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By Mikhail Kryzhanovsky, KGB spy, CIA, FBI, Secret Service "Filament", the author of the White House Special Handbook, Espionage and Counterespionage Handbook.
kryzhanovsky77@gmail. com
New York

June 4, 2018
Rudy Giuliani, a former New York mayor/thief, Trump′s personal lawyer :"Trump can pardon himself"
Ok. Then, almighty Trump can have sex with himself?
Putin and "The Boomerang" Operation
Episode 1. Espionage management
Episode 2. How Putin handles Trump.
Episode 3. How Putin handles Ivanka, Trump Jr, Bannon
Episode 4. How to remove Trump : schizophrenia
Episode 5. Kill Bill Clinton
Episode 6. How I helped Putin to remove Hillary Clinton 2016
Episode 7. Trump: $50, 000 to remove or kill Obama
Episode 8. Trump to kill Hillary Clinton
Episode 9. Trump is Italian mafia associate.
Episode 10. Divider- in-Chief
Episode 11. Trump and Kelly : national security killers
Episode 12. Trump, Bannon : chaosbringers
Episode 13. Kill Trump
Episode 14. Putin + Trump + Kushner = MONEY
Episode 15. How to stop Putin
Episode 16. MI6 and CIA push Trump to WWIII
Episode 17. Wikileaks, my system and Trump 2016
How Putin elected Trump (instructions by M. Kryzhanovsky)
How Putin Rules the White House and America(instructions by M. Kryzhanovsky)
1. Trump never talks bad about Putin in person. Trump’s admiration for a strongman who presides over a system of autocratic cronyism, flouts international law with his territorial ambitions, works against U. S. interests in hot spots around the globe, and apparently might have even deployed computer hackers to meddle in our election looks weird. But it looks natural if they are a family.
2. Trump plays a "wife". He loves his husband.
He loves to brag that Putin once called him a “genius, ” claiming that he “got to know him well” as “stablemates” during separately pre-taped interviews airing on the same episode of CBS’s 60 Minutes.
3. Love is a also based on business. Trump’s love for Putin sits side by side with his material ties to Putin and assorted Russian oligarchs, from former campaign manager Paul Manafort—who worked to elect a Putin ally in Ukraine—to the strong evidence that Trump’s businesses received substantial funding from Russian elites.
4. Trump supports a language of Putin admiration on the mainstream right, where the Russian president is contrasted as a supposedly masculine alternative to the presumably effete Barack Obama : "... people are looking at Putin as one who wrestles bears and drills for oil. They look at our president [Obama] as one who wears mom jeans and equivocates and bloviates. ”
5. Trump is not shy to demonstrate his love : “When people call you brilliant, it’s always good, especially when the person heads up Russia. ”
6. Trump praised Putin with his victory in 2018 presidential elections, though every Republican was against it. Do you understand now that he couldn′t shut up?
7. “I’ve always felt fine about Putin" – criticized for those comments by Sen. Marco Rubio, Trump later said his detractors were just "jealous. "
8. Now it′s clear why Trump declined to support NATO guarantees of the Baltics. He wants to reorient NATO away from Russia entirely. He welcomed Russia’s incursion into Syria, even though it was pretty clearly not intended to fight ISIS. He suggested that Putin’s human rights record wasn’t really anything to be worried about. He pretty clearly signaled that he doesn’t care much about Russia’s invasion of either Crimea or Ukraine.
9. In November 2013, Trump said on MSNBC of the Miss Universe pageant he had a relationship with Vladimir Putin: “I do have a relationship and I can tell you that he’s very interested in what we’re doing here today... "
Thank you,
John Kelly, the White House Chief of Staff, for your conclusions: "CNN reported that Kelly has grown increasingly frustrated with Ivanka Trump since he entered the West Wing last July. Ivanka and Kushner have, in turn, grown exasperated with Kelly, viewing him as hostile to their continued presence in the White House". March 2, 2018
Thank you,
Senator Schumer for your understanding and reading my dossier: "I′ve served under six administrations, I have never seen such chaos... " March 2, 2018
Thank you,
President Trump for your decision to kick KGB asset Kushner and terrorist Ivanka Trump out of the White House : "President Trump is becoming “frustrated” with his son-in-law, White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, over a series of negative news stories, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman said. She explained a Times report that said Trump has privately asked chief of staff John Kelly to help move Kushner and his wife, senior adviser Ivanka Trump, out of the White House. She said Trump has been “all over the place” with his comments on the White House roles of Ivanka and Kushner. March 2, 2018.
Thank you,
President Trump for the truth on your cooperation with KGB : @realDonaldTrump Feb 18, 2018
"If it was the GOAL of Russia to create discord, disruption and chaos within the U. S. then, with all of the Committee Hearings, Investigations and Party hatred, they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. They are laughing their asses off in Moscow. Get smart America! "
Thank you,
President Bush, for your support : "[on Putin]... the demise of the Soviet Union troubles him. Therefore, much of his moves (are) to regain Soviet hegemony. " George Bush Jr., February 9, 2018
Thank you,
ex-FBI Leo Taddeo for your support: "I think it′s fairly clear the Russians have a cheap and effective way to sow discord and confusion and really undermined the basic principles of democracy. They′re going to target whatever makes people passionate, whatever will get them out. And they′re going to try to amplify that disagreement and create the kind of division that creates a distraction from America focusing on what Russia thinks is important – things like Ukraine and other foreign policy issues. If Americans aren′t so confident in their president or the Congress or their government in general, then it makes America weaker when it comes time to act on the foreign stage. … It′s a brilliant use of a simple technique that′s cheap relative to other intelligence operations [designed] to weaken us. " February 25, 2018.
TO: Robert Mueller, Special Counsel
U. S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001
RE: A Separate investigation into the planned murders of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama by Donald Trump
Dear Mr. Mueller,
I insist on a separate investigation into the planned murders of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
I think, Donald Trump asked CIA to do the job. CIA hired me.
So, President Trump isn′t just KGB asset and a traitor, he′s a murderer.
If you have any questions on the story and the documents I′ve sent you, you are welcome any time to contact me.
Thank you.
Mikhail Kryzhanovsky
"New Russian World Order" or a "controlled chaos” strategy – Putin′s “new world order” to be established through the international chaos, permanent wars, civil wars and revolutions.
My definition :
"Controlled chaos” strategy – geopolitical re-division of the world by provoking riots, revolutions, civil wars and overthrowing regimes in independent from Russia sovereign states to establish the Russia′s world hegemony. Political, national, religious and social conflicts in target countries have to be permanent. The strategy is being covered by a "struggle against international terrorism". The operation is preceded by information war against the target regime and backed by the Russia military forces if necessary.
Inside USA the strategy is used to provoke the U. S. government collapse.
By Trump.
Who already threatened twice government shutdown (in August, 2017 and January, 2018) over funding of his schizophrenic plan to build the wall along US -Mexican border.
Trump was crazy about the U. S. presidency since 1988 when had previously considered a presidential run as a Republican, but chose not to run. He was ready to start a presidential campaign of 2000 when he announced the creation of a presidential exploratory committee on October 7, 1999. For 2000, Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura persuaded Trump to seek the presidential nomination of the Reform Party. Trump Oprah Winfrey as his ideal running mate. He made numerous media appearances as a candidate, traveled to campaign events in Florida, California, and Minnesota, and qualified for two presidential primaries. Trump officially ended his campaign on the February 14, 2000. A poll matching Trump against likely Republican nominee George W. Bush and likely Democratic nominee Al Gore showed Trump with seven percent support. Despite his withdrawal, Trump won both primaries for which he qualified. He then considered running as a Republican in the 2012 presidential election but decided against it.
He tried to kill Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to remove the competitors and speed up the process.
December 19, 2017
"I think... what a great case officer Vladimir Putin is. He knows how to handle an asset, and that′s what he′s doing with the President. You have to remember Putin′s background. He′s a KGB officer. That′s what they do. They recruit assets". James Clapper, a former Director of National Intelligence, CNN "The Lead with Jake Tapper" interview
October 9, 2017, Sochi, Russia
Vladimir Putin talking about NATO: "Everything is under control".

THE "BOOMERANG" OPERATION In 1991 Sioviet Union, the nuclear superstate, collapsed. How?
President Reagan pressed Arab oilers and they put enough stuff on the market to drop the prices and kill the Soviet economy which depended mostly on oil export.
In 2000 Vladimir Putin, a former KGB spy, was elected the President of Russia, a former Soviet republic. He called the USSR collpase "the biggest tragedy of the 20th century′.
Putin made a strategic decision to destroy the USA by recruiting the U. S. presidents who can disable the power, destroy America′s economy, inflame revolution or civil war, cut the country and the nation into pieces, provoke the total collapse of the States.
It′a a revenge.
It′s what the Boomerang" operation is about.
World War III : Russia is the target and the prize.
The sources of energy (oil, gas, uranium, coal) are rapidly coming to an end. At the same time China, India, Brazil, Indonesia are rapidly growing. We have 9 billion people on Earth with energy, food and fresh water supplies coming to an end in the next 25-40 years. That means that 500 million Europeans and 300 million Americans have to lower their standards of living – and they will not accept this! On top of it we have the global financial and economic crisis which is actually killing America. The only way out – to capture resources that still remain to preserve our standards of living. Russia has the world′s largest reserves of mineral and energy resources, the world′s largest forest reserves and 25% of the world′s fresh water. Russia is energy superpower : #1 in the world in natural gas reserves, #8 in oil reserves and #2 in coal reserves.
Russian President Putin will do everything and will pay anything to postpone the war as long as possible, at least until 2020 when military reform will be completed. Putin is quickly turning Russian army into the strongest army in the world, but he needs 4 more years. That′s why Rockefellers are in rush. Hillary hates Putin, though she was working for him, Kissinger, Rockefellers guy, was working with Putin – but these are all political games. The facts are – USA can′t wait until Putin′s army is ready for the war in 2020, they have to attack. Millions of Americans will die
I′m 40 years in international espionage, I′ve graduated KGB Counterespionage School, KGB Intelligence Institute and got a special experience as KGB "Nabat" anti-terror group sniper. I worked for KGB, SBU (Ukraine). I worked for CIA, FBI and the U. S. Secret Service – all three are anti-American agencies. All three wanted me to kill American presidents.
I′ve published two books I′m proud of – the White House Special Handbook and Espionage and Counterespionage Handbook.
And my world counts in espionage business.
PART 3. How Putin elected Trump (instructions by M. Kryzhanovsky)
PART 4. How Putin Rules the White House and America(instructions by M. Kryzhanovsky)
Episode 1. Espionage management.
Spy Code
1. No mercy, no ideology, no emotions.
2. Intuition is nothing but the ability to watch and analyze.
3. No evidence is evidence in itself.
4. Distrust is a mother of security.
5. Never look as if you are sizing up the person – that’s a sign that gives away cops and spies.
6. Don’t start first if you don’t know the rules.
7. The way you act is the way you think – behavior is a system of codes (information) which could be calculated by the enemy. Watch your face – that’s a shop window.
8. Think fast, talk slow.
9. Avoid self-programming and never think bad about yourself.
10. Don’t smoke, drink or take drugs if it’s not necessary; spare your stomach from very hot or cold food or drinks; avoid too much noise and light.
11. Don’t be shy to lie – the more you lie the more people respect you.
12. Let people talk out and “empty their brains” – then load your information.
13. People never change – everybody wants to get pleasure and avoid pain.
14. “He knew too much” means “He talked too much. ”
15. Never ask extra questions – wait. Wait and the object will get used to you and open himself – nobody can stay tense for long.
16. Lonely people live longer in espionage business.
17. “No exit” situation is the one you don’t like or don’t understand.
18. Avoid:
– personal enemies (they fix negative information on you)
– silent types (they notice and think too much)
– other professionals (they’ll blow your identity)
– extra stress (it damages your heart and blood vessels and that kills your brain and your ability to think )
– talking too much
19. The best weapon against your enemy is his enemy.
20. “I want nothing” means “I want everything”.
21. Small lie gives birth to big distrust.
How to run assets
You can get tons of information through technical devices but no device can influence decisions made by leaders of other countries. That’s why for thousands of years to come, a reliable agent will be the top tool of any special service, and their actual names have to be kept secret forever, please. Trump, VIP agent (a top government employee) is a very rare thing and depends hugely on luck, because he can make or influence big political decisions. Trump has access to the Oval Office, he can change the world and America, and can sabotage global political, economic or military actions.
Spies identification
If a spy is an intelligence officer working abroad under "cover" (diplomat, businessman, reporter) you can identify him by:
– following the careers of all diplomats who work at your enemy’s embassies all over the world
– recruiting a "mole" inside the intelligence service (or inside the station)
– setting up your agent for recruitment by the enemy’s station
– watching foreigners who try to make discreet contacts with native citizens with access to secrets
– making a model of a spy (professional behavior, attempts to detect surveillance, attempts to recruit sources or just get any classified information during normal meetings, "throwing away" money trying to get access to government employees, military and scientific circles)
– using secret surveillance and listening devices inside the station and practicing secret searches
If a spy is an intelligence officer working in your country under "cover" of a native citizen (or he is recruited by a native citizen) you identify him by making a model (contacts with identified spies — that’s often the only sign which points out a spy, and that’s why surveillance is very important in getting information from a "mole").

CIA “mole” “Gentile” and KGB intelligence officer V. Martynov arrested at Moscow airport, 1987 (executed).

CIA agent and KGB “mole” Aldrich Ames arrested by FBI, 1994.
CIA “mole” and KGB intelligence officer V. Martynov arrested at Moscow airport, 1987. Later he was executed.
A "mole" is a spy inside the government, recruited or "installed" most often within the special services, by an outside government/agency. The 3 most dangerous things a "mole" can do:
1. Calculate President’s plans and decisions judging by information he’s asking for.
2. Manipulate information being sent to President, and thus influence global political decisions
3. Paralyze to some extent the government (if he’s CIA or FBI Director)
Methods to detect a "mole":
A. Use index cards (special file) — never use computers to save this information!
Prepare a file on each officer and mark there the signs of a "mole" — has or spends too much money, asks too many extra questions; uses professional skills to check for physical and technical surveillance; has discreet contacts with foreigners; discreet copying of top secret documents; attempts to get a job in most secret departments; talks with close friends and family members about the possibility of making money as a "mole"; behavior deviations — extra suspiciousness, excitement, depression, drugs or alcohol addiction. Three signs are enough to start an investigation — the "triangulation" principle.
B. Use provocation. If a prospective "mole" is looking for a contact with the enemy and is ready to betray, and you have exact information, organize such a "meeting" for him. Do not arrest the person right away — play along, as he may give you connections to other people who are ready to betray. There’s one more provocation method: you supply the suspects with "highly classified information" and just watch what they do.
C. Use "filter" or "narrowing the circle. " Include all the officers you suspect in a "circle" and narrow it until one name is left as the most likely suspect.
D. Make a "model" of a "mole, " judging by information you have on him.
E. Recruit an insider. Recruit a "mole" inside your enemy’s intelligence service and he’ll help you to find the one inside yours (it’s called "grabbing the other end of a thread").
F. Don’t trust anybody.
What to do if you detect a "mole"
– assess the damage
– restrict his access to classified information and start "feeding" him with fake data
– stop all operations he was involved in and create the illusion they are still in progress
– bring home officers and agents who work abroad and had contacts with him and those to whose files he had access
– start 24/7 surveillance if you’ve decided to play the game and look into his contacts
– arrest the "mole" discreetly (if you want to continue the game)
Attention : Effective methods to prevent treason do not exist.
How to cover your "mole"
There are special methods to cover your own "mole" and a "switch" is the most effective — it’s when you "switch" counterintelligence to other, innocent persons who work with the "mole. " You can try information "leaks" through a "double agent" — it looks like you receive top secret information through another traitor or by breaking the electronic security systems. Or you can try information "leak" through publications in big newspapers — it looks like information is not secret and is known to many people or there’s another "mole. "
Categories of agents
A. "Garbage" (60%), the "no trust " category.
Recruitment is #1 priority for the officer and a part of his working plan and very often he has to recruit people who are not born agents. You can work with a nice guy, teach him, pay him, press him — and he still avoids any cooperation (busy, sick, on vacation, etc. ). It’s hard to get rid of him because, first, you have to explain to your superiors why you recruited garbage and second, there’s a rule: if you want to be very smart and innovative, a reformer, who came here to start intelligence revolution and get rid of a passive agent, recruit an active one first. Also, agents who work under pressure (blackmail) sooner or later slide into this category.
B. Trump
Good agents (30%), middle category. They adhere to the rules of discipline and keep the schedule (that’s very important even if there’s no information), deliver a lot of information that you have to verify through other sources, but don’t show much initiative. Used for regular espionage: go and talk to the object, copy documents, make a recording, take pictures, listen, watch. You can trust them and check often, anyway.
C. Born agents (10%). You are very lucky if you can recruit such people. They betray their country with pleasure and sometimes do not even ask for money because it’s in their character — they are looking for adventure or are not happy with their personal or professional life and seek improvement or revenge. They take risks, have good analytical abilities, good education, make (VIP) connections easily, "crack" any object, play the "good guy" whom you can trust. Sometimes they come to you as volunteers, and if they bring valuable stuff – recruit them
Special category. Women.
Women are a special category here, as elsewhere, and the rule is: if you can’t recruit a real agent, you recruit a woman. It’s not professional to recruit a woman for a serious operation, but if you want to get to an important object, a woman can introduce you. OK, you can recruit a US Senator’s secretary or a typist from the Pentagon, but it will be on your conscience if she gets caught. Such cases entail a life sentence, usually — how would you feel? Besides, women often fall in love with their objects and tell them everything. Finally, a married woman is much bigger problem than a married man.
Recruitment rules
Recruit a small number of well-informed people.
Do not recruit:
– volunteers (unless it’s a "mole" or other government employee who brings you top secret information right away. In a counter-intelligence set-up, a "volunteer" will try to get information about you, telling the minimum about himself. )
– persons with low educational and intellectual level
– people under 30 or over 70, unless it’s a VIP. (Did someone get Jim Baker? Dick Cheney? )
– mafia members
– people who are happy with their lives and careers
The best formula when you recruit is a mix of money and ideology (brainwashing). It’s not necessary to sign recruitment obligations — people take that as a blackmail tool. It’s enough if the fellow brings a good piece of information and get paid (make a video, anyway).
Recruitment Pyramid
Priority recruitment candidates in the USA:
The White House staff
The Cabinet and federal agencies
The US Congress
Big corporations
Big scientific institutions
Local politicians
VIP world (celebrities – big media, show biz, big sport)
Candidates for recruitment
1. Trump.
2. All spies who work in the USA under legal "cover" as diplomats, reporters, scientists, businessmen, actors, artists, musicians, sportsmen have the legal right to make and develop any contacts and invite people to private parties; then they "transfer" these contacts to professional recruiters. Any embassy can invite any politician to official and private parties and "work" with him there. Besides, all those people can invite prospective candidates to their countries or to other country to develop the contact; it’s much easier to recruit abroad. And remember, any contact, any talk, any piece of biography is already information.
3. You can get information about candidates through other agents and through the media.
4. It’s useful to install listening devices in the government buildings or listen to the phones, and collect compromising information on politicians. I recommend listening to the phones all over the city, if it’s the capital of the country.
Episode 2. How Putin handles Trump
Recruitment starts 2008
1. Russian SVR (Foreign Intelligence Service, former KGB) starts a file on any American citizen with big money and political connections who talks positive about President Putin.
ATTENTION : SVR has files on all American politicians who make statements on their possible run for the U. S. President. Trump made such statements and he was running for the President in 2000.
2. SVR file on Trump appeared in 2008 with the purpose of his recruitment and receiving political information from his multi[ple sources in the U. S. Congress and the White House.
3. SVR officers under cover of the Russian Consulate diplomats met Trump in New York City in 2012-2013 and made him a very generous offer – he can get a green light to any projects in Russia in exchange for his spying for the Russian government. Trump refused the offer. That′s why Putin ordered SVR Director Mikhail Fradkov to prepare a special operation, place Trump into a compromising sexual situation, blackmail him and recruit as a secret source.
4. Prostitutes were SVR female officers – Trump was too big a target to trust the street hookers. They were instructed to play most pervert sexual games with Trump including a "golden shower", "brown shower" and "pig slave" – sorry I can′t go into details, check porno sites and magazines for that, please.
5. Miss Universe 2013, the 62nd Miss Universe pageant, was held on November, 9, 2013 at the Crocus City Hall, Krasnogorsk, a suburb of Moscow, Russia. Trump came a week before and stayed at the Ritz Carlton. His Russian assistants recommended him the best Russian prostitutes ready to make him happy. Trump agreed and put himself in a trap.  

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