For English-speaking peoples: Crimea is Russia

For English-speaking peoples: Crimea is Russia
For my English-speaking friends/

Crimea was still under Russian Tsar and the Russian Empire . Many centuries.
Then do not exist  Ukraine . It was also part of the Russian Empire .

My childhood was spent in Crimea (Sevastopol ) , my ancestors 10 generations have lived in Crimea . We are happy to return to Russia!!!Crimea was, is and shall be Russia!
In the decay of the Soviet Union Crimea illegally entered Ukraine. It was an illegal transaction . The return of the Crimea - democratic referendum procedure . But it would be possible to return the Crimea Russia through the courts.

That is why 97 % of the population of the Crimea in the referendum voted in favor of the Crimea joining Russia .

That is why the people of Crimea happy and glad to be back in Russia .

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