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Article II, Section 1, Clause 6 of the U. S. Constitution states:
In Case of the Removal of the President from Office, or of his Death, Resignation, or Inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of the said Office, the Same shall devolve on the Vice President, and the Congress may by Law provide for the Case of Removal, Death, Resignation or Inability, both of the President and Vice President, declaring what Officer shall then act as President, and such Officer shall act accordingly, until the Disability be removed, or a President shall be elected.
Trump : schizophrenia, 10 symptoms
SCHIZOPHRENIA – a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.
Trump′s symptoms of this long-term mental disorder include:

1. Hostility, suspiciousness, extreme reaction to criticism – Trump′s anti-media attitude.
2. Odd or irrational statements : "We build the anti--Mexican wall and Mexico gonna pay for it".
3. Delusions of grandeur : Trump believes that he is a unique human being (like Jesus) on a mission to save America. His malignant narcissism is beyond any explanation.
4. Unpredictable or inappropriate emotional responses – "I can kill anybody in the street! "
5. Trump′s behavior is bizarre – he treats women as sexual slaves.
6. Trump′s thinking and speech are disorganized, speech speech often includes putting together meaningless words that can′t be understood – word salad. That means he′s usually promising to fix everything (healthcare, immigration, Palestinian problem) but has no idea what to do.
7. Delusions – Trump has false beliefs that are not based in reality. One of the biggest, with no proof at all, – his false contention that he lost national popular vote because of illegal votes.
8. Trump′s motor behavior in public is disorganized and abnormal motor behavior. His appearances are really scary because they usually end up in unpredictable agitation no matter what the question or problem is under discussion.
9. Trump is a pathological liar, no matter what facts you have to prove he′s wrong. His statement "I never met Putin" is ridiculous after this Savage′s 2015 radio show audio was posted on the web: https://clyp. it/ijpsirbw.
10. Trump has trouble organizing his thoughts or making logical connections. His mind is racing from one unrelated thought to another. Sometimes he has "thought withdrawal, " a feeling that thoughts are removed from his head, or "thought blocking, " when his flow of thinking suddenly gets interrupted.
ATTENTION : Trump ends up in a suicide if his schizophrenia is untreated at all.
ATTENTION: Trump′s father suffered from Alzheimer disease. Patients have difficulty remembering newly learned information, are often disoriented, have mood and behavioral changes, an increasing sense of paranoia and suspicion, and a deepening confusion about events, time, and places.
Looks like Trump inherited Alzheimer...
Episode 5. What Putin sold to Trump Jr. or How we removed Hillary
Episode 5. Kill Bill Clinton
Kill Bill Clinton

Is this a "protection"? No, it′s a "perfect mark′ situation for a sniper, I mean, for me.
September 1, 1995
I was recruited by CIA and had to work as a killer and special operations expert for CIA and FBI. I had to spy on the White House and the U. S. Congress and kill American politicians.
Also, I, a KGB spy, had to teach American presidents how to rule America and created "The Professional" system – special instructions on successful election and re-election campaigns, strategic planning and top decisions making, national security, foreign policy and diplomacy, propaganda, economy, war and special operations. That’s why Bill Clinton won 1996 re-election campaign. In 2007 it was published as the White House Special Handbook. Obama was using it, and now – Trump.
I could never imagine that in America I could have a unique status, "carte blanche" which means a “license to kill” any politician who is the threat to CIA.
CIA and FBI also asked for effective interrogation, tortures and murders methods and readily used them in Guantanamo, Iraq and Afghanistan. I, not Condi Rice or Hillary Clinton, designed the world domination, “controlled chaos” and “color” revolutions strategies successfully used to blow up Yugoslavia, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, and unite USA and EU for the World War III for Russian resources.
But CIA wanted more from me – they had "a hell of a job up to my high professional skills as a former KGB anti-terror “Nabat” (”The Bell”) group sniper. Working abroad – Europe, Asia, Middle East – was OK with me, but I had no intention to kill politicians in America and play Lee Oswald-2. They′ve pressed me hard in return.
Who was the first target? President Bill Clinton – CIA wanted me "to stay close to him".

CIA and FBI awarded me with immigration status for my consent to kill President Bill Clinton.
I knew Bill Clinton′s favorite "Filomena" restaurant in Washington, D. C. and could kill him at the entrance with a decent sniper rifle like M21 (700 m effective accuracy).
CIA didn′t guarantee my personal security, so, and I couldn′t do “a big job” and Bill Clinton has to thank for saving his life.

“Filomena “ restaurant where Bill Clinton used to dine with other presidents.
Now I understand who was behind the operation – Donald Trump.
CIA tried to get me back and blocked my family reunion. I′ve sent information on planned Bill Clinton′s assassination to Senator Hillary Clinton and asked her to help me, KGB spy – and she did. She was fighting CIA for the whole year...

At the same time, I′ve informed President George Bush Jr. on the CIA operation and he asked department of Justice to look into the case. What happened next? Nothing – somebody blocked the President′s request!

Episode 6. How I helped Putin to remove Hillary Clinton
I made the biggest mistake in my life when I′ve helped Russian President Putin to steal the inevitable victory from people′s presidential candidate 2016 – Hillary Clinton.

I was sure she was going to start World War III with Russia.
Instead, I brought to power American Hitler, Putin′s close friend Donald Trump who′s going to terminate the United States.
Here′s the story.
To: Vladimir Putin
President of the Russian Federation
Kremlin, Moscow
September 4, 2013
(via special form on Putin′s personal site kremlin. ru)
Dear Mr. President,
The information I got recently from reliable sources indicates that Hillary Clinton, a former Secretary of State, is preparing for a very aggressive presidential campaign 2016. It′s important that she′s supported not only by the Rockefellers clan ($3 trln worth) but also by high-ranked neocons, hawks like a former VP Dick Cheney and also the the majority of Joint Chiefs of Staff.
That means that Hillary Clinton, in case she′s elected the U. S. President in 2016, will start the World War III with Russia for Russian resources.
That′s why I advise you, Mr. President to use your propaganda, political and technical possibilities (FSO and its division, FSO Special Communications and Information Service) to compromise Hillary Clinton and remove her from the presidential race 2016.
Thank you.
Mikhail Kryzhanovsky, a former KGB intelligence officer, a former CIA "Filament"
Earlier I′ve sent the same letter to Sergey Naryshkin, Russian Duma (the parliament) Speaker, KGB spy in 1978-1982, a former Putin′s Executive Office Chief in 2008-2011.

Sergey Naryshkin
He sent the letter to FSB (Russian Counterespionage Service) Chief Alexander Bortnikov, because I′ve mentioned a possible threat of Putin′s assassination by the Secret Service team.

Alexander Bortnikov, FSB Director
Secret Service killers (Klemm, Lieneman, Gurevich – see business cards below) were hunting me in New York in 2012, later Secret Service special agent Jason Pietramica asked me if I want to go to Moscow myself (to kill Putin, of course).

I can imagine how angry Putin was when Naryshkin showed him my letter – he had no doubt that Hillary Clinton, his personal enemy, was behind the Secret Service planned murder.
FSB answered me fast:

October 3, 2013
Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation
101100, 2 Lubyanskaya sq, Moscow
Dear Mikhail Ivanovich,
We received and looked into your letter to the Duma. We′ll use the information you′ve provided.
N. N. Zakharov, Chief, Center of Public Relations
Remember FSB (a former KGB) have very well trained killers – I was a member (a sniper) of KGB "Nabat" anti-terror team and I know very well how they work. If Putin orders to kill Hillary Clinton, they′ll do it no matter what.
Putin got my letter and answered fast, because Hillary Clinton was his personal enemy since 2008 presidential campaign when she said:" He [Putin] was a KGB agent. By definition he doesn’t have a soul, " He got very angry and punched her back saying that at a minimum, she should have a head, "
Besides, Putin knows me in person as the author of the White House Special Handbook and Espionage Handbook, and that′s why took my warning very seriously.

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