Just reflect in my life like the sun does,
Simply be, gift your kindness and warmth,
Lighten silently spring my, while it laughs,
Circulating in veins, getting growth. 

Just exist in my life like the air stays, 
Let me breathe you without standstills,
Under water, in deserts, where heat plays,
Cure my breast, make survive with no pills.

Just delight in my life like the flame makes,
Be my flaring bonfire, red blaze, 
I’ll uplift over you spotless banners,
With a torch I’ll my chasers erase. 

Just arise in my life like the bird flies
Sing me temptingly, soaring in clouds,
Lead me forward to southern solstice,
Lull me softly, deliver from crowds.

Just record in my life like the prayer,
Be my prayer against evil ghosts,
Don’t allow me to deal with sharp razor,
Keep away all damnations and frosts.

Just appear in my life like the rain comes, 
Be its drops, fall and saturate us, 
Wash my face, beat your magical skin drums,
Penetrate into shadows of grass. 

Just revive in my life like the fairy,
Gratify me by tones of your flute,
Leave your trace on my lips like blueberry,
Wash away those, who lie to be cute.

Just go on through my life like a dawn blooms,
Which is full of smooth colors and hopes,
Be my winter, my apricot summer,
Be my rescue from poisonous copes.   

Be my lake, my magnificent valley,
Just exist in my life, just be near,
Be my compass, be during night sally,
If you be, I will conquer my fear.

Just exist in my life with no duties,
Just reflect there whatever you want,
Then it will be much longer and beauty,
Will create, what I never have learned.

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© 15.10.2010 Анатолий Щербак
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      16.10.2010   09:24:45
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Memori. don`t stick up. Let`s get merged. Trust
And make me trust that we are one.

Анатолий Щербак       16.10.2010   12:54:37

such a wonderful combination of experience and trust really create The WHOLE... its name is LOVE! if we have it within... no doubt we are the ones...