What does your profile picture say about you?

The photos speak about us
the things we want from life,
Perhaps, we see the other half,
to stand with partner’s side.

You use your photo for career,
You think about business,
You give a hint that’s clear,
You’re serious and single.

You are with friends or family,
The photo shows intent,
You have success and happiness,
Protection is your trend.

You place the photo on the cite,
On photo you are child,
You don’t want to be adult,
to be infant, not wise?

Your photo with your child,
You’re careful and tender,
You’re patient and you’re kind,
You spend on him your efforts.

You’re outdoors on holiday,
You value inner harmony,
avoiding problems, conflicts,
to be romantic, comfortable.

The photo taken you from back,
makes closed and reserved,
You just escape the friends,
You do estrange world.

A lot of photos in a company
you feel you’re alone
you lack good people, luck
to hide your inner hollow.

The photo gives us message
we want to send the people
to look at photo friendly,
That’s character and image.

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