The story flows through blurred reflection
Of my frustrated secret love,
I’m flying back in your direction
Like wounded, weakened lonely dove.

I try to find my precious feelings,
The quietest shelter with no lie, 
I don’t receive the other meanings - 
You are my true I can’t deny. 

You made me cry and stole my power,
When left my world with gloomy face,
You carried off my blooming flower
And closed my door to former place.

Where were two happy smiling persons,
Two soaring souls high in the sky:
But he has gone to velvet curtains,
And she’s at moment passing by.

She passes by her future troubles,
She doesn’t want to loose her past,
She dresses up her moveless marbles, 
She makes her sadness smoothly fast. 

I see myself in her behaviour, 
’Cause I’m repeating same regress:
I’m plucking at my last endeavour.
I feel no you but frozen stress.

It makes me play with perfect silence,
Dance with my loneliness by night;
In such a way I’m killing violence, 
I’m just a woman who can fight.

And win the ruthless isolation,
Deriving forces from my heart,
I try to solder our passion,
I try to keep from smitten smart.

You are the reason of my aiming,
You are the echo of my voice,
Though caused me pain by your betraying,
You are my serene with no noise.

I’m so confused in meditations
Of my decoded, captured mind
I’m like a slave of my relation
And without you my eyes are blind.

And without you my lips are bitter.
My skin is colder than granite.
My fingers touch acanthous thistle.
I can’t my memory delete. 

I can’t forget your warm embraces,
You are my everything I had,
But now I meet another faces... 
What should I do? What can I get?

I don’t intend to be another.
You know, I’m always only yours!
It’s like a child in bearing mother,
We are connected by one force...

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© 04.10.2010 Анатолий Щербак
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      21.10.2010   23:46:42
Отзыв:   положительный
But a miracle is a miracle, and a miracle is God.
When you are at a loss, it reaches you
Suddenly and unexpectedly amidst the chaos.

Анатолий Щербак       21.10.2010   23:55:02

it's better to sink in the chaos, than to cut fragile feelings, given by the God, with croocked blades of fear...