Myrski Against Myrski


(conglomerate folder)

by Chris MYRSKI,   2014 - 2016


(devastating criticism)

     In every person live two people, the exact person and his (or her) alter ego, his other entity, his opposite; sometimes in a person live more personalities, yet this is by schizophrenics and we are not such. I mean that we with Chris Myrski are not such people, and I am his antipode. I, as you see, was silent until now, but: how long one can play dumb? When you listen to (i.e. read) Myrski you may come to the conclusion that he is such coryphaeus that is rarely met, but the truth is that he is just an impostor, I′ll tell you. I will tell you this if he allows me, of course, for he as if has promised but who knows ...
     — Don′t worry, Myrski, you can spit at me as much as you want, I will not hold your throat, you bet it. Because, in fact, the throat is also my, right?
     — Well, you see, gentlemen, he imagines that the negative publicity is also publicity, but I don′t believe much in this for the reason that: where is the moral, ah? It can′t be one and the same whether you are praised or are reproved, can it?
     — Surely that it can! Nowadays everything is in the publicity, but it was so also in the antiquity, when people set fire to some temples, only to become known. And whether you become known with something good or with something bad is of importance only if you are condemned, but nobody condemns me, I am idealized personality, I in some sense am not present, don′t exist, I am not I.
     It is so, really, gentlemen. I exactly intended to tell you that he, when you look at him, and can say to yourself: this man is somewhere in retirement age, he has, maybe, learned something, let us listen to him, yes? And he is, well, not an youngster, this would have been an exaggeration, but he is only twenty five now, he is product of our democracy, and all what he writes about his two and a half (or, maybe, and three-quarters, ah?) tertiary educations refers to the real person, not to this pseudo-personality. The very Myrski is simply a laic, uneducated, can be said just having learned how to read and write, he ...
     — Everything is correct, Myrski, but you better don′t speak about educations because will begin to praise me. I, as I have alone coined this term, and as you know perfectly well, am intelligent laic, what in my understanding means a person who simply can reason, but is a laic in the given area. I have graduated in the field of exact sciences, not in the field of politics, or linguistics, but nonetheless have significant contribution, I think, precisely in these fields. As well also in the field of poetical jokes and humoresques, where an education is not at all required. I have discussed the topic of intellect enough, yet here can be stressed that the purpose of education is to teach the people to reason, what usually is not an easy thing and in many cases can not be reached with education, and this, what is reached with it, is an ability to walk in one harness with the other educated people in their narrow field. Because of this I am not ashamed that I am a laic, and even if you will express a wish to explain to the readers that this word, although Latin, laicus, yet has to relate — but this according to Myrski, don′t forget this — with Bulgarian word of Gypsy origin "layno", what means ... sh#t in English, only with this small difference that our word supposes something liquid, while the English one, which is German, Scheiße, is something sliding or shooting out. Thank you for the attention, Myrski.
     You see it, it is never possible to speak with him seriously, and even when you criticize him really devastating he always succeeds to wriggle out. And if this: I, Myrski, say this, and you, Myrski, state that, impresses you, then you just don′t pay any attention to this, we converse between ourselves in this way, and have never till now got confused, ha, ha. So, well, I must warn you that he is an impostor, and you act later how you find it good. He is not at all professional in these fields and applies some own methods of proofs, which has nothing in common with the used by specialists methods, mark this. All these etymological proofs are "not worth a penny", neither in politology, nor in etymology. And he has also not sent his works to such specialists, no, he just thinks that he knows everything about everything, he is contemporary encyclopedist — this in 21st century, do you imagine it? But be it in 20th century, because he has begun to write exactly in the last decade of former century, still this is funny. I am laughing over this impostor Myrski with his pseudo-scientific methods of work. Laugh you, too, ladies and gentlemen, make him feel ashamed, it serves him right!
     — Well, have you finished your tirade? Take a bit of air, now, else you can suffocate and leave me alone to fight with this world, without "counterweight". I have begun to engage myself in politological researches for the simple reason that, with the coming of democracy, the simplicity of people have begun to stand out so clearly that it literally blinds them, and they, being unable to see anything, praise it to the left and to the right. That′s it. Under the totalitarianism people dared not so boldly to show their stupidity, but now they are simply proud with it, because this as if is ruling of the people. It isn′t, though, ruling of the people, it is just a way to stuff the mouth of the populace, a baby pacifier, I have spoken about this many times. The people in power are just profiting from the stupidity of common people and somebody has to open them the eyes, has not? Well, to all appearances I will not succeed to open their eyes, when they so much like to be deceived, but then I have simply found for myself an interesting intellectual occupation, because you know perfectly well that with the coming of Bulgarian democracy it as if has set itself the goal of destroying the entire Bulgarian intelligentsia, for it was pro-Russian, and, hence, corrupt, harmful, et cetera.
     — So the Bulgarian intelligentsia, especially the technical one, had only three ways out: either to retrain and get new qualification, chiefly in the sphere of commerce, what means of the cheating, or to flee abroad, if they will take you there, for there were gathered many "mice" from the sinking totalitarian "ships", or then learn to live in Western way using to your benefit the stupidity of the others. Roughly one third of those people changed their work what saved them from starvation, yet hardly has given them pleasure from the work; actually, in the first 3-4 years, and even 8-10, after the coming of democracy, the only work for "intelligent" people (it was written so in the advertisements for work) was to become peddlers, selling to the people things at their own risk, even not for fixed salary, how it is in every profession. I was not tempted by such kind of work. An another third, approximately, has fled abroad, and also now about 10-20% of Bulgarians, mainly young, work abroad, like immigrants, receiving less than the native people there and without insurance, almost illegally, for three months, then back home, then again to somewhere, but in any case this has given them several times more than if they have worked at home; I have tried to do this, but in the age of 40 nowhere have taken anybody just so as immigrant, so that I have studied one year on the West as postgraduate student (this is where from the half education comes), but the allocated money finished and I was forced to return back home. Only about one third of the intellectuals have managed to adapt to the new circumstances, but they were people, either younger than 30, or older than 50, in the year 1990, where those in between, like me, have suffered most of all. Such were the things.
     — OK, Myrski, I don′t deny your excuses, but this does not mean that you must offer the people untraditional things, neither really scientific, nor real fiction, but some semi-scientific surrogates, which do not fall in any genres. This is the reason why people don′t read you much, but just so, incidentally ...
     — Well, here also can be argued. Because the popular things are untraditional, but such things are necessary for the people, it is not at all easy to write scientifically popular literature, not easy because by not pretty accurate look at the things this is already not serious for known scientists, besides they have not enough tome for such things, where I, when I work not entirely in my field, although not much afar of it (in some of my Manifestos), can allow myself this, I am not such well-known "venerable" scientist, I was only a tiny cog, an usual research assistant. Yet having lived in three different states, on the "East" (for Russia is not real East), as also on the West, knowing 3-4 languages, having still different educations, am showing far from average look at the things. And on the other hand this, that I am not traditional writer, must, in my opinion, be an advantage, i.e. it depends on the viewpoint. Semi-scientific surrogates, as you express yourself, are in many cases worthwhile things, because I alone in my youth wanted to read something cynical, but nobody offered such things to me, and even now they are not offered, I suppose. ...
     — And what kind of "proofs" are these your etymological things, that begin to emerge even in your first book, in "The communism as religion", and later on, from time to time, also emerge, even in your science-fiction (in your understanding of the term) stories?
     — Well, my dear Myrski, you know that there is a big difference between the exact sciences, and the so called humanitarian or descriptive, or maybe narrative, ones, where on the place of exactness appear classifications, and the language is filled with all sorts of terminology, which is not understandable to the common people and because of this they regard such scientists as scientists. Like, for example, with the lawyers, or grammarians, or linguists, and so on. From the point of view of the exactness, as far as it can not be found in such sciences — say, in politics and politology, — the best decision is heaping of arguments, what I call "cumulative" proofs, or, putting it otherwise, piles of arguments, and the more are they the better the given thesis is defended. So that I agree that other people have spoken about the communism not in this way as I treat this topic, but, after all, I am unique, not like the others, am I not? And then I also perform some classification in this book, I try to approach the matters in their way, only more exact and unbiased, for I am not defending the communists.
     — So, and as to the etymological arguments — here you are right, this is my contribution. I allow you to speak about Myrski′s method of proving with the help of words from various languages and relations between them. I can say something here, as my justification, but also as explanation. I am "justifying" myself with this, that in the epoch of loss of all moral values, which has come with the appearance of democracy, I have begun to search something on what I can catch hold, to what one can believe. And — in the style of English lords, occupying themselves with etymological researches for their own pleasure — I have decided that in the words, and chiefly between word of one and the same root, after they have "cruised" enough around the world, are hidden very important things, is hidden information about the worldview of the people from different nations, i.e. this is a way to finding of unprejudiced truth! This is, naturally, with heuristic degree of precision, this is not always so, people can err sometimes — like for example with the supposedly rotation of the Sun around the Earth — but if some idea is hidden in the words then it most probably is thought through and deeply felt, and in such case it has to be true. (And this, about the rotation of Earth, changes practically nothing in the model of judgement of the people, until they do not exit beyond its boundaries into the cosmos, or don′t use in some way mechanisms which are placed in the space; the Sun again raises and sets, and so on.) This is so because the words have invented and chosen, taken from other languages, and do so all the time, the very people, not the learned grammarians — in contrast with the very grammar, which the people always try to simplify, no matter that the accuracy will suffer from this. The etymological proofs even today, when for a generation of time I have, more or less, become used to the inevitably-necessary (this is judicial terminology, if I am not wrong, or economic) stupidity of democracy, weights still a lot. This is what I can give as explanation of my etymological researches and their applying wherever only I can; this is interesting for me, carries special attraction.
     — Yes, of course, the poetical Etymological research as Appendix to the "Communism" carries some special "attraction", but it is difficult for understanding in all these languages.
     — Well, Myrski, but I wanted simply to test myself, whether I will succeed to write verses in four languages, and especially with the German I have had problems; I hope the readers will be more or less forgiving.
     — Those readers who manage to overcome it, but there are not many such readers. Yet, in the end, the Internet is not quite suitable for serious reading, especially on literary sites. So be it. And how you will excuse yourself for the invention of pentaism, ah?
     — Exactly here I have no intentions to excuse myself, I think that this is, probably, the most interesting part of the book, this is utopia and it is very logical. Well, the readers hardly try to follow attentively the course of my reasonings, yet I have made efforts, I, in principle, have taken nothing from the blue, there just isn′t another way to unite together the reason and the stupidity, according to me this is a masterpiece. And I defend there for the first time the thesis — which I think is my own, i.e. that I have discovered it, although it isn′t excluded that I reinvent the wheel — about this, that the atheists are believers! By God, this is an epochal work, yet the topic is unrewarding, people are fed up with it and because of this don′t pay enough attention to this material. But I am not angry at them, for it was a pleasure for me to write it ...
     — Oh, Myrski, Myrski, who is interested whether it was a pleasure for you to do something or not? The readers want that there was a pleasure for them to read it, right? And were you pleased or not to write it — well, they don′t give a damn about this. You have written it not for the people but for yourself ...
     — Ah, here you hit the bull′s eye! Of course. I am now 25 years unemployed (because I have studied much) and it is quite clear that I will write this what gives pleasure to me. To suffer for the public can allow himself one, let us say, Shakespeare, because he was known in his time and the public went to his tragedies, yet I don′t believe that he so much liked all this blood shed there, do you get it? Although he surely liked this "versing" ( versare in Italian, as well also in Latin, means: to pour, twist, enter, and il verso is a verse, but here is Russian "vertet" as to rotate, too), a kind of interweaving of the words, finding rhymes. But if a creator is not known, and does not push strongly to adapt to the audience, then he must write for his pleasure, I think, per il suo diletto, in Italian, from here comes the word dilettante. So that I advocate the dilettantism in the creative work, ha, ha.
     — OK, let us take that we have finished with the "Religion". And what kind of nonsense are these "Manifestos", ah? For they look like nothing literary. But one can not say that they are silly, because there are formulas and tables in them, and quite difficult expressions, although not from the higher mathematics. People as if are afraid of them, or think that you are out of your mind.
     — Yet they read them a little. Well, these are scientific models, they are serious and scientifically sound, a significant part of them, especially those where are mathematical Addendums to them (like DDD, ZSG, and others), although at the moment they sound utopian, but on the other hand they present also sharp critique of democracy, because they give, all of them, some ideal model, without drawbacks, starting from the given in the beginning of each Manifesto initial data. The democracy, being based on delusion, is brimming with flaws, so that I have not had special problems with the choice of specific for each of them viewpoint. In my opinion this is very interesting book, but it is for people with scientific bent of mind, even not simply for such with tertiary education. Though this is true not for all of them, there are some easy for understanding of their ideas, also directly comical (like CCW, USC, FFF, CCC, and others).
     — So, but I have had no intention in the beginning to write a whole book, I have written only DDD, and for a long time have believed alone that have found salvation from the stupidities of democracy, but have given it to one intelligent person to read and have received from him an answer in the sense that this is an interesting utopia. Well, if so, said I to myself, then let me write also other such utopias, and did exactly this. Only that I thought to limit myself with the number 5 or 6. Yet later on they became more than this, and I moved to 10, and further came to dozen, and at the end they turned to be even 13, with the Addendum Hurray; there is in the end also some decent number of aphorisms about the democracy and other related with this things. If they are not taken seriously they can be read like a kind of political science fiction, or like jokes of scientist about democracy, but there are very important ideas in them, which can, really, be implemented, if desired. All the same, they, like the majority of my things, don′t belong to one genre, they are between- or poly- genre — here is nothing to be done, such is my style, nonstandard.
     So, my honoured readers, by Myrski everything is nonstandard, not like by the others, so that you can, if you want, to think that he has gone mad, for this, after all, is the top of nonstandard way of thinking. — And how were "hatched" your "Cynical essays", ah, Myrski? Maybe you have to apply for Ph.D. in cynicism, ah?
     — As you pretty well know I have not specially read cynics, but I have had, still, an idea about the cynicism, each young man is interested about this topic, and I alone have been interested in it before. But I don′t intend to excuse myself. What I can say is that this book I have written as if considering the public, I thought that they will like it, and have not made big error here, because it is more read than the "Manifestos", although for me it was much easier to write it. So, and as far as I have not read other cynics then it turns that this is my own cynical view at the things, isn′t it? Well, it can′t be said that here I have done without some (negative) intervention of a woman, who has forced me to search for cynical view at the things in order to pacify my soul, but this was known already from Ancient Greece, more precisely that when you marry there are two possibilities, either you will get a good wife and then be happy, or else will become philosopher; I have got a Russian girl, what for the Bulgarians explains everything. Id est, I want to say, that each philosopher has his Xanthippe.
     — Notwithstanding this, I have made a lot of efforts to systematize the main ideas, as well to invent some basic laws, like: these for the living matter, the principles of creation, the necessity of violence, the tendencies of evolvement of society in the future, and so on; my own are also the conclusions about the man and the woman, about the intellect, about the religion, about the justice, about the population, and other things, not to mention the Constitution of Cynicland. This is my philosophy but it is popular, it is written for everybody, it is unbiased, because I try simply to look at the world and draw conclusions, I don′t moralize and don′t adjust myself to anyone′s views, i.e. I again serve to nobody except to the truth (in my understanding), I, as usual, am unique.
     — Good fellow, Myrski, you are the newest and the greatest philosopher of the world, who has invented his own philosophy. You, can be said, are the most intelligent ... cur, because this is it what the cynicism means, a fast movement, kinematics, like by all canis-canines, who do not lie quiet, neither well brought up, but just bark at everybody ...
     — OK, Myrski, there′s no need to explain me what the cynicism means. But for me this is simply realism! By me everything is unembellished, I even the morality deduce not from moral positions, because they can be wrong, but from the harsh necessity. The cynicism is not for faint-hearted but for seeking individuals, for those aiming at the knowledge, and I offer them this knowledge on a gilded saucer. That′s what I am! Well, move further because I begin to be bored by all this.
     — Further, Myrski, comes your publicistics, which is basically unpublished, but as far as it is intended for this I will not find fault with the name. There you also discover new Americas, which nobody before you have noticed, ah? All people have simply sailed and sailed for centuries in the social waters, but nobody has noticed the new world, and here comes our Myrski and there at once have emerged on the horizon new islands and continents. So?
     — I don′t understand your humour, but be it so. Published is not much, about ten pieces, but in the end I have given up to send anywhere more materials, because I am non-conformist, and the more stable the democracy set foot in Bulgaria the more the people there became used to the new fables and demanded their beloved opium or delusions. But I have also here a heap of new ideas, like economic, so also social ones, and new sights at old things, and many propositions for bettering of the situation. I agree that my propositions continue to sound utopian for many people, but it is so with the reasonable ideas in our non-reasonable world. I do my duty for education of the masses, and want they alone to be educated or not remains their own business. The important thing is that my materials do not age! Now, when there have flown more than 20 years for some of them, the ideas still remain actual, if the conditions are the same, and even if the conditions have changed then there always is present some valuable reasonable grain in them. This is generally because I approach the matters more globally, philosophically, and also scientifically in various questions, I don′t bite at personalities and the intrigues of the moment, but the fact is fact — my conclusions are intransient, nearly timeless.
     — This what I can add is that my papers there are divided conditionally in 4 groups, where the main are the first two: for journals and for newspapers, and then follow ten feuilletons, and a handful of other things. The materials for journals I have not sent to journals, no, these are just more complicated things which are usually not printed in newspapers. But the journalistic things are rarely read genre and I in some sense even wonder that I am read as much as I am, more so not in my own country and as unknown — well, not widely known — writer. Either I choose interesting titles, or am really discussing the matters untraditionally, but people have begun, little by little, to search me on the sites. I am glad for the present, especially about this book. And it is also open, I add all the time something new there. Only I don′t intend to write first the things in Bulgarian and then to translate them because I don′t have so much time; I think to publish further only in Russian and English.
     Ah yes, dear readers, you know that Myrski is published in three languages, and even thinks to translate himself in a fourth, then in a fifth, in a sixth, and so on. You just choose the language and enjoy his inimitable genius. — OK, and what will say our genius Myrski about the folder "Social problems"? Are these things also God′s revelations, ah, my dear?
     — Well, Myrski, if you were paid to spit on me you couldn′t have done it better, yet nobody pays to you, alas, else there would have left something also for me. About the foreign languages. Now, you know perfectly well that I am not published in Bulgaria, while the Russians say: yes, you are welcome, you only write! Besides, the readers in Russian are, principally, about 30 times more then those in Bulgarian, so that I have oriented myself right to the Russian language, when I know it anyway. In this situation I place on Russian sites everything decently, in folders, by one paper in a file, but have decided that there is nothing wrong if I open one folder in Bulgarian language and one in English. It is pretty strange that in Bulgarian I am read nearly as much as in Russian, but it turns that there still exists affinity to the "older brother" and people have learned to search me there, or will learn it. And the English, in my opinion, just must be present, because this is so accepted, or was accepted earlier on scientific conferences (in the Eastern Bloc). Only that, being on a Russian site, I do not take visibly so much space there and publish the things by books, what reduces their number from 5 to 10 times. The forth language can also appear soon, after a pair of years, this will be German, also for extending of my reader′s audience, and, surely, because I understand it, yet I am speaking in it with difficulties, so that I will have quite enough problems with it, but, on the one hand, this is the purpose of the task, to exercise myself in it, and, on the other hand, in his old age one must find for himself interesting and not very easy mental work, for the reason that the brain ages faster than the body (if there do not emerge serious illnesses).
     — So, and now about the "Social problems". These are newer things, written in the epoch of the Internet, and in them I basically chew old themes — for there is nothing new under the Sun. But they have their own style, they begin with small Abstract and end with poetical Appendix, and are formed as separate booklets. Firstly, as it should be (i.e. in my demo-critical style), are the "Democratic values", then "Search for the woman", then "Social evils", "Bulgarian survival", and the last for the moment thing is "Our inability to destroy", only that I carry for a long time in my — in our, Myrski, in our common with you — head the idea about "Bulgarian barbarism", so that let′s hope that I will live long enough to express it. The titles are clear enough, for to take here time for more explanations, but the materials are in my style, i.e. philosophically-instructive and entirely untraditional. I can excuse myself only why I have put here my "Survival", which is a bit biographical, in the sense that I explain my own experience of survival in Bulgaria in democratic conditions. But there are many philosophical speculations about the proper way of living, about using of everything what is possible from the nature, and about taking care for yourself without visiting physicians, and other things, i.e. I touch important social problems there.
     — So, and what will say our unique Myrski about the folder "For all CIS people"? It is not much read so far.
     — Here something maybe is necessary to be said, because this folder has quite different character, it is intended especially for people from the former Soviet Union, or the Socialist Bloc, i.e. for the people having good knowledge of the Russian language. The idea about this arose only before 3-4 years, initially as if to stimulate the Russians to learn, or at least to try to understand, maybe with the help of computer translators, Bulgarian language, for the reason that I place a lot of poetry on Russian sites, and it, for the moment, is mainly in Bulgarian (i.e. till 2014 this, what is in Bulgarian, is roughly ten times more than that in Russian, or also in English); this is not so difficult for the Russian speaking persons, because the languages are very similar and our language is much simpler. Yet later, on the basis of my old idea about worldwide alphabet and my researches of the phonetics of all languages, I have come to the conclusion that the Bulgarian language is just the ideal language as official language for all the Slavs, and from here also for the whole world! Id est I have revived the idea of Cyril and Methodius, having given it contemporary sounding, in "Under Bulgarian banner". There is also a small letter to all citizens of CIS, to which, and chiefly to the "Bulgarian banner" the people don′t pay the necessary attention. Because of this I have added also one "Angry continuation", for the posed here questions are, really, very important, and have to reach as many as possible people, to reach ... millions. Will this happen so I don′t know, but I must make the necessary efforts. And in order to prevent your renewed giggling over my brilliant idea I can justify myself with this, that I have come to it because, as have said someone before me, have "stood on the shoulders of giants", i.e. the idea is my, but it is not new, I have simply applied new modification, because it has become extremely important with the entering of Bulgaria in the European Union, I have not thought about this before.
     — Ah, Myrski, the idea is not new, but it is directly crazy, i.e. a normal person will never believe in it. This is the utopia of all utopias.
     — Well, and what of it? Then I can put my candidacy for new Guinness record, maybe. Whether I know? In any case, Myrski, just imagine that the Bulgarian will become world language. Well, not in our time, this is clear, but so, approximately after half a century. Then in each town with population more than, say, 10 thousand people, will be erected monument to Myrski, and in bigger cities on each hundred thousand, approximately, will be by a monument! Then this will be more than the monuments to Lenin, could you imagine? And I with this goatee — because by brave military leaders such beards are not to be found, here the matter is in the genes, I suppose. And then the children already from the kindergartens will be led to these monuments and the teachers will show them to the children and say: "There, children, do you see that uncle with the goatee? There on the pedestal. See? Exactly such pointed beards have only great humanists, having done something important for the whole mankind. Like, for example: by Don Quixote, Lenin, this guy from ′Kentucky fried chickens′, and also by Myrski. Remember him good, children." Or something of the kind. How it is, eh?
     — Oh, prankster are you, Myrski, yet so be it, you are not to be changed now. The next is the folder "Scientific feast" or PIR. What you can say about it.
     — Ah, this is also a new folder, and also in another style. I have decided to gather there my ideas which are quite scientific, or are simply not related with the politics and must not be with the piblicistics; this is my scientific folder, but not specialized, for the ideas are motley; and for the English audience has to be said that "feast" in Russian or Bulgarian is "pir" and as initials PIR stays for "Propositions, Ideas, Realizations". As far as after a pair of months I will be 65 I decided that there is no sense to keep them by myself, hoping that I will manage to win something from some of them, but must publish them just in case, so that if somebody after some time will like them, then to be able to apply them, because they (some of them) for the moment seem utopian, but nobody knows how the people will look at them after decades (and also now, but if an initiative person comes down to business). When I am " mirski" writer, what in Russian means worldwide, for the whole world, then I give them to the world, right? I hope somebody will remember about my person, if something from this folder will be implemented in reality and will bring some money, yet when I can not win something with them then even if those people will forget about me this also will not be so disturbing for me.
     — I can bet that nobody will give you a cent for them, but let them be accessible to all, in the end. OK, so we have come to your inimitable science fiction, which, surely is not real SF but just some poor imitation of it. It is not enough that there is no action at all in it, there are only monologues and dialogues on abstract themes, but in addition in it are touched etymological issues, and now about "etymological science fiction", I think you will agree with me, till the moment nowhere was a word spoken. Here the matter is again in your uniqueness, or there is something else?
     — Here I can′t say that you have no reasons for protests, because this, really, is not a traditional science fiction, but I warn the readers about this already in the Foreword, and, in addition, it is not very far from different utopias. And about the etymology you are right, such things do not happen in utopias. But they may happen, after all, because I have met in Italian language books with religious science fiction. Yet, by Jove, Myrski, you know that it is difficult for me to invent conflicts between people (and also between animals — ha, ha), by me the ideas directly spring out of my head, while with the conflicts the things are bad. This is because I simply do not search them, I search solutions, right behaviour, not wrong one. My conscience rebels when somebody behaves silly, you know this. And for these reasons my stories are such. There is nothing to be done. But it exists genre "social science fiction", right? Well, I am social science fiction writer, among other things. Have we finished now, because you have quite tortured me?
     — We are moving to the end, Myrski, but are not yet there. It has left your "poetry", which is also of dubious character, because there are nursery rhymes and almost no figures in it, everything is languid and faintly. You, surely, are not another Pushkin.
     — Well, naturally. But there can′t all writers be Pushkins, there are also "Myrskis", ah? Yet you are right about the nursery rhymes, I love them. In my opinion in the poetry must be present three elements: meaning, rhyme, and rhythm. May be missing one of them (say, the rhyme), even two elements, but when there are missing all three this is no more poetry, in my opinion. I value the rhyme and rhythm in 95 percents of the cases, but also the meaning, and when it is missing, or is so intricate that must be searched with a torch, so to say, I am not very pleased. My poetical style is light verse, children rhymes, yet not necessary for children, and especially comic verses and nonsenses. In the last things in principle there is no sense, but it depends how one looks at the things, because the sense in them is exactly in this, that there has to be no sense, that they sounded as if incoherent, silly, yet this has its own charm, at least for me (as well also for many Englishmen).
     — So. But for the moment my poetry is chiefly in Bulgarian. The main work in this aspect is "Motley calamburiada", then are my translations, like "English calamburiada" and "German calamburiada", but also political verses, "Smashing democratically" (in free translation of the titles, of course, and what can be translated), and verses for children, "In the Zambezy valley". It is clear that I don′t intend to translate these verses, neither in Russian nor in English, it will be easier for me to compose something new in another language. What I have poetical in other languages, in Russian and English, this is only by a "Poetical notebook". But this is for the present, because in Russian I have almost finished one epochal work "Isn′t it a geography?", in which the people will directly go crazy from reading limericks — they are there more than 1,700 pieces (and multiply them by 5 in order to get the number of lines)! Only that when I am writing them nearly 5 years then I will publish them for such time, i.e. once in a week by 7, or by one per day because: nothing is good when overdosed. What I will do with them after 5 years I have not yet decided, most probably I will publish them in the end, but maybe will try to sell them. Yet I don′t believe in the last thing because I now need (as also all the time till now needed) somewhere about 50 US$ in a month, but nobody gives them to me, and when I will receive some pension then I will not need more money, I have nobody to leave them to.
     — Oh, Myrski, nobody will give you anything, haven′t you got this till now? The Russians, and from the other CIS countries, are maybe not so poor like the Bulgarians, but when they can receive something free, in "communist" style, then they will not agree to pay for it, right? Those who pay on the sites are only adolescent teenagers — because the money is not their own — and you don′t intend to come down to the tastes of the plebs, do you? So that there is no need to ask for. If you like — you write, if you want to publish on sites — do it, that is how it is.
     — As if I say something else. I even say somewhere, and this in three languages, that "How the glands of the body secrete, So many poets write verses, indeed.". Well, I secrete and throw them out, so that: why not to hang them on various sites? And further, reading funny poetry people will begin, little by little, to read also more serious things, beginning with "The communism as religion". I don′t complain, I even lure them in this way, especially hope to do so in the future with my "Geography", because I, right, intend to finish writing in Russian and switch to English; it can appear something once in an year in Russian, but this will be so, crumbs.
     — Yeah, Myrski, why not to please your readers now with information about your future plans, what they can expect from such a genius? They surely will directly burst of interest. Come on, speak!
     — Well, I do not advise them to burst, naturally, so that I can explain something. It is that, when I am "myrski"-world writer, and when I have switched from Bulgarian to Russian in order to increase my audience, then now I switch in turn to English. But I have spoken about this, haven′t I? So, this, what was left from the big things to translate in Russian, is my multi-lingual dictionary "Explain", which exists at present only in Bulgarian and nobody has seen it yet "eye in eye". I intend to translate it in Russian, only retaining the Bulgarian words as indexes, not changing them with Russian words; this will be easier for me, because this will be simply translation, not revision, and at the other hand, under Bulgarian banner or not, but in this way the Bulgarians will be in position to read it in Russian, and the Russians or from CIS countries will also benefit from this, because there is nothing bad if they will learn some Bulgarian words, which are either quite similar to the Russian ones, or else are old Slavonic and have now disappeared from the Russian language. I think about this for a long time, but my time is scarce, like I have said several times, and also, after the publication of my Urrh, which has arisen as artistic revision of this my dictionary in English, the very translation of Explain is now not so important, i.e. even if I will be hit by a car, as it is customary to say, some variant of this dictionary already exists in the Internet. Russian version, and for Internet (with some interpretation of the pages of data base, for the dictionary is organized as data base, and possibility to search in the file the words as indexes) can be expected approximately in 2016-2017. More questions?
     — So, Myrski, I got it that you are going to turn your back to the Russians in the same way as you have turned it to the Bulgarians, and then maybe will turn it also to the English speaking and will look at the ... Chinese, ah? And what are you intending to write in English, if this isn′t a secret for your not many readers?
     — Well, maybe it is worth explaining my readers why I have turned my back to the Bulgarians. OK, be it so. I could have exonerate myself only with this that, being a democratic dissident and staying in Bulgaria, I can simply not be officially recognized in Bulgaria and publish myself on websites there. This is so, yet there are many people by us barking at democracy, I am not the single one, so that here are also other reasons, in addition to the obvious increasing (roughly 30 times, if not more) of the number of my readers in Russian language. Here the point is that already in the end of the past century I have asked (as you know perfectly well) with a circular letter 60, if not even 80, publishing offices in Bulgaria not directly about publication, but only to send them for acquaintance some one of my, then about 10, books, which they choose from an annotated list; in result of this I have received not even one answer (strictly speaking one publishing house sent me a polite rejection, but it turned to be foreign representation, and abroad people are more cultured, although their rejection was unmotivated because I have had things also in their profile). A pair of years back, after my publication on Russian sites I have again asked about five publishing houses by us, which I counted for most important, to have a look at my things and tell me whether they want to publish something, and this time there were answers but negative — unless I want to pay myself for this, what I, naturally, do not want, even if I am in position to afford it (to educate people from my purse I don′t intend, I have ... stolen by nobody, for to be brimming with money, which to want to throw before the eyes of the plebs for cleansing of my conscience, neither intend to glorify my invented personality).
     — So, and to the Russians I think to turn my back because of the language, i.e. I intend to write first in English, in the same way as I, by the way, have begun to do even in 2004 when have begun my Urrh, which I don′t intent to translate or transform in Russian (I have thought in the beginning that such possibility can arise, but translation takes too much time). The allusions about Chinese I leave without comments, so that I move to my further plans. They are, principally, a secret, yet I, in all appearances, am so unique and nonconformist, that nobody will succeed to copy me sufficiently good and run ahead of me in this way, and, besides, I maybe really will leave this world soon, so that why take with me to the grave my further ideas? These are, after all, ideas, not the exact realization. So in addition to the translation of all my things (without the poetry) in English, the first three, if not more, books in German (without the poetry, publicistics, for CIS, and PIR), I intend to begin writhing, and I hope to succeed to finish roughly for 5 years, my book "Letters to the posterity", which will offer expression (or chewing) of my views to the life in general, only that this time in form of letters to invented personalities (i.e. only names), judgements in accordance with the said in the subject, in as possibly comical and shocking or cynical form. Add to this also my translation of Explain in Russian, and I think this is more than enough for the next five years, having in mind that in any case I will be forced to write also some publicistic things.
     — OK, Myrsky. And why you limit yourself only with the next fife years? Have you any plans for after this time, or not? Because your readers (the future millions, ha, ha) will burn with impatience to find this.
     — Oh, how you have bored me, my Anti. But well, I will explain this, though in my age five years are not a few, yet I will speak more precisely. I am now 65, till 67 I think to live in order to get my pension, because according with our last laws to such people like me, who have worked little (for I have studied long time, and was a long time, i.e. I still am, unemployed), have to begin to pay pension in the age of 67 and something (and receive if on the average 3-4 years, for the reason that the average live span for men is 70 years with something). So, i.e. I think that I will live enough to begin receiving pension, for it can′t be that our democracy specially destroys our own intellectuals, it just leaves them to lead miserable life. Further I think to live till the age of 69 because I ... live in 69th apartment, and this is also soixante-neuf in French, a known pose in sex, what is very heavy argument. Then further I must live up to 71 years, because I am jogging, making pushups, eating dandelion, et cetera, i.e. I am leading healthy way of life, and, besides, this is the average age for men; the round number 70 I skip for the reason that the round numbers are not beautiful, according to the ancient, as also to the contemporary but Eastern (or at least Hindu) views. That′s it.
     — And still further?
     — Further I have only vague silhouettes of plans. Say, I will try to translate my "Communism" in Italian! I doubt that will succeed in this, but the challenge is big, it is worth trying. The brain must be loaded in old years, for it begins to be lazy to think. Or another consideration: I as genuine pentaist honour the number 5, and beginning with my mother language I know 4 languages, so that the Italian will be the ending fifth. Further I have an idea — the next brilliant, of course, — for creating of a new language, which I, not waiting for future descendants to do this, will call Myrskanto! This will be not only one language, like Esperanto, but an entire class of languages, for each language, yet I will begin with the English, i.e. with English Myrskanto, and the appearance of other similar languages I will leave to other my followers (what concerns the Russian then there the best Myrskanto will be the Bulgarian, as I have already said). This will be language correcting the English, which has many drawbacks, like poor verb forms, one gender for things, et cetera.
     — Ah, well, and how many genders will have the new Myrskanto?
     — Well, I can′t vouch that this will happen, this is just an idea, but I want that there were ... four genders! ...
     — Ha, ha, ha,! — Do you hear this, dear readers, our Myrski intends to punish the Englishmen, as well also the Americans, etc., for this, that they use only one gender, and thinks to make them now to suffer with four grammatical genders! Really, this is matchless, ladies and gentlemen, this is super-genius, I simply have no words, I am dumb. ...
     — It is high time for you to become dumb, Myrski. I am saying that this is a rough idea, it can be not possible, here must be invented easy endings for the nouns and the verbs, and the main vowels are only 6, by Myrski, so that everything is complicated. But the idea is that the gender can be easy found by the ending, how this is in Slavonic languages, as a rule, and that one could have changed, if desired, the gender of the thing — say, the English like that their boat or ship be feminine, this is a rare exception for them, but maybe only the boats will be feminine, and the big ships will be masculine? And the fourth gender must be (if this will be possible to be done, I repeat) universal for animated things, when the gender is either unknown (say, of a dog; or of an ... aphid), or is not important (say, feminine). Such things. And here everything must be put in accordance, also in plural, and the pronouns, and all such things. Id est, I will make new grammar of the English, but retain the roots of the words, like also their awful writing. This is very interesting experiment and I feel that if Myrski will not make this, then nobody else will make it. And is necessary to give an example, to translate not a small piece of text in this language, where the ultimate test will be ... translation again of my "Communism" in Myrskanto. So that I can quietly "spend" a pair of years on this work. It will be a pretty nice load for the brain.
     — Incredible, really incredible! And if this will not be successful?
     — If I could nor succeed in this then I will spend my time with interesting occupation. But enough, let we continue further. I, surely, will want to write a pair more of thousands poetical lines in English. This is tempting and pleasing. About what — I don′t know. Maybe about the aphid? Or some nonsense poem, like "Hunting of the Snark" by Lewis Carroll — who knows? What is clear for me is that more limericks I don′t intend to write (except single pieces, naturally), enough, in any case nobody will excel my epochal work in Russian. And also in German I wish to write a pair of hundred, this time, lines. I don′t know, when I switch to German wave then maybe I will write by little. Yet in Italian I will never try, this language I will never master in such extent, for to write verses in it. I wish, in fact, to experiment the Roman terza, yet I am not Dante, I will not succeed to write big poems, even if not in Italian; I may make a try in English, but here the point is with the choice of theme, because this is narrative rhyme, for big things. As I said, I don′t know anything, for me this is distant future.
     — And how long you, Myrski, intend to live? I am, as you well understand, pretty interested in this.
     — To know I don′t know but I can make guesses. With the help of jogging I may succeed to reach 81 (as I said, the round numbers I don′t regard). If in 70 years I will be able to do at least 25 pushups and 1200 jumps in the corridor once a week, then maybe I will hold on for another 10 years (by 20 pushups, or even 15 is also good, and 500-600 jumps, ah?). And then further, with the help of God, I may live up to 91. And maybe even more, who knows? What I have definitely decided is that I will not live more than 100 and that′s that. When the 101st year will begin then I will search ways for moving to the condition of "pure idea", so to say.
     — OK, with this about 100 years I agree entirely with you, Myrski, more then this it is not worth living, life is not worth such sacrifices. So that let us not live more. And after you exceed 70 and after your Myrskanto will it be some other serious prosaic work, or with this you will already reach your "climax", ah?
     — Well, I think for a long time to start writing science fiction novels, so that somewhere after 70, and more so after 80, I thing it will be the best time. ...
     — Ha, ha. — Do you hear, dear readers? The normal writers begin to write novels somewhere about 30-40 years of age, but your genius Myrski thinks that around 80 will be the most suitable time to begin, in order to succeed to end at 100, ah? For 20 years he can succeed to fabricate somewhere about 20 novels, maybe. — You think so, Myrski?
     — I don′t see why you must mock me, but I think that when I will finish with all important things, like: to have my first "whales" (.the "Communism", "Manifestos", and "Cynicism") in four languages, having spread as much as I can (i.e. in Russian and English) the idea about Bulgarian language as world language, having invented a new language, this English Myrskanto, having translated in it my "Communism", as well having tried to translate it in Italian (after all this is an unique apologetic of communism which the very communists deny — nearly as the axiomatic proofs of Ben Spinoza about the existence of God, which the church fathers and the believers did not accept), having written as much as I can funny poetry at least in three languages, including a big assortment of various things in Bulgarian, the epochal "geographical" limerickal work in Russian, I don′t know what more in English, and sundry various ideas and publicistics (pieces, so, fifty, and even more), so after all this I have every right, and even obligation, to try myself in the large genre of novels, more so of the read science fiction (no matter that my SF is not of the usual and modern nowadays type). I have long ago given birth to some vague ideas which I want to bring to an end. ...
     — Oh my Got, Myrski, don′t mention, please, to the people your Samuel, you have utterly failed in this thing! ...
     — I wouldn′t say so, but even if this is really so, nobody hinders me to try it again, twenty years later. And when you ask me then I will answer, it isn′t good now to backpedal. So that I have the idea to continue (like also other writers before me) the idea of Jonathan Swift′s "Gulliver′s Travels", only this time this will be not Lemuel but Samuel, some American offspring of this family, who has got in quite strange way in the world of 23rd century, where the life is very reasonable, yet dull, there are no actions, et cetera. Well, maybe not exactly so, I have not seriously begun this work. The problems for me, as quite correctly has remarked this my Anti, are to invent fables, because interesting means generally silly, subjected to passions and delusions etc., and my logical left hemisphere of the brain rejects at once all illogical acts and behaviour. But I because of this say that after writing of all important things I can take up to writing illogical, for mass consumption rigmarole, where, naturally, will be some idea about life. It has to be some tale in the tale, it will speak this Samuel, but I am not he, yet it is probable that I will succeed to invent something. Being somewhere about 80 one can′t, even if he strongly wants, to judge pretty logical, so that: let us hope that I will succeed!
     Ah, people, do you get what says our genius? That when he falls into senile marasmus only then he will be able to write fables, real literature, which he now is not able to write because his incomparably logical brain rejects it. But he already is out of his mind, isn′t he? Don′t you think so?
     — OK, OK, maybe yes, but maybe not. Permit me to finish. So, and then may be also another novel, of the same Samuel or not, I have not yet decided this, in which he finds himself in the world of ... birds, this will be the country Pirlipland in the distant future, where the people have already died because of their stupidity, or excess of mind, something like this. And by these birds must be three genders, what I have to think through, what will give diversity in the sex. There is also an idea about some mutated ants, who can think because they somehow (I will not say how) build live brains to which they obey. And maybe I will invent something new. Around 80 one generally stays in some condition that is somewhere in the middle between waking and sleeping, he is away from the real world, in his own invented one, what, after all, has to facilitate the process of invention, I think. And the most important moment, this will be serious challenge for the restless brain of Myrski and his incessantly thinking about the happiness of the people mind.
     — Such things, my dear few, yet for this reason valued by me, readers. So, and between this work I have to succeed to write also my Creative Testament, about this who can gain on Myrski and to whom to send the money, when he will be not in this world, yet in such way that to be accessible to all wishing to read him. And in regard of this case of Myrski against Anti-Myrski, I propose to postpone it till the time when they both will not be present, and only then to take the final decision. For the moment I think that Myrski is a phenomenon in the non-fiction literature and only the future will show am I right, or not exactly. This is everything. Amen.
     Well, OK, dear readers, let us postpone the case, but I have done my duty, I have warned you not to read him because he is not a real writer but impostor and utopist, no matter that he imagines that is "apparition of Christ (Myrski) before the (whole) world". If you like such kind of writers-not-writers then read him, and if not then curse him, as I alone do so. Because, like it is said, in cursing the truth is born.

     Nov 2014

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