Space monster. English version

Space monster. English version
What is hiding in those parts of cosmos,
That is buried from curious eyes?
Maybe stench of decay will us compass
Or the death with the sharp piercing cries.

We don′t know what awaits us in darkness.
Cosmos beckons us, charms and invites.
And we spit on the signs with the pertness,
When we′re going to dangerous flight.

In the cold and serene silent glimmer
Of the stars, our spaceship arrives.
Waits for you for a nice bloody dinner
Something alien. Something alive.

And it feels smelly threads of the fear.
In the shadows it′s your bitter fate.
It′s not cruel, but hungry and drear,
So it′s better to run, not to wait.

Our dream is the Universe learning,
Our goal is the search of new lands.
And the soul leaves the body with yearning...
Final sigh. And the silence. The end.

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