet you nearby the fork at the Black forest an’ goa (go) with you to Vallas."
         Belialia chuckled audaciously and dimples appeared on her cheeks. Astrel immediately wanted to be in his cell and become to pray because his teeth were itching from the lust to feel her skin.
         "Whoes ull (will) be put to me to keep an eye, wait for my tripping and gobble me up ?"
         There are a lot of heretics in Vallas, who are the followers of damn Almir, and there’s talk about evil spirit. There is no High Astrel, the Temple is not kept in order, and there is no one who can defend you with dignity, ma Desa. – You’re a fragile woman an’ it’s dangerous to you to wander on woods and mountains of the Kingdom alone. - I only care of your soul belonging to Illin, but you accuse me – your confessor.’
          "I’m not just a woman, I am a warrior. I was taught to fight on an equal footing with my brothers, and not to do a cross-stitch for Astrels and knit rugs for confessional of your Temple. My soul belongs only to me as my heart. You’ll never dispose of them as my body, which was pawn like a thing please you and wait for paying a part of brigge (bridge) each month."
          "Shut yer geggy (shut up) ! - If you were not a belialia, Desa Odeya - "
          "I was being whipped for these apostate words by metal cane or whip with spikes, ama right ? – Un (and) I was being excluded from the Temple forever. It is meant I was lucky…or not. – Whoes wits ?"
         "It would not get rid of your fate. - Watch your mouth! Have you no ug of Illin ?" shouted Astrel and look up to the sculptured ceiling that was decorated with pied glass mural.
         "I have nothing to ug a long time ago. Didn’t you make me the damnation in the flesh ? - The punishment, which couldn’t be touched even my da (father) an’ brother. In this world I’m afraid onely the death of my relative ! I ama not scared anything else, I have recently lost enough to believe in your Illin an’ in his justice. Anis was so young and clean… but he was taken from us. Where is it, that justice? There is no it and will never be, until someone is hungry for power and gold – others will die. And you trade this ug an’ got on great because the easiest way is to sell it."
         "Saanan puts this filth to yer geggy !" shouted Astrel and angrily looked at the girl.
         "Filth is that you do in order to your Illin. Filth - to kill children because they were born out of wedlock, filth is trade people because they are needed as a labour force, and filth is to pick a fight, where brothers kill each other. This is what it means the filth, but words are nothing more than words, alas, they don’t hit any of Anis’s killers. Send anybody with me – even go yourself. I don’t care. I’m going to become Vallas’s Beliala an’ nobody woll (will) disturb myseln (myself) – it’s ma right."
         "Be thankful we aren alone here an’ you’re not be punished for your talk!"
         "I’ll thank that contributes from my dad to your Temple. However, it’s not enough, if you want to get more from me. Don’t tell about my soul, when you make the sign of the pentacle star by your fingers with rings, and hungry poor are dying under the walls of your Temple, while your pigs eat the leftovers from hearty diners."
         "Desa Odeya !"
         "I’ll niver (never) goa into the priesthood for your enrichment - I’d rather hand out ma gold to hungry an’ poor congregation of yer Temple."
         Astrel gritted his fingers to a crisp, when Beliala walked by him with straight-backed and hold her head high, leaving behind a trail of freshness and smell of pink soap.
      "Are you sure he’s brought us to the right place?" asked in a whisper Phao das Angra his servant and glanced at the man who was looking the rocky terrain over at the border with Wallace territory. - "Valeary was supposed to come out a few hours ago, but there’s no sigh of her."
      "Rhane - a meyd’s commander," answered grey-haired monk patting his short sphenoid beard, ‘but meyds are only, whoes can lead us through the mountains to Wallace an’ they wit this area very well. There’s no other way - the snow had drifted everywhere. There’s a fork, look at the sign. We must pray to Illyn for sending meyd an’ a squad. Low visibility because of fog, perhaps, the squad is dead close but we can’t see them."
       "Don’t meyds be a little bit southward at this time of the year? - Were not they forbidden to come into big cities like Wallace ?"
       "Who knows, onely Beliar is aware of their secret missions. They report only to army of the United Kingdom. There are no prohibitions to meyds if they have an order. We were truly lucky because that squad was close to Wallace. At this time the trade routes are closed off and only intelligence knows the way to the town. Wallace and Balladas were marooned from the Kingdom for long six months. The only way to get in touch with Lassar is meyd’s messengers and all of them are shady men, however, we don’t have any choice – we sud (should) meet belialia nearby Black forest where three roads met."
      "This is godforsaken place, there are many terrible gossips about it," Astrel made the sign of the star and looked at the skye, - "Damn Lassar’s deal an’ saanan’s rebels couldn’t wait till the spring. Beliar Anistac died at the wrong time. We would sit at home, eat hot diner, drink a sweet wine and watch blizzard only through thick glass of windows."
       "A chain is no stronger than its weakest link," Das Angro. - "You have assumed the chair of main Astrel and you were required a great mission to serve Belialia Odeya. You sud be proud. You’ill be promoted in the rank an’ yer opportunities will be increased."
       "I’m proud but I travel soa (so) far in winter at first time, Sajar. I have the impression that I was sent not for mission but for rest in the saanan’s snow."

Translated by Igor Tretyak
Author: Uliana Soboleva
Legends of the damned Based on the novel by Uliana Soboleva

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