Best ski resorts of Europe

Activities in the ski resorts are popular. There are many people who need clean and fresh air, in combination with physical activity, are very important. These are the people who fill the mountain slopes at ski resorts around the world. There are plenty of mountains in Russia, but this time I will describe foreign ski resorts.
Winter activities that are offered at ski resorts are, of course, skiing, snowboarding and even sleigh rides. For beginners, as a rule, there are schools or professional instructors who will help you understand the science of controlling your body, rushing down a slippery snowy surface.

Ski holidays are usually associated with the winter season and places where you can go are known to fans. But it’s always good to be able to compare. This article systematizes information that can be useful for experienced ski lovers who are in search of new places, and those who have never been to a ski resort.
It is worth noting that each, when planning a trip to a ski resort, has his own list of wishes and criteria that his vacation must meet. Thus, I am reading this article, you can decide which country it is better to go to and which ski resort to choose.

So, by far the most popular and noteworthy foreign ski resorts are located in the following countries: Australia, France, Italy, Finland, Andorra, Switzerland and Turkey.


The ski resorts of Andorra are the main source of profit for this tiny state, located between Spain and France, completely covered by the Pyrenees.

The ski slopes of Andorra are known for their wonderful climate, comfortable temperature and dry snow, available from December to April. Each year, they attract millions of tourists with ski slopes of any complexity, comfortable hotels, many shops and entertainment centers, bars and restaurants, as well as the unique beauty of mountain landscapes.
Andorra is a great place to go skiing for the first time. Many other attractions are also offered here: horse riding, dog sledding tours, hiking. Lovers of historical sites will find Romanesque churches and chapels, beautiful bridges and buildings in a medieval style.
In the eastern district of the capital of Andorra, is the largest thermal spa in Caldea in Western Europe, where a variety of pools with healing thermal water are located under a glass dome.
Review of holidays in Andorra
Andorra, or what could be better?
Andorran ski resorts are suitable for those tourists who need:
• not only skiing, but also make excursions and go shopping;
• enjoy the picturesque mountain scenery;
• take a walk along the city streets and get acquainted with local historical sights;
• combine skiing with trips to the thermal pools;
• taste the delicious dishes of local cuisine;
• chat with hospitable locals.

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