Beginning of the end of a unipolar world?

Beginning of the end of a unipolar world? What Putin prescribed to Obama
Violetta Basha (author′s essay)

Let′s not start from the Neolithic or collapse of the USSR. Even though we all came from either one or the other. We will not remember era of Russian traitor and destroyer Yeltsin by a low and soulful Russian deviant words.
He′s already in Hell, and I hope there are no shortages of gas for heating boilers.
And what shall we do? And that′s what.
Let′s talk about an interesting trend that few have noticed already, but not yet felt its scale.
Crimea came back to Russia. Six months ago no one could have it foreseen. Although all dreamed. I mean 97% of Crimean. And of Russians - the same percentage. March 16 - day historical, raised the consciousness of Russian as well as Putin′s rating to heavenly heights.
Reverse the process went after putting Kramatorsk, no, before - after burning people with Russian soul in Odessa under quiet applause of USA and silence of Europe.
Letting Slavansk and Kramatorsk as well as betrayal of the entire Novorossia completed a new round of the Kremlin - the fall of enthusiasm. But the strange thing - Novrossiya still alive and beats a huge and senseless army of Kiev fascists.
Hence, there is a high fighting spirit, and even some of the weapons.
How could it be otherwise!
And even as the arrival Kurginyan - "precision-not-precision weapons" of politics - had no effect. Is that an entertainment - this "show Kurginan". In terms of cultural events on-site as a visit of great Ruslanova to the front. But the comic. So Kurginjan is a comic Ruslanova.
Ruslanova sang "Valenki" - Kurguinjan humming something about Strelkov. By the way, after the war Ruslanova was convicted and got into Gulag. But Kurguinjan still at freedom.
Now, in the main.
You do not feel the wind of change in the air?
Well, Putin also promised us - if the United States enters the Ukraine, Russia will be in Cuba. To "protect the United States by Russian rockets from North Korean missiles" for example.

1. Surprisingly that Comandante Fidel Eternal still our friend and gave to the Russian use of radar tracking station to us. And in the town of Lourdes - right under the Havana. Distance from Lourdes to U.S. shores of 250 kilometers.
Meanwhile, Russia wrote off 90% of the Cuban debt to us in the amount of 32 billion dollars. Well, there is such a thing - should pay for everything. And for the radar under the nose of a potential enemy and 32 billion is not sorry. After all, debt from the same dollars. And will all those dollars after the U.S. would not be? I do not call just to destroy the United States.
Only for the case if the U.S. really naughty. If they attack the Crimea for example. Or if someone misunderstood why so a lot of bucks Fidel unfasten, explain popular. Will Comrade Castro repay and when - we do not know. Or as russian says "pitchfork on the water is written".
So this debt rather nominal. But the station is quite real.
From news-line: "Today, return to Lourdes more than justified - declared "Kommersant" military expert and retired colonel Viktor Murakhovski. - Functional satellite constellation signals intelligence and radio intercept Russian military now significantly reduced. The immediate proximity to the center of the U.S. allow the russian military to work with little or no regard for the space echelon. "And according to a member of the PIR Center, the former head of the RAF, Army General Vyacheslav Trubnikov," Lourdes did USSR sighted throughout the Western Hemisphere".
Do you understand my answer?
That′s right, Viva la Cuba and cheers Comandante Che and Fidel!

Now anti-Russian coalition.
As you know It consists of the U.S. and Europe under the control of the United States.
And now, in mid-July, apparently for russian non-interference in the affairs of Ukraine (not bringing troops) United States decided to move to the third stage of sanctions against Russia. And then I completely agree with Obama. We had to intervene! But late.
We showed inhumane peacefulness and peacemaking. Briefly, the third stage - to kill our defense industry of non-delivery of spare parts and by not selling to Russia decommissioned military scrap of third grade.
Well, maybe not the third grade, but it is clear that it is not the best examples. This is called a beat on the area. That is, by industry.
But what German death, Russian kicks.
It is high time to us to restore our own defense industry. It′s true. By the way I had to say.
And in fact the U.S. for rewarding uninvolved and punishing innocent needed show. In the form of approval of its actions in Europe.
What You Need to Europe itself - clear. Gas.
And so we read on the newswire:
"Nine EU countries, including France, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia and Italy have expressed their willingness to block the imposition of economic sanctions against Russia at the summit of July 16, 2014, reported Tuesday, ITAR-TASS ".
And further-more.
" France, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, and the Presidency of the EU Italy see no reason in the current environment for the introduction of sectoral trade and economic sanctions against the Russian Federation and will be performing at the summit against the measure".
Well baby Obamchik, Europe dumped you?
Next step will Maidan in Washington. With burning tires!
Reaction of Obama as expected, was neurasthenic.
Newswires: " Obama earlier Tuesday (15-07-2014) called on EU ambassadors to take tough measures against Russia. According to him, if EU leaders refuse to impose new sanctions - the White House is prepared to act alone. According to media reports, the new sanctions will address the economy and the defense sector. "
Your humble servant has the honor to the Academic Secretary of the public association "patriotically-intelligent Russian Club" (PIC-R). Olympus of academics. Followed and the response of the club.
"Insolence of Obama has no boundaries. And it′s not so much timidity in the Kremlin, but in the fact that the U.S. president asking for trouble, not adequately assessing their own reputation fake Nobel Peace Prize laureate.
Adequate reaction Kremlin would serve antibarak sanction: termination deliver American astronauts to the ISS until Obama did not return his peace Prize to the Nobel Committee, "July 16, 2014 patriotically-Smart Club Russia (" PIC-R ")

And now -finally part. About Latin American tour Putin on the World Cup. With a incidental solution of political issues.
Blow to the dollar and the unipolar world in one bottle ordered? No? And it will!
Chronicle of July 15:
"The leaders of Russia, Brazil, India, China and South Africa a few minutes to pose for photographers in the lobby of the Congress Center in Fortaleza, standing against a background of official symbols of the BRICS Summit in Brazil, followed by the president of Brazil have combined hands together that gesture reminded reporters Musketeers - "one for all and all for one."
Why we have this is imitation for Mikle Boyarsky, or who played Musketeers in the other countries? And that is why.
"The representatives of the BRICS countries at the summit in the Brazilian Fortaleza signed an agreement on the establishment of the New development Bank (New Development Bank), the press service of the President of Russia. Also signed an agreement on creating a pool of foreign exchange reserves of the community ".
Remember the IMF for example?
strongly he crushed half the world? Hint understood?
Dollar is not the best version of the international equivalent, and and may be superseded by a pair ruble + yuan , but China - it is a separate theme. But the bank - is the Union, a very specific economic, with good bedding because of financial reserves. And as you know, money rules the world. soon again not unipolar.

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