I don′t know why we meangle the time
With every thing that has a right to exist:
The sky, the horizon, the rotting insight,
The sun rolling over the vigorous priest.
We go in a slow and extravagant way
Along the extinct and glorious view.
We never supposed to but simply obey
In order to pet our personal due.
Petty desires console our minds,
Sights of the cities, eternal offence,
Solemn affairs engraved in the rhymes,
Tension of palms undersetting the fence.
Cry and decide deeper rivers to cross,
Smile and return your traveling spite
Splash and collect your shivering thoughts
Splitting the light, hitting the pride.
Try, you will like it! It’s painful at first.
Strive and your efforts will bring you relief.
Melt, just rely on your terrible thirst
Easier blamed then simply believed.
These common days pursue amazed,
Nobly clumsy and buried in fuss,
Falling but raising colorless slaves
Skillfully hidden and tortured in us.

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